corporation control of a sector

How does a corporation gain points to control a sector in the PVP? I’ve won my last 4 T2 matches and our corp is still showing the same amount of points for that sector. How exactly does the corporation sector points work for gaining corporate control (not faction control)?


Thanks all for any insight you can give.



[this](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/20264-june-25th-2013-sector-conquest/) may help you.

That post doesn’t provide a few crucial bits of information, Error;

(Unless I am blind, which is entirely possible)

  • How do corporations exactly score points
  • When are these points awarded/updated
  • How many points do we score exactly per win


We’ve tried going for sectors with The WolfPack - as evident in the screenshot provided by the poster. However, we find ourselves quickly outscored by larger corporations - which leads us to believe that having more members is a huge contributing factor. This would be disappointing as we have no intentions of ever becoming one of the big corporations - we believe in quality over quantity in our long-term goals.


We’ve had evenings where we consistently scored victories in both T2 and T3 with 3 full squads at the same time, and didn’t really see our score move. Our squads generally score in the top-5 of the match when we play.


It would be quite nice to see the entire system clarified - even though it’s subject to change in the near future.


On a related note - it would be nice to see the score of ‘your’ corporation for each sector - as it’s very hard to tell what your progress is when you don’t occupy the top-3. Often knowing exactly where you are could help determine whether or not it’s worth pursuing the sector or going for the other. At the same time, it helps members identify this more easily as well.