Contest 'Ultimate Destroyer' (Concepts)

Please publish only your concept for the contest here. Discussion goes there.

My Dream Destroyer is a fast with good rotation and low survivability but to counter it has some serious firepower unlike regular destroyers we have it has based weapon dmg bonus (imagine a gunship destroyer but more agile and more fragile) and in addition it has a module called Plasma Spear. Plasma Spear is similar to Plasma Arc on cov ops but it is huge and bigger up to 350 m from the center of ship and also it has a special weapon deals em dmg (imagine a positron cannon but bigger and BETTER) …


so basically 


  1. It is Fast and can rotate better than a frig 


  1. It is smaller than regular destroyers


  1. It is Fragile u can kill it easy when u catch it off guard with a gunship in about 4-5 seconds


4)It CAN HIT!! The based dmg is increased and also it has a high dmg low dps weapon so it will be hit like a truck … rare but deadly.


  1. IT CAN POKE!! THat plasma spear deals massive dmg to the target 350m close to its front! this makes it a perfect hit and rekt ship with wormhole u can dive in plasma spear ppl and jump out if u do it right u can be OP just like any ship in the game if u fail this will be one way ticket; dive in and die.


6)With this destroyer your main diet is the other destroyers but u must suprise them because they can out dps and out tank u but when u get in range u will r3kt them with Plasma Spear or dealing dmg with the Advanced Positron over and over while dodging their shots…


  1. This ship is fast and can do Alpha dmg without the limitation of projectile speed so this will be a perfect team support ship in a CTB or a combat recon especially supported with an engy


This ship is somesort of Anti-Destroyer class it is not supporter class but a new one by it self so it can be variented by factions (Empire: Tougher slower hits harder, Fed: Faster More stable and Much more Fragile, Jeri: Good Shield + Shield Regen and better rotation than Fed one ). 


This ship isnt OP by the raw idea like this it is still can be more balanced than a lot of the ships currently we have (especially new premium ones) and also this will make a lot of good and old players happy because this playstyle suits them (fast deadly and at the edge of death!) 




The Potatonator


I present you, my friends, the latest creation of the Emperors shipyards. Now, to the untrained eye, it may resemble a potato-shaped asteroid, and this is indeed what is intended. But underneath this advanced form of camouflage hides a state of the art Destroyer with all the latest secret technology available to our shipbuilders.


Retractable laser turrets are mounted on every surface, to present no blind spots to the enemy. These turrets are directed by an Advanced Interactive Monopulse with a Boolean Operational Targetter, so that even the fastest of targets are hit 100% of the time. An anomaly generator and capital guns guarantee the destruction of other destroyers and tankier ships in a couple of seconds.  The destroyer comes with an in-built cloak, to sneak up on its enemies and hit them where they least expect it. It also has decloaking devices, a large array of ECM and counter-ECM devices, a wide choice of tactical missiles including ECM, energy-draining and slowing field missiles, to adapt to all situations.


The destroyer has extreme tank thanks to a layer of starch-based, kinetic energy absorbing sponge (a new technology nicknamed the “Spongejohn” in the labs).  Below this lie impenetrable plates of lezortium armour, which have a high thermal and EM resistance, to make the ship immune to plasma arc and anomaly generators. It does not depend on shields for tank, since previous versions were weak to small ships getting below them. It does however possess 12 static barriers it can place randomly around the field to distrupt enemy fire.


Should this tank not be enough, the destroyer has an emergency barrier every 5% of its armour, it has a combat reboot, engine overcharge and a cruise engine device for maximum escape possibilities. In order to further troll its enemies, the destroyer can engage Cruise Chicken mode, where many Heavy and Sentry class drones are dropped from the rear while running away, in the off chance of killing one or two enemies. For “tactical repositioning”, the destroyer can use its 6 Reverse Thrusters (one for each vector) to jump 5000m in any direction it wants.


