Contracts not completing, even though requirements were met

For example: “The Great Victor” - destroy 5 enemy ships and win 1 battles.


I’ve done this. I watched myself do it. And then at the end of the match, the contract is still pending and I wasn’t rewarded for it.


Another example: “Capture 2 beacons for the glory of the Great Armada” 


Not hard to do, I did it last match. Did the contract get completed? Nope. Still haven’t been paid out yet.


The only contract that I can count on working right is “win 1 match” 


Is anyone else experiencing this?

I experienced it with the Vanguard contract that asks you to get 1500 efficiency points, I got more than 3k and the contract didn’t complete, I tried againd but nothing happened.

Try Fed ships doing this

Some possible fixes:

  1. Don’t use ships that belong in the tier below. Eg: the Phobos is a ‘Tier 3’ ship but has a Tier 2 hull. The game sometimes fails to recognise the tier of these ships.

  2. Make sure your entire roster is of the minimum tier for the contract. I’ve completed T4 contracts using T5 ships before, but didn’t get the reward because I had an (unused) T3 in my lineup.