Convert resources or they are lost?

Do I have to convert the panels and monocrystals or else they are removed from the game? 

I can’t get on the game right now, am I going to lose all of it?

They are still in the game, they are just useless unless you convert them, and you can never get any more. Which is a big “xxxx you” from the devs to every pilot everywhere.

AFAIK, you convert it how much you need, you wont get any of the oly resources tho, just the updated once in their place, so dont worry, no destroyed items, take your time.

just dont convert your old resources and save them up for when you need them most. Unless you are buying/crafting something RIGHT NOW, then do not convert them and just save them. Once your stocked up resources are gone, you will be required to grind as you need the mats instead of saving up for stuff like any decent human does.