Corp space stations

*Corp Space Stations*

Similar to corp dreadnaughts, Corps should be allowed to build Space stations, or stations should be created in space, starting under npc control.
When an outpost is not owned by a Corp, hostile npcs may occupy it. The first challenge for a Corp, which wants to get control of an outpost held by these npcs, is to fight and defeat them.
Once owned, if no active ceo, vp, or officer logs in from that corp, in x amount of time, the station should start to degrade, until all corp built facilities are lost, and it reverts back to npc control.

Unlike dreadnaughts, these should not be instanced, but in open space, one each for each of the sector zones, (Menar, Ontregos, Felony, Troy, Procssima, Olympus, Solaris, etc etc), which members can dock in, and which can be further modified as the corp desires, for defence, or production.

They give new rewards, linked to each Space Station, again similar to dreadnaught zones, but controlable by the corp itself, through additional facilities which the corps themselves can add.
Their arrival would bring a new dimension to the game, in the form of Corp versus Corp, as corps will fight to gain control of the Space Stations. Currently CvC is extremely limited to dreadnaught only games. This feature would open a new path for CvC, with Large scale Open Space fights between fleets of players and Corps

I believe this would give corps a purpose, as theres not much benefit to being in one beyond company, or daily rewards from sector conquest.

The Space Stations could provide unique advantages. Each Space Station gives a daily material to the members of the corp that occupies it. The Corp can also construct a few additional facilities on the Space Stations to gain further advantages.
eg, if stations were to be allowed x amount of building zones, each of these zones could be used for either a defence facility, or a procuction facility.

using the building zone for a defence zone could allow the addition of turrets to the station, (multiple types, dealing a choice of damage), or stat boosters, eg +5% speed, defence or attack to corp members while in that sector zone

Using the building zone for a production facility, could allow the station to produce x amount of daily mats required for further construction of facilities on the station, (without one of these you’d never be able to improve the station), or trade centres. which generate corp income currency, which can be used to hire npc defences, (npc fleets which help defend your station when its attacked), or corp repair facilities, which can repair players ships free of charge, corp engineering facilities for production of specialised weapons which can only be produced in the corp station etc etc

*Corp wars*

The next challenge is to actually keep the control of the Space Station. Other Corps can try to conquer it by launching an offensive. In case of conflict between two Corps, the sector around the Space Station becomes a PvP area. this could be achieved by having the players asked upon entering the gate to that sector, whether they wanted to attack/defend/or be neutral

Once attacked, whether defended successfully, or captured, the station is exempt from further attacks for x amount of time, and if it was captured, loses any facilities which the corp may have constructed, or the facilities are downgraded, so the new owning corp has to start its own constructions, or repair the existing ones.

*Hiring NPCs*

The corps can hire npc Fleets to defend their Space Station. They can choose between different types of npcs and organize their defense.
Fleets can be hired for corp currecny, which is produced in a trading centre, build by the corp as an extension on the station, and generated daily
Fleets could consist of 8 ship groups, which cost varying amounts of currency depending on type and level of the ships, and when hired these could be set to stay close and defend the station, or roam and attack anyone who has entered the zone as an attacker


If the npc Fleets and Corp members don’t suffice to fend off against another Corp’s offensive, the defending Corp can call allied Corps for help. The attacking Corp can also be helped by other Corps in its attempt to conquer a Space Station.
Diplomacy would become an important factor in the game between the corps.


To gain control over an Space Station, the attacking Corp needs to overcome the defenses set up by the defending Corp. The new owner then has to quickly organize new defenses to prepare for a possible counter-attack.


Similar to a dreadnaught, Space stations can be improved by corps and have addition sections added on to them.
All Stations start with a mineral production facility, which creates basic materials daily, that are required for further expansion of the station.
Other facilitys which may be added are defence turrets, corp income building, corp currency, for hiring guards etc etc

Corps could perhaps trade resources their stations make between each other by sending out a transport which makes its way to the other corps station. these could be escorted by members, and attacked on route by players who could gain some sort of reward for destroying them. If one corps transport is destroyed, they should lose a portion, but not all of the resources they were sending to trade, and the other corps transport returns to their station with the trade incomplete.

Defences on the stations should by default be powerful enough to defeat any minor unorganised attack from a random small group of players entering the zone under ‘attack’ setting, without the need for corp members to have to defend

This is very interesting + from me

I think each station should have 4 shield generators, (one at each corner of the station), at a range of at least 9km away from the station

Generators should have a high amount of hp and resist, but only minimal defences, (relying on corp or corp defence fleets to defend)

Until all 4 of these generators are destroyed, the station itself cannot be damaged

After generators are destroyed, turrets on the station must be destroyed, before capture can begin.

While attacking ships are in the capture zone, (of perhaps 5km around the station), the station slowly begins to fall under their control.

If more allied ships are in the zone, than attackers, the capture bar swings in their favour (full capyure with no defenders should take at least 10 minutes, with capture slowing more and more depending on number of defenders in capture zone)

Station must be fully captured to be owned, not just given to whoever has the most points, although if multiple corps are attacking, whichever corp is the one with the most battle points at the end, (if the station is captured), is the one which gains control of the station.

Turrets on the station can be repaired by defending engineers, but should take quite a while to do so

You do not need to declare war on a station, but a universe wide broadcast should be sent ingame to all players, letting them know a station is under attack, once the first generator has been destroyed.

This allows allies to make their way to the station to support

I’d like to see battles be epic, and last an hour or more from start to finish

that sounds realy exciting. if that become reality the openspace will finally be more than daily quests and looting and might create very entertaning role-play zone. + from me too