[Contract bug] - Increased Resistance

Well, first of all, please ignore this topic here: http://forum.gaijinent.com/index.php?/topic/18630-contract-a-deadly-combination-is-not-working/


As I would like to mention, this contract is BROKEN. It requires me to use a T3 ship, yet even though I got more than 40 assists with ‘Aegis’ System module, I still haven’t finished the contract! Please help me here!!


I’ve accidentally done it in a T4 mach, and it counted! And now it’s stuck on 4/40…

But before that, I tried it in a T3 mach, where I got 1/40 stuck again…



Is there anyway to fix this? Or do I need to do this in T4 only??


If anyone needs screenshots, let me know!

Thank you.