Hi all, I got the beta yesterday and have had a good few hours on tonight. I have to say that I’m absolutely loving this game; it scratches an itch I’ve had for a while and it amazes me that in this day and age, I’m able to enjoy this kind of entertainment for free!


My question is quite simply, how do I complete contracts? There’s a simple contract that requires me to kill 3 ships using any rail gun. I’ve done this in arcade, regular and mission based games with no success! If someone could enlighten me, I’d be very grateful.



you have to double click on the contract to “sign” or active it.

Then while in a match complete the contract requirements. If you need to capture two beacons, you need to be near two beacons and capture them. If you need to kill 20 ships, shoot down 20 ships. 

Thanks for replying guys. The reason I came to the forum was actually because I had tried these things. My contracts were active and I completed (or thought I did) the tasks well within the time limits. The simplest was getting 3 kills with any rail gun, which I did on 3 different game types. It doesn’t matter, I can see they just reset anyway, so I’ll try again. Thanks anyway!