Contest: Wish Star Conflict a Happy Birthday (Works)



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Happy birthday! LOL


Star-Kitten Approves! ;3c


Happy birthday Star Conflict!!!


-from, TheDarkRedFox


Happy Birthday !!!



ign: millanbel


Sorry I forgot to put the “turns 4 bit” Hope you can still accept my entry  :rudolf:



Just in case text are too difficult to see on the right. “Doge says, such happy, much birthday, wow.” XD


I decided to use my very stubborn and difficult dog (Kota) for this and he put up a fight but I got it! :smiley:

Anyways, Happy Birthday Star Conflict team for making a pretty cool game! :3


And my in-game name is : SacraUmbra



An Octopus carries an airplane banner with good wishes.

My in-game name is JaVi



That’s what happens to a biomorph when you bake him on 220°C for whole 20 minutes!


!WARNING! Does not taste like chicken!


Happy celebrations!


IGN: Nevidni

In Game Name: maxtim


From the balcony where I work. Caught a great sunset. 8wlQhhX.jpg