Contest 'Ultimate Destroyer'



Destroyers are huge ships with devastating power, capable of changing the course of the battle in an instant. Just their appearance on the battlefield instills awe and inspires. Of course, it’s important to evaluate the capabilities of this devastating ‘weapon’ and effectively use it in battle! Possibilities are endless!
Each ship has its unique feature that distinguishes it from others. One can endlessly argue about all the features of these ships, and every pilot is right in his own way. Therefore, we offer you to play the role of a designer for one of the sides of the conflict!

Come up with the Destroyer of your dreams. Describe all of its features, all the build details, the possible modules, its role, strengths and weaknesses, and anything that you consider necessary. There are no strict rules for the concept of your Destroyer, so feel free to use your imagination! And do not forget about balance!

Also, your concept will be judged by the most strict jury — players themselves*. They are sure to understand how viable and useful your ship can be!

Publish your concept in one post in a special forum section. Be sure to include your nickname.

1st place — 7000 Galactic Standards
2nd place — 5500 Galactic Standards
3rd place — 4000 Galactic Standards

Entry admission will close on May 11th. On May 16th we will choose the three best designers and reward them. The Destroyer with the most player votes will receive 7000 Galactic Standards!


*Details of the voting will be announced later.