The first prototype, baptised The Potatonator, has already been produced and is undergoing extreme operational testing, before being deployed to the Conflict. It is expected to cause fear in the hearts of our enemies. Maybe also a bit of hunger, and a hungry pilot is one that cannot aim well!


(It is considered “not OP” by the intergalactic convention and thus legal for use in battle)

The S.Q.U.A.D


Allows a player to bring up to 3 other players with similar ranked ships into battle, must face a similar S.Q.U.A.D on the opposite team, destroyer’s rank is equal to your highest rank ship in your lineup.


Over the weeks, since I got my first Destroyer-Procyon, I have begun to realise many key concepts in the role of the Suppressors, one of being which is their viability, no I am not talking “numbers” right now. I am talking about the time it takes to kill one, currently it is below 2m 30 second’s set by AdamWest.  I have seen a covert ops take one down(Invinisble) in 49 seconds. The entire aspect of Destroyers are utterly infuriating  and they need a re balance. The re-balance I am proposing is sacrificing mobility for vitality.

We all know the earlier forums about “Destroyers are Fast” and I strongly agree with them, a Procyon/Antares should NOT have 60 rotation and 300-360 ms speed. That is faster than any ship class apart from covert ops and a few ecm’s/recons, but the point is. They need to have a HARD speed limit. 


My dream Destroyer is : Titan

Company : Jericho

Role : Tank/not a suppressor

I have had this dream since I first started playing in 2014(granted YummyTummy is only 2015-but I have alts) I wanted the idea, of a slow-firepower soaking up-class ship that is NOT taken out in 30 seconds. I want this ship to have a speed limit of 160ms flat- I do not want this ship to be able to turn half as good as a fighter. 

Size: Sibyl-Size but not a broadside gun placement

Damage: 8 guns around-but the damage of the class’s guns are minimized, to avoid being way to overpowered in pvp. The Titan cannot kill stuff nearly as fast as a suppressor but it can sure take the damage.

Gun: Beam Cannon-Broadside-8 fires-4000 dmg/sec 20% crit chance 70% dmg----Railgun> Broadside-8 guns>> 400 rpm/250 dmg/hit 30% crit chance-80% dmg.

Having a better-overall destroyer in this game makes it better, by far. People loved the fact that we have a new ship class, and they were surprised by the stats. But 2-3 weeks later, everyone figured away around them and they became USELESS. I went into 10 pvp battles yesterday-destroyer only and I litterly had 9 people in the course of that PVP test change their ships just to take me out the modes where various. One of which was a Covert-Ops, Russian ping I am guessing because nobody could hit him, you might know him as LEXXX

This can not happen. Destroyers were meant to last, not for target practice. Right now, the Patriarch has more suitability than the Sibyl in comparison for 3 reasons : 1. Gourds can alter damage 2. 30k shield -decent res= awesomeness 3. Regeneration! While destroyers have max 600 for r8 and 700 for r11 a guard with both shield boosters can easily get 22k shield within 14 seconds while as a destroyer takes a minute for 36k shield- this is a target for damage and is only useful in pve.


My point is, my dream Destroyer lasts much longer than the current ones, one that doesnt loose 50k health when all the modules get taken out at the SAME time.

You all may disagree with me but… meh.



Proposed Survibility: 400k

Shield 80k

Kinetic res:150

EM :125



Hull: 150k

70 kineitc

100 em

80 thermal

Regen: 25/sec

Special Module: Jericho router-400/sec-damage -10%/ NO SPEED-Hard limit 180ms

Titan-Class Modules-- Shield-Regen-800/sec for 20 sec - Hull -Plating -1000hull/sec for 8 seconds along with wormhole/etc

Slots> 4x Mod 3x shield 2x hull No engine! 2x CPU/range/critchance 2x cap for energy/rof




Thank you


NUNKI - Federation Suppressor Class Ship


:sagittarius: Named after the brightest star of the Sagittarius constelation, Nunki is the newest Destroyer in the ranks of the Federation.

