Corporate Wars



Pilots! UMC announces the start of a large-scale corporate confrontation! In the near future, all corporations will have the opportunity to declare war on other corporations and show who is stronger!


To participate in corporation battles, corporations need to provide defence to their pilots. Corporation defence is restored with corporate iridium, and with a zero value of defence, wars become unavailable to the corporation. Also, with zero corporation defence, progress in corporate ranks of pilots stops.   
A declaration of war by another corporation is paid for with corporate iridium. The cost of declaring war is dynamic and depends on the rating of the attacked and attacking corporations, as well as on how long corporations have not participated in wars. 

The declared war ends when the defence of one of the corporations has dropped to zero. A corporation’s defence is lost from damage dealt by enemies in any PvP battles, including Open Space.


We added a leaderboard, reflecting the strength of corporations in corporate wars. 


Ranks and rewards
The victorious corporation receives corporate iridium, in accordance with the contribution made to the victory and partially restores its defence.

Participants in wars earn “war points” necessary to obtain special corporate titles. The current corporate rank of the pilot and war points are displayed in his profile. When moving from one corporation to another, corporate titles are retained, but the war points are reset. 

Star Conflict Team