Corporate Dreadnought Shipyard - Trophy stands issues or bugs

Bug reports for a single thing: Trophy stands only


Bug 1: Trophy stands (entire set) in the Corporate Shipyard do not cause any collision damage to the ship, even if Station Protection is disabled. (new bug)

Bug 2: Trophy stands (entire set) in the Corporate Shipyard allow you to hit and go through them, under certain areas - ghost object or clipping issue (new bug)

Bug 3: Trophy stands have no texture text displayed on them. (fixed)


Bug 2 and 3 summary (detailed description)

  • missile will pass or go through trophy stands

  • some weapons, like the ones that deal kinetic damage (Assault Rails, etc.)

  • pilot’s ship can pass through an entire trophy stand, receiving no collision damage, especially at higher speeds


How to replicate this bug?

Undock to Open Space from the Station, where your Dreadnought is present.

Go to the Corporate Shipyard.

Check the trophy stands and test for all 3 bug descriptions.


Screenshots are not provided at this time, since the issue is easy to replicate, unless requested.






Could you please make screenshots

4 hours ago, Skula1975 said:

Could you please make screenshots

It’s better to make a video in this case.

bump, still an issue.

3 hours ago, QACinnamonTroll said:

bump, still an issue.

Provided a full bug report, including a video!

Response needed.