Question/Request/Discussion regarding Faction Contracts in (or whatever version the game happens to be at when someone wonders this).


Is there a list of the Subfaction Contracts and their Requirements/Rewards and (most importantly to me) Completion Conditions?


I’m mainly thinking that this would be a great resource to have as a player, more for informational purposes than any other reason.


And Yes, I know this information seems to appear in the Contracts screen :learn: , but it’s not specifically what I’m referring to.


Some are simple to understand what they need, such as:


Capture a Beacon

Shoot down x non-current faction craft

Win a battle etc…


But some are obscure as to what they want until you successfully complete them for at least the first time:


Destroy 4 enemy ships, including captain Rion’s ship - It was only after completing this a few times I realized it’s pretty much just a random thing that any craft you shoot down will be one of the enemy craft satisfying the contract.


The New one That really got me asking the question is the Tech Lvl 8 ‘Power of Interception’ where I must Destroy 3 Enemy ships using a Weapons System Inhibitor Module on my Interceptor… As I type this I am realizing that i need to have the module equipped and activated as I destroy the targetted enemy to qualify yeah? :smoke:


Nonetheless, my point is not invalidated and I shall continue on…


If Contract completion requires specific abilities and tiers and types of craft (as I’ve just found out from the epiphany), perhaps that should be listed in the details…


If this exists, it would be great to see, if it doesn’t what would be the best way to get it happening?


… I’d still like to have a list of all contracts (even if I haven’t unlocked them yet)… :)wt

If there is a difficult text I recommend to report it in the text section.

If someone wants to spend some time on writing it down I would collect screenshots for him/her.

Deal.  If you post the screens here, I’ll do what I can to write them up.

Please send me a pm so I will remember this during the week.

I would love to have a list (or convenient way of sorting by Faction) that shows what Mk III items get unlocked at what rank in each subfaction. Currently, the best I can do is sort the shop by Mk III items only and then mouse over each and every icon to check which is incredibly time-consuming.

Depending on how it all goes, I’m hoping we can update the Wiki with a lot of that sort of information…


Fingers crossed.

There’s a Rank 5 Tech Contract that asks you to “Deal 80 damage to an enemy beacon.” It took me forever to realize that “dealing damage” means capturing an enemy beacon. I had thought it meant to either shoot the beacons for some reason or take down the defender drones. It could probably be worded better, like “Capture enemy-controlled beacons worth 80 points” or something.