Since the age of bow and arrow is long gone, the ship’s weapon system has been adapted to fire multiple kinds of unguided rocket ammunition.

Nunki’s weapon turrets fire at a relatively slow speed and as such, don’t fire all at once but take turns, which allows to fire rockets at quick successetion, not unlike the coil mortar weapon for frigates. The ship’s special module does not provide a switch between an increase of speed/damage/shield regeneration. Instead, it switches between 3 kinds of rocket ammunition.

    - The first are unguided EM torpedoes, these missiles travel at slow speed and have a large explosion radius, decimating shields of any ship unfortunate enough to be hit. They have lower fire rate.

    - Next are Thermal missiles, lacking a high explosive payload, these are able to be ejected at much higher speed than other missiles, delivering a shaped charge explosion upon hitting a target, bypassing some of the ships damage resistance. Although having a huge damage potential, these missiles require a direct hit and thus are very difficult to use against fast and small enemy ships. They have a high fire rate.

    - Last but not least are kinetic missiles, travelling at medium speed, they create an explosion of shrapnel in a moderate radius around a target. Medium fire rate.


Of course, switching the type of ammunition during battle takes time and the destroyer is unable to shoot for a short moment after switching the missile type.

Also, the issue of the destroyer’s standard shield barrier interfering with missiles’ warheads, causing explosions upon passing the shield has remained unresolved. In its stead, either the standard heavy repair drone or a shield recharge module can be installed. This module projects a short beam recovering 4000 points of shield of any friendly ship hit by the beam, if there is no ship in the beam’s direction, the destroyer’s shield is restored instead.

     The rocket firing system is also quite large, limiting armor thickness which lowers the amount of punishment the ship can withstand. To compensate for this, the ship has been equipped with a more powerfull generator and engine components, boosting speed and acceleration, as well as energy capacity and regeneration.


Special Modules:

     Aside from standard destroyer active modules, several new ones had been developed along with Nunki:


     - Ionizating field generator:  Dealing explosive damage limits the ships ability to fire at close targets, to help with that this module, upon activation creates a field that deals light EM damage to enemies within 500m range of the destroyer, lowering their shield resistance and regeneration while boosting hull resistance of teammates within the same range.


     - Defensive turret model 16 “Blunderbuss”:  A fast rotating turret, shooting a number of kinetic projectiles at a time at a wide spread. Suitable for firing at fast targets within short range of the destroyer. It fires automatically, upon activating the module, fire rate is increased by 50% and projectile spread reduced by 50% for 6 seconds.


     - Heavy blaster cannon mk.VII “BFG”:  Charges for 1.5 seconds and then fires an exploding thermal projectile where the player is aiming. Can charge again 4 seconds after firing. Firing range of 4000m.


     -For unknown reason (something something balance) the ship’s power generator is unable to power the Gravitational Lens module. On the other hand, additional protection against electrical surges provides partial protection from negative effects from enemy ECM modules.



Among the ship’s biggest strenghts are high speed and manouverabilty, high suppression effect and high damage output potential. It’s main drawback is low hull durability and lack of static barriers, making the ship more fragile compared to other destroyers. And unless equipped with proper defence modules, it is also quite vulnerable to close targets, as it is hard to hit them with rockets either at all or without dealing explosive damage to your ship as well. In addition to standard destroyer roles, Nunki should be highly effective at suppressing other destroyers and breaking apart clusters of destroyers with engineers and playing a hit and run strategy due to it’s high speed and low ability to soak up damage.


While the destroyer’s effectivity reports from first battles are awaited, Nunki Mk.II is planned, boosting survivability and installing the standard destroyer main module, allowing the installation of other destroyer weapons and picking only one type of rocket ammo before leaving the hangar. Modifying the launchers to fit Frigate class ships is also being considered.




