Corporation Emblem

I would like to know where the corporation emblem of Stellar Marines came from. Is it a general one that any corporation can use or owned by Steel only? And if it is possible, Can I  get a picture of or a link to it that I could download in good quality? I am working on a picture for a corporate thread and I would like to use this emblem as well. Thank you in advance.


The guy who made the emblem no longer playes the game 1|ace|1 was his name i think… btw its ace not n00b

Thank you Error for moving this topic to its right place too. I don’t seem to be good at posting things where they belong.


And thank you too, Nightmare. I’ve been reading posts and topics from 2013 and I found him here and there but nothing about that emblem. I was hoping to find pictures of it similar to other corps’ logos/emblems. Well, I think sooner or later we will make a new one and replace it. 

Oh, almost forgot. Will emblems be displayed as they were on the SQ map before?

how do u put a emblem into the game anyway?..can t find it:(

Who can you get your co-op emblem ingame anyway?

Topic for submitting corporation logos here:

[](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/22197-topic-for-submitting-corporation-logos/)