Coordinates for Mercenary Center


We have recovered a secret part of the logbook from ‘Vostok 1’. The information is damaged, but you can guess what it is. It seems that in this journal, there is something about the Precursors transport ship that crashed near the planet Earth, but managed to store its load on one of the planet’s satellites.
<data lost>
While transporting the log to command headquarters, we were ambushed by pirates. We managed to protect the data. The file was digitized , encrypted and sent to the Mercenary Centre.
<data lost>
Hope you’re as good as they say. Notify the command immediately.
<data loss> data location <data loss>.
We didn’t have time to establish the location of the cache — now it’s up to you.
Notify the commander of the place mentioned in the log, I assure you, your work will be paid in full!


You answers are true! Good job! 5 000 artifacts yours!