Corporation Member Limit.

Hi all.

How about some changes

Corporation Member Limit should be reduced to 50 or reduced significantly. 

I think that the corporation members limit needs to be reduced to make this fair as there are corporation that just eat up the players not giving smaller corporations to build up.

500 members is way too much.  and its over kill.

I think it needs to be changed to 50 members in a corporation to be fair for everyone.

Many players stop playing this game or there just isnt enough players left to join other corporations these days.

So how about it?

Lets change the limit of mermbers in a corporation to 50 to be fair for everyone?

What do you think?

Better idea:

Advertise the game and increase incentives to stay, so that smaller corporations can grow big fast and there are always plenty of players to go around.

Limiting the max size now is too late, imo it should have never increased beyond the initial 150 slots. And even if they would do so, it would just result in having split corps like we had in the past. Ala [CORP1] [CORP2]…