(The image isn’t mine, it’s a concept art of a Destroyer Class ship in the halo universe. I don’t have photoshopping skills, so replace with your mind the grey with white, the orange with blue and the "Hearth of Midlothian with Cobra :P) 


Name: EWD-P167 “Cobra”


Faction: Federation


Class: Destroyer


Role: Electronic warfare


Lore: For many years federation technicians have tried to emulate the electronic warfare abilities of Jericho’s and Empire’s interceptors. With this prototype, they wanted to do the best possible: this advanced ship is capable of disabling every electronic device, even the most protected ones. The first test of this destroyer was so successful that the Federation immediately started to give its blueprint to the most skilled pilots in the sector. 


Description: Slightly more agile than other destroyers. This ship has immense ECM abilities: its main module is able to stun all the nearby enemies. Its unique weapon has a chance of disabling the enemy’s systems, but at the cost of having low dps. Enemies stunned are open to the “System Short Circuit” modules, which deals massive thermal damage to them. However, these additional armaments take lots of space on the ship, so it has very limited tank. 




Shield: 30 000. Resistances: 15 Kinetic, -30 EM, 0 Thermal, 100 regen


Hull: 45 000. Resistances: -30 Kinetic, 10 EM, 5 Thermal.


Speed: 150 m/s, AB 170 m/s. AB Energy Drain: 200 e/s 

Rotation: Roll 30 °/s, pitch 15 °/s

Reverse: 45 m/s

Strafe: 10 m/s

Acceleration: 15 m/s^2


Energy: 3500. Regen: 200 e/s 


Sensor range: 3000 m. Lock time: 3 seconds.


Synergy bonuses: 


Level 1: Reduces the duration of control-inhibiting effects by 20%

Level 2: Reduces the effect of energy syphoning effects by 25%

Level 4: Select between:


  • 10% more weapon damage

  • 10% more speed

  • 15% more rotation


Level 8: Select between:


  • Cooldown of active modules reduced by 10%

  • Energy drain of active modules reduced by 15%

  • Range of active modules increased by 15%




Unique weapon: “Paralyzer”


(These stats are for mk4 variant)


Type: Laser

DPS: 2700 EM

Damage: 2700 EM

RoF: 60 shoots/minute

Range: 3000 m

Crit Chance: 20% (It has an hard limit of 35%) 

Crit Damage: 0% (Read below)

Spread: 1.2°

Full overheat/cooling: 10s/2s


Description: Low dps weapon which works like a pulse laser. When a critical hit occurs, the enemy ship cannot shoot or use modules for 0.5 seconds. For each second of prolonged firing on a single ship, the critical chance lowers by 1.2%. Even if this is an EM weapon, it uses Thermal ammunitions. 




Module layout:  2 on the sides, 1 on top, 1 on bottom. 


Special module: “System hack” 


Energy cost: 950

Recharge: 45 s

Description: All the enemy structures in a 1.6km radius become your allies. The additional processing power required to control these units reduces the energy regeneration speed by 30 e/s for each structure controlled


(These stats are for mk4 variant)



Energy cost: 1500

Recharge: 70 seconds


All ships in a 2500 m range are stunned for 3 seconds. They are unable to move, fire or use modules (except stun-escape ones, like Combat Reboot)


System Short Circuit


Energy cost: 900

Recharge: 30 seconds

Max range: 3500 m 


The closest stunned ship in a 10° cone from the turret is hit with a high energy beam that burns its circuits, dealing 25% of their total hull as thermal damage (directly to the hull) and slowing its energy regen speed by 40% for 8 seconds. A ship can be hit by System Short Circuit only once. 


HUD Interferences


Energy cost: 450 e/s

Recharge: 1 s


Generates HUD interferences in a 3000m range around the Cobra. Enemy ships will see flickering fake signals (they’ll see the red targeting square appear and disappear in randoms positions, where there aren’t actual enemies), and your allies’ position (their red targeting square) will flicker as well, giving a chance to disappear from the radars. 


