Corporate contracts in progress, reset, when changing hangar!

Bug report:

Corporate contract - Victory (available for all 3 factions)

Win 5 battles.

Reward: 50 Iridium (daily)


What’s wrong?

If you change your current hangar’s location, when corporate contract is not fully finished, but it’s in progress, like 1/5 on the screenshot, it will reset back to 0.


What should happen?

Corporate contracts should not lose any progress, when changing hangar’s location. They should retain their current progress!



Empire location: (Wardens: Victory) corporate contract


Empire location: (Wardens: Victory) corporate contract

Changing back from Jericho to Empire location -  Any progress for corporate contracts is reset!




Logs: (logs contain only the changes described above - change of 2 hangar’s locations)


I am awaiting your response!