Corporations Player Ranks - Earn rank points

Heya dudes, i was wondering how are functionning the corporations player ranks
Let me explain my doubts:

I’m actually a Rookie, my progress on the rank is 995/1000
I’m trying now for weeks to get to the superior rank, killing people on Open Space and on PvP battles
But, i dont get any points on my rank

_ Already done :_

  • Killing players on Open Space and doing more than 10.000 damage ONLY by myself
  • Killing players in Destroyers on Opens Space and doing more than 10.000 damage ONLY by myself
  • Killing players on PvP Battles doing more than 10.000 damage ONLY by myself


Still can get those damn rank points, how i’m supposed to earn them ?

I have no idea what I’m talking about apparently.


There should however be a different ranking system for active members in other modes.

Well, i play conquests as well too, and i got nothing neither, does it need other conditions to get rank points ?
i’m not talking about influence by the way, the real player rank located here:

“Rank: Rookie”  and my progress is 995 / 1 000

If you were to hover over the rank, you would see that in order to increase it, you need to deal damage to corporate enemies in PvP battles, which is pretty much all PvP modes, not sure about OS.

You earn progress towards the next rank by dealing damage to enemies when your Corp is in a war. Some things to point out. 1) you will get points only if your Corp is in a war with another Corp. 2) if you are in a war shooting ANYONE will get you points, and os does count, as long as the person you are shooting dies you will get points. 3) you get more points if you kill someone from the Corp you are at war with than if you kill some random guy. 4) every 100 ( or 10 I forget the ratio exactly but it should about back 1:10 ratio) points of damage done in a war will translate to 10 points towards your rank

Thank you a lot ComradeJedus, i think i got all my answers !