Important note on modules:  The cobra’s modules behave like normal destroyers modules, so they can be destroyed, and the system short circuit works only in its hemisphere. This ship cannot use suppressor class modules, only multipurpose destroyer modules (turrets and wormhole, if I’m not wrong)



I’ve put a lot of work into this, I hope you like it!


EDIT(s): I’m correcting some errors and adding missing stats. 


EDIT (again, I’m sorry xD): Forgot to say the strength and weaknesses of the ship and how it should be used.


The cobra is supposed to be a support ship, not a go-yolo-and-obliterate-everything. It hasn’t enough firepower to down a Suppressor Destroyer alone, but it can make it useless for enough time that your team can come and destroy him while he can’t react. A strategy to use this ship could be something like this: 1 Cobra, 1 covops and 1 gunship. The cobra activates the Hud Interferences, so his allies are partially cloaked, or at least harder to see. You then sneak up on an enemy destroyer, and start shooting it with the paralyzer. As soon as the stun procs, you use the System Short Circuit to remove part of his hull and to make it unable to use AB and modules because of the energy regen reduction. Then, the cov ops knifes the Destroyer and the gunship finishes the job. Or, you could leeroy jenkins into the enemy team and activate the blackout, shock the most skilled/most dangerous player with the Short Circuit and let your team finish the job while partially protected by the radar jammer. The thing you must avoid at all costs is being alone on the battlefield, because you have almost no tank. 


  1. The THOR has the ability to cloak (STEALTH) and move but firing weapon or activating any modules disables the cloak. When de-cloaking the THOR automatically gives off an EM pulse up to 200m that would disable the shields of nearby ships. The stealth generator is an expensive feature.


  1. It has 2 Chain-Reaction (S.E.S.) cannons (front and rear) that fire bursts of supercharged energy spheres (S.E.S.) that home into the nearest target. The S.E.S. hits the first target and does damage, but does not dissipate, instead it gains energy and then deflects and homes into a second target where it does 150% damage, then again deflects and gains more energy and goes towards another third and final target to which it does 200% damage. It can be activated or deactivated at anytime and uses a fixed energy store, that only recharged after it is completely used. Recharge is a bit long but could be augmented with suitably installed modules. The S.E.S cannons automatically target ships only up to 1200m and could be augmented in range and destruction power with modules. These canons only fire the next rounds after the second collision/defelction or when the S.E.S. reaches its ultimate range 1200m.


  1. The THOR can be fitted with a main cannon, called the KARN, an acronym for Knowledge, Attitude, Respect, Nobility. The KARN fires only forward. It unleashes a beam of supercharged particles that excite other particles in its path creating static electricity that lashes out to any objects, turrets, or ships just like in a lightening storm. This lightening storm does massive damage to all ships and object in its path. Firing this weapon uses 100% energy and drains the shield of the THOR leaving it vulnerable and totally reliant on its armor for protection. It has an extremely long range that can be augmented by expensive modules. The KARN also increases the mass of the destroyer making it slow and less maneuverable.


  1. When installing modules on the THOR the player can decide which of the three main features listed above to focus on. So the THOR can be either a stealth Destroyer  the THOR STEALTH, with regular type Destroyer weapons of your choice. Or it can be fitted with two S.E.S cannons, the THOR S.E.S. and your pick of regular Destroyer weapons taking into consideration the energy usage of course. Or the THOR  can be fitted with the KARN and be the ULTIMATE DESTROYER the ‘THORKARN’.


I hope my fellow pilots enjoy my contribution.


Good luck to everyone!


With Respect and Honor,

Your dearest SC Pilot,



My Dream Dessie, by WolfKhan ← that’s my in-game name.


Name of the destroyer: Gohran ← named after the Toutetsu Youma in my profile picture from the Twelve Kingdoms.

Faction - Jericho

Black with red streaks in color. 

The Jericho special module comes without the two extra options, and it only comes with shield regeneration. Special module name: 

Tate (Ta-te)   たて    盾     A shield. 


