Cookie Clicker



This game is so…simple and yet addictive… gogo cookies!!!

You’ve changed my life.  I have 13% of the achievements and producing 20 cookies/sec. 

I am…slightly…farther, but yeah…I played it in easy mode(Autoclicker :P)   

Oh right, im not using that (although I did cheat and use the turbo function on an old USB gamepad for 5-10 minutes yesterday to get a quick headstart).  Up to 42% achievements and had over 7 billions cookies earlier before I spent them all.  Just left it running all day while I was at work :slight_smile:


EDIT: making over 600,000 cookies/sec now, awesome, should complete this in a few days easy.

That’s the spirit! Here are my stats  :santa: Like I said, slightly farther  :crazy:


Here’s mine:


Ok yours all seems fairly legit for someone slightly ahead of me (although I have nearly as many buildings as you).  Except one thing, you have 1.7 million  :what:  cookie clicks? You’ve personally clicked on that cookie 1.7 million times? Or is that the autoclicker thing? How does it work? Would I have to start again or can I enable it? Not that I would.


Either way I WILL catch you :crazy:.  Its running 24 hours/day but I only get 2-3 hours on per day on a weekday at the PC, and most of that is on here, star conflict and facebook.

love that DSotM wall paper


Shine on  :good:

Hehe you are going nicely :wink:

And yeah, I use some unfairness currently. Once I get all my achievements I will play it fairly :slight_smile:

The future

I make more than him :stuck_out_tongue:

I make more than him :stuck_out_tongue:


You are too far gone now

Haha, that video was ******* hilarious. But also insightful…  I should probably quit this game.


Screw that, I’m up to 143Million cookies/sec now, the end is in sight… I hope.

I just restarted :slight_smile:

Got all the achievements in the game(Both normal and shadow), and now I am playing without any cheats :)