Corporation Team-Up Reward System

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since I played - almost 2 weeks, to be exact - so I hope you’ll excuse me if I some of the game’s specifics wrong. Anyway, the suggestion I have at hand is a proposed reward system. As of now, there’s practically no other use joining a Corporation except access to that Corporation’s players to talk to and Sector Conquests - which many players opt out of in my Corporation, and our team made it into Top 5 Corporations in PvP and PvE leaderboards at the end of Q3 2019 because only a small reward is given at the end of a Sector Conquest session.


This feature will add a brand new twist to Corporations. The bottom line of this is that every player in the Corporation must participate and accomplish goals to increase a Corporation’s “Season XP”, calculated from a player’s gained XP from a match. Accumulated “Season XP” can be used to unlock monthly-renewing rewards in a Corporation, and unlocked rewards can only be claimed once by each player every month, regardless of their contribution (newer players will gain significantly less XP in a battle, while veterans gain a lot of XP in a single battle, helping them to progress). If a player in Corporation A has, say… 1000 SXP switches to Corporation B with 5 000 000 SXP, the player cannot insta-claim the previously unlocked rewards by Corporation B, but can unlock the next reward once Corporation B’s SXP is sufficient.


Here’s an example of the rewards that can be gained (Note: 1 SXP = 1 XP in a match, earned from dealing damage, healing allies, etc) :

25 000 SXP = 150 000 Credits [=5 battles] (this value is intentionally set low to help players in lower-grade Corporations to progress)

50 000 SXP = 3 Enriched Monocrystals [=9-10 battles]

75 000 SXP = 8 Xenocrystals [=13-15 battles]

100 000 SXP = 100 Iridium [=17-20 battles]

150 000 SXP = 75 Galactic Standards [=25-30 battles] (Feel free to switch this out with other rewards, but I imagine players would like some GS from this :P)

200 000 SXP = 500 000 Credits [=34-40 battles]
250 000 SXP = 10 Enriched Monocrystals [=42-50 battles]
350 000 SXP = 15 Xenocrystals [=58-70 battles]
450 000 SXP = 250 Iridium [=75-90 battles]
550 000 SXP = 150 Galactic Standards [=92-110 battles]

(an average veteran gains about 5 000 - 6 000 XP in a battle)


It’s just a rough outline. What do you think?