Module setup - customize-able.

Synergy level 4 bonus - choose from three options that increase shield defense to a single type.

Synergy level 8 bonus - choose within +module effects, -energy usage, -recharge. 

The shield regeneration from the special module is increased to 600-800 per second. 

Design - The Gohran’s basic design in structure is much like that of the Wakizashi ecm series.

A smooth, slick design that’s unlike the Ronin or the guards of the Jericho class.  

The Gohran has a decreased hull, and it has an increased shield. 30-40k hull, 90-112k shield. 

It also has an increased base shield regeneration. The base regeneration at synergy level 0 is 400 shield regeneration per second.

This is a T5 ship, rank 14 or rank 15.

Everything else, equip-able modules, etc, are the same as any other destroyer.

The design must be sleek, and it must look good in black.

In fact, something like Captain Harlock’s ship would be great.














Minus the skull, and give it a pointed tip, of course. 


  • WolfKhan






As for How I’d build it. implants - (left to right 1-15, top to bottom a-b-c. or = /) 1c,2b,3c,4a,5a,6a,7c,8a,9a,10c,11b,12c,13c,14c,15a/c

Modules - 3 capacitors, 3 shield, 3 hull, or 2 hull and one cpu, depending on how much spread is involved with a certain gun.

all three capacitors to shield regeneration, bringing the shield regeneration to 798.4 shield regeneration per second on the base regeneration.

Adding in the 25% increase from the 12c implant, and we get 998 shield regeneration per second. 

Add 600 or 800 from the Jericho special module, and you’ll have a shield that regenerates at 1598 - 1798 points per second. 

Shield - two anti EM modules, one anti Thermal. If the anti EM is high enough, either an asynchronous shield projector or another module of dubious use. 

Hull - two passive hulls, for energy regeneration, and either one anti EM module or one more passive hull. If I need the cpu, then simply the two passive hulls will suffice.  This will ensure that the capacitor is near full at all times when used in conjunction with the 7c implant, thus the shield regeneration will not drop below peak capacity, at least very rarely. 

Destroyer Contest entry:

Name: FHX-22 “Halberd” Destroyer

Rank: 14

Faction: Jericho

Description: Appears to be a similar shape to the Jericho Rank 11 Destroyer, “Sibyl.” The Halberd is a long, sleek hull, plated with layers of “scales” that give an additional 12 points of kinetic protection for the hull. It’s rear contains the Jericho Reactor that spins forwards, not unlike a ball attempting to roll through the hull. Its namesake comes from massive protrusions on the forward underside and front of the ship. A massive blade-like object spans the front half of the underbelly, and an extremely sharp ramming spear decorates it’s front. The crew bay rests just behind this spear, protected by an array of shock absorbers to dampen the impacts. It’s module array is a very strange one, where three modules are on the top, spaced evenly, and the fourth module is found just under the reactor core on the rear of the ship. It sports a set of modules unlike any other destroyer’s, including ramming weapons and a special, slow-firing weapon that temporarily disables ships on impact.

Passive Module slots;

Engine: 0

Capacitor: 2

Shield: 3

Hull: 2

CPU: 2

Synergy bonuses:

1: Critical chance increased by 5%.

2: Energy regeneration speed increased by 18%.

3: Maximum speed increased by 10%.

4: Shield resistance to EM damage increased by 30pts.

8: Active Module strength increased by 20%.

Hull specs;

Hull volume: 91,355


Kinetic: 12pts

EM: 50pts

Thermal: 15pts

Shield specs;

Shield volume: 56,240

Regeneration: 325pts/s


Kinetic: 65pts

EM: -20pts

Thermal: 21pts

Energy: 4128pts

Regen: 188pts/s

Sensor range: 6,200m

Lock speed: 3s

Speed: 105m/s

AB speed: 145m/s

Energy use: 254pts/s

Turn speed: 21deg/s

Reverse: 60m/s

Strafe: 10m/s

Acceleration: 18m/s/s

Deployable objects: 2

Energy cost: 450pts

Recharge: 3s

Secondary weapon:

Name: Plasma Lance

Tooltip: Charges energy from your shield for one second, then creates a thin beam of focused EM radiation in the direction of the cursors. Damage dealt is equivalent to 1/2 of your maximum shield volume. Max range is 4,750m.

