Cool community

Just like to say I’m enjoying my time here, while some of us have issues dealing with certian things and some complaints are made I also noticed people are really willing to teach, ask, and share tactics making it really easy to start learning and improving in situations others might have issues with. Don’t get that a lot, just want to say thanks guys. I’m somewhat new myself but it’s nice being able to share what I do know while learning more.


Also thanks for the tip on the fighter which I had blown off previously, the thing rocks! There’s a pretty good balance in the game right now. As again I am new myself (though not steam new) I’ll share my experiences here.


When I started out I tried each class. What happened was this. I tried fighter, it was esaily outnameuvered and slaughtered by interceptors. I tried a frigate and was easily assassinated left and right. I tried interceptor and the boots fit just right. However this was before the steam release. Very few people used Frigates outside protect the captain mode (almost none ever outside that mode), and even there the numbers were limited. People had been playing a while and frankly were onto frigates and their weaknesses. In fighters I was just outmatched by more experienced players with more maneuverability.


Fastforward to now with steam release and a whole different mentality shows up. Rather than fighting for objectives a lot fight for kills. Problems that never before arose started coming up. People started using frigates, not just here and there, but everywhere. They were deemed killers, their objectives, kill, higher KDR! This is much different from the mostly Russian mentality prior. Beyond that many weapons and systems became limited at lower tiers which again brought forth a new set of issues, certain weapons became more dominant (snipers at tier 1). Also as new players people are still learning to counter this so it becomes a complaint, even jericho missiles at tier 2 (which IMO aren’t as strong as people think, at least not if victory is the goal). I even jumped in a squad with some random guys and got on TS, no one in our squad touched frigates (outside defend the captain mode anyways) and we were winning every battle.


I guess it’s kind of a message to new guys struggling. Keep practicing, the game, and gameplay will evolve as your skills evolve, you’ll start to find new strengths where you never found them (this was easily seen pre steam release). Rest assured things will evolve and improve for you as you improve. As someone who was here before that it’s pretty easy to see. At the same time what frustrates me and some others I’ve talked to is that because people feel sniping is as powerful as it is a lot do it. The more that do usually indicates which team will lose. It’s not an objective oriented mentality outside protect the captain and is often extremely detrimental to the team.


Just wanted to share my experiences, keep trucking on and learning guys, also don’t be afraid to ask “how?” when people disagree with you on something that causes problems. Those problems can easily go away if you’re willing to take it a step further and learn to deal with them.


For the record I feel snipers are a problem at tier 1 only as far as anti-fun for new players. At tier 2 I feel they are detrimental to their own team if there are more than 2 of them. Remember guys, fight for the goal not KDR. Also thanks for the good convos on strategy. Last but not least forming squads with the goal of winning in mind can really help create wins and make things more enjoyable.

It’s nice to see such encouraged players.

There will always be the need of players with game experience to help our new pilots and this is a big support to us.

Space is big and it’s nice to have a few people flying with you and supporting you on your missions.

Right on man, glad you’re seeing the wonder of the fighter :slight_smile:  Try out an Offense fighter with a targeting laser as well.  I make sure to fire it off whenever possible, though you do have to pay attention to LoS or you’ll waste the cooldown.  Anyway, its pretty awesome to tag an enemy right as your team opens up on them.


Here’s a strategy I saw implemented by the enemy team, and it very nearly beat my team.  We got really lucky and managed to pull it out, but it was effective, and I decided to try to implement it the next time I was team captain.  Luckily I got two tries soon after, and we won both matches.


Generally these matches have each team divide up into attackers and defenders.  As team captain, you can force some coordination in PUGs because your defenders are going to stick with you generally when you advance.  The basic idea is, you let your attackers go out and engage the enemy attackers.  You hang back briefly, then punch it and advance with your defenders.  If you time it right, you can surprise and overwhelm the enemy attackers, giving your team a brief window to take out the enemy captain with your overwhelming numbers.  It helps to have your buffs in the battle as well.


High risk, because if you time it wrong, you can get slaughtered in the open.  And definitely you have a huge target painted on your back as captain.  But both times I tried it, we won the match, and I led my team in kills/assists, which is definitely a nice feeling as team captain.  None of that hiding around for me!

Thanks for the feedback sir.  I’ve been playing Fed frigs solely all the way up to tier 3, but am now saving for a tier 3 fighter, I think it’s time to make the switch.  I’ll remember what you said about focusing on objectives.

Well said, there are a lot of players who dedicate a decent chunk of time helping out.

Props to them.