Hi , theres somthing my officers and vice president told me.

To manage a corporation , the CEO and his officers , shud be capable of sending a mail to all the members at ones inside your corporation.

For when ever u have *News* or wanne keep everyone updated with stuff… and also the MOTD is a bit short … is there a way to give us a Corporation Note page or somthing where we ( CeO & officers ) can leave

information behind for the corporation members , and have some more things on there such as rules and so on .


then also allaw people to report to the CEO for when ever someone is abusing the mail sending to the corp … so we dont need to bodder you guys for it.


for an example where forced to work on websites and forums … what not everyone is using / people just rather boot there game then a forum, in most cases.


i think i made this suggestion already. anyways, +1

Huh. I remember a similar suggestion. I still think it’s a good idea, though. MOTD can only get so long, after all.

+ing the idea again.

+1  …Again.

So much +1

I like how every one “YEAH! +1”, and yet original post has +0…

All of these suggestions are already known and we will see what we can do about it.