Corporations by Allegiance

Below is a list of corporations currently at war. We would like to encourage all mercenaries to remain vigilant and study these names well. *Report all unlisted corporations and the factions they represent to our representative, ZEIK.

And as always, fly safe and happy hunting.


  • Barbarians [bRUTE]
  • Beta [bETA]
  • Clear sky [sKY]
  • Death Squad [RIP]
  • Devils Hand [DH]
  • EPECb [EPECb]
  • TheNerdHerd [Nerds]
  • Ghost of Communism [GoC]
  • Lord Clan [Lord]
  • Owl Initiative [OWL]
  • Rage [R4ge]
  • RED Star [RDS]
  • The Space Knights [TSK]
  • Dogs of War [DOW]
  • The Blood Brothers [bLUD]
  • The WolfPack [WPK]
  • Evil Space Bears [ESB]


  • 420 [420]
  • AUT [AUT]
  • Black Shadow [Devil]
  • Canadian Peace Corp [CPC]
  • Cerberus [CSA]
  • Dead Space [DS]
  • ElysiumStarParadise [ESP]
  • Heavens Wing [WINGS]
  • JungfahaCorp [JungC]
  • Null Gravity [NG]
  • Pulsar [PULSE]
  • Rift [RIFT]
  • SIRIUS [sRS]
  • SIRIUS II [sR2]
  • StarDust [stars]
  • Starfleet Command [sFC]
  • Stellar Marines [steel]
  • Steel Marauders [sM]
  • The United Front [TUF]
  • Xenomorph [ALIEN]
  • Zgrany Team Z [Zet]
  • ParadoX [PDX]
  • Galactic Arc [GArc]
  • [GoD]
  • [X3]


  • 4EchoSquad [4ES]
  • Bringers of Death [boD]
  • Cronus
  • DNO plus SKY [sTAR]
  • Dragon Rising [DR]
  • Dragon Rising 2 [DR2]
  • eSport AwG France [AwgFr]
  • Italian Alliance [iTA]
  • SpaceInvaders [spIn]
  • OAA [OAA]
  • Orden Tamplier OT [OTr]
  • Red Faction [RF]
  • savage crew [sAVED]
  • Skull and Bones [sAB]
  • Syndicate [sYN]
  • Nova Corporation [Nova]
  • The Exodus Group [TXO]
  • The LeftOvers [TheLO]
  • Universe [RUwin]
  • VIP [VIP]
  • Zombie Apocalypse [ZAG]
  • Legion of Steel [LOS]
  • Fowler Defence [FDEF]
  • The NASA [NASA]

*If you see a corporation not on this list, or would like to add your corporation to this list, please post below.

Steel Marauders (Federation) thanks for the list

gj is good to have a info in thath maybye do a page or tab to see in sector conquest where you can see this stats in real time.


Maybe a page with 3 colum (one for faction) show the old of corp, PVP rating, roster, pvp rating x roster and controled sector, and sector lost.


This for give a idea of corporation power in the different faction.


Maybe a optional tab to clik near the names of corp to a presentation page.


All this for give some deep to sector conquest. (you can sell the presentetion page to corp for 1k gold or let free for fun)

I wage war on ALL who have 1. Threatened my Sweet Rolls. 2. Attacked my Sweet Rolls. 3. Ate my Sweet Rolls. 

The WolfPack [WPK] fight on Jericho side.

I wage war on ALL who have 1. Threatened my Sweet Rolls. 2. Attacked my Sweet Rolls. 3. Ate my Sweet Rolls. 


Hm. We joined the Jericho side to fight for the underdog, against the established powers.


Unfortunately every single mass recruitment corporation, resides on Jericho side as well these days. Perhaps it is time to have someone else hire us.


(If Sector Conquest in the future ever means you can actively fight enemies in other factions and make them lose points or territory, we’ll definitely change sides to fight AGAINST the ‘zerg’ corporations. I’m looking at you, Kings, DR, DR2, etc.)

“Well, well. Pirate Kings is Empire now? I suppose Jericho can only support so many people.”

Titan, Behemoth, and Leviathan. 

You may put us under Cronus.

We are one corp.


                                   We accept this agreement.

Since no one from our corp have mentioned it yet, I`d like to state, that The United Front (TUF) is fighting for the mighty Federation.


Hf and see you all in battle.

The WolfPack have [moved to Empire](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/20932-the-wolfpack-wpk-changing-allegiance-to-empire/).

[TheLO] The LeftOvers.




Jerries here.



Lord Clan [LORD] - Empire


As of this moment, they have a 97 pilot roster which seems large enough that we should take notice.


[](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/20982-lord-clan-corporation-is-recruiting/)


I snooped their recruitment thread and it states that they are an Empire corporation.

_ Nothing fancy here just would like to get my corporation of gaming mates on list. So that rest of the JERICHO BLOODLINE can see the good work carried on by them. And that others may join their ranks if they wish. Nobody turned away all eventually will learn and grow to be adapt pilots of the Jericho ships. So if lost or just aimlessly flying around drop in may find nobody messes with me fighting BEASTS!! _


THANKS FOR THE LISTING! You may also visit us here site is under construction and may be for couple weeks as all of pages are developed from scratch. However it will be made up of all of the pilots input and discussions as so it will represent them the game and Jericho. So once again thanks and HAPPY HUNTING TO ALL!



No offense, but I find it painful reading even one post with this italic red text. It’s very unfriendly on the eyes.

I’m sure that Cerberus(CSA) is federation not empire

I’m sure that Cerberus(CSA) is federation not empire

Thanks for catching the change.

The region conquest seems much more even now that a lot of corps moved factions. Glad to see some change from all red (its still a lot) lol

Updated 2013-10-05.


Looks like the field is evening out again.