Countering unfair play



Pilots! UMC regularly reports on the inadmissibility of cheating and violations of the license agreement, or the terms of use. Each specific case of such violations is further checked after its detection.


As a result of recent checks, 327 Star Conflict accounts were blocked for violating the License Agreement and the Terms of Use (conducting prohibited operations in the in-game market).


We will continue to improve our reports system and ensure that you are comfortable playing Star Conflict.


Useful tips on how to protect your account:

  • Buy DLC bundles or game currency only in the Gaijin.Net store or on Steam. Never trust ads on third-party sites.
  • Enable 2-step authentication in your profile — it will help protect your account.
  • Do not be tempted to install modifications, many of which not only do not work but outright hijack game accounts!
  • Do not let other players use your account.

Play fair!