Contest: Wish Star Conflict a Happy Birthday!



Today, on February 1, our favourite game is officially 4 years old! And we are very happy to celebrate the birthday of Star Conflict with you. Therefore, we are announcing the launch of a creative photo contest!

Contest terms:

  • Subject: Happy birthday to Star Conflict.
  • Format: Photo.
  • Each contestant can only present one entry.
  • Entries have to be published in a special forum thread.

Photo requirements:

  • All entries must contain the phrase ‘Star Conflict turns 4’ anywhere directly on the photo. But not with the graphics editors (example)!
  • The photo must be original and created specifically for this contest.
  • Description of the entry has to specify your game nickname.
  • The photo has to be dedicated to the celebrations. The only limit is your imagination!


  • Entry evaluation will be based on the photo’s visuals and originality of the greeting.
  • Using graphics editors is prohibited.
  • The winners are determined by the administration. Three winners will be selected according to the results of the contest.

Entry admission will close on February 13th.


  • 1st place award — 4000 Galactic Standards.
  • 2nd place award — 3000 Galactic Standards.
  • 3rd place award — 2000 Galactic Standards.

Each prize-winner will receive a branded Star Conflict t-shirt!

Wonderful pictures, creative ideas and good mood, which our participants gave to us. All perfectly characterizes our pilots, who have an excellent imagination and a great sense of humor.

Thanks to everyone, who took part in our photo contest. It is time to choose the winners!

1st place — pilot Nevidni


2nd place — pilot JaVi


3rd place — pilot TheDarkRedFox


We really liked all the pictures! That is why, we want to reward all pilots, who made the pictures and, unfortunately, didn’t win, with a reward of 1000 Galactic Standards!

Thank you very much for good mood!