Contracts Bugged - 'Superiority at All Costs' and 'All-Rounder'

I have Attempted two contracts multiple times


First came: “All-Rounder”


“Install a ship modifier of Level II or better.” I tried this on multiple ships. with multiple upgrades. Not completed



Then came

“Superiority at all costs”

“Buy 2 boosters in the top right corner of the station interface.”

-I’ve done this. twice.

[](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=7327)

Thanks for reporting this, it has been reported several times already, so devs are aware for it, let’s hope the fix comes soon.

:facepalm:  We know, and we’re hoping the devs are fixing it.  Please stop reporting.

Sorry for the troll.

Sorry for the troll.



Read the quoted part.

Read the quoted part.

The worst troll or joke is the one you have to explain

If it’s a joke or a troll attempt, it’s so poor that I didn’t even notice it.  :lol: try again

I was trying to still keep it friendly.