Contracts..... just whats the difference?

Ok… i ‘did’ look around on the forum, i did read the FAQ, and i even asked in-game, but never got a real answer to this.


So… Can anyone tell me just what the difference is between the different contracts?.  I am assuming their linked to ships somehow… and maybe unlock certain ‘perks/upgrades/bonuses’ as you go threw them?


The only thing i ‘know’ is that each faction has two ‘branches’ of contracts to chose from.  But there literally is no information anywhere that i can find, telling you what option A does over option B… like what ships are linked to which, what bonuses are given by which… does a particular play-style fit more with one than the other?


Anyone (Dev’s included) able to shed some light on this?

 different contracts means different faction,each faction has different blue equipment,that’s all.


when you reach the rank,you can buy some blue equipment.

contracts offer you large amounts of money and reputation


some are linked to certain tech level, ship classes or modules -> you have to use a ceratin module / ship to fulfill the contract


example: there is a contract which tells you to heal ~ 20k hull points

the conditions say you have to use a support hull repair module, the only ship capable of carring such modules is a frigate while the module itself is availiable at t2


conclusion: get yourself a tier 2 frigate and and support hull repair module and activate it in battle to heal yourself and your team members

ok… so its pretty much what i thought =) i just didnt wanna screw myself over going 1 rout… and being unable to use/do something i might have been able to do the other way =)