Visual: Upon use, a glowing point would form in the direction of the crosshair and energy would be seen gathering around the shield’s radius to that point before firing. The beam would be slightly thinner than the Pyro Emitter and be instant damage instead of spread out damage.

Main weapon: Temporal Stasis Cannon

Fits: Halberd

Damage: 9,350 EM

RoF: 20 shots/min

Trigger radius: 50m

Explosion radius: 200m

Effect radius: 250m

Critical chance: 6%

Critical bonus: 50%

Projectile speed: 1950m/s

Maximum range: 4,150m

Effect: Fires one large bolt of energy. Upon impact, all enemies caught in the explosion are put in to a temporal stasis for 0.8 seconds. The stasis disables modules, as well as slows the target by 5% for the duration. Consecutive hits will stack the slowing effect up to 30%.

Special module:

Name: Phantom Rush

Recharge: 60s

Energy: 450

Tooltip: Removes the user from enemy HUDs for 15s. Also boosts maximum speed and energy regeneration by 30% for 20 seconds. Using modules or the main weapon will remove the effect. Also allows ramming damage to be increased 10x for the duration of the effect.

Active Modules:

Name: Harpy Bay

Type: Halberd Active Module

Damage: 300 Kinetic

RoF: 180 shots/min

Projectile speed: 2,000m/s

Range: 1,500m

Drone speed: 450m/s

Drone durability: 1,200pts

Energy cost: 625

Recharge: 30s

Damage on destruction: 10,000

Tooltip: Activation will launch a squadron of three extremely small spacecraft that quickly pursue and attack nearby targets. They act on their own AI and self-destruct after 120s.

Name: Tractor Beam

Type: Halberd Multipurpose Active Module

Recharge: 30s

Energy: 770

Range: 6,000m

Damage on destruction: 6,000

Tooltip: Upon activation, creates a 250m diameter tunnel of directional energy that sucks all objects and ships to your ship at a maximum speed of 195m/s for 10 seconds.

Name: 2H3H Bomb

Type: Halberd Active Module

Recharge: 95s

Energy: 740

Damage: 37,8919 Thermal

Blast radius: 2,190m

Radiation cloud damage: 3,618/s

Radiation cloud radius: 700m

Radiation cloud persistence: 28s

Detonation timer: 15 seconds.

Damage on destruction: 15,000

Tooltip: Places a massive thermal bomb 3,500m in the direction the turret is aiming.

Name: Rift Generator

Type: Halberd Active Module

Recharge: 60s

Energy: 900

Clip: 4 charges

Damage on destruction: 9,000

Tooltip: Activation will load up 4 quantum burst charges for the user to activate as they please, with 3 second intervals. Each quantum burst will instantly teleport the user 1,750m in the direction of the crosshairs. Bursts are used by pressing the interact key.

Hereby, i present you the THS-036 “Zephyr” Juggernaut-Class Jericho Destroyer

Jericho Engineers realised they couldnt bring enough firepower to battlefield all the time, overshadowed by Empire Destroyers, they chose the path of brutality. Boasting both a prototype Armor Plating and huge shield generator at expense of weaponary and speed, they also developed a special energy router. Named “Shelter”, A defensive modüle that complements the multiphase shield, The “Guardian” Phase Hull Projector and a modified Coil Mortar for Juggernaut, The “Breach” Launcher. Also its specialized computing subsystems allow its captain to reach Synergy Rank 12.


Technical Details:

Name: Zephyr
Class: Juggernaut
Rank: 14
Special Module: The “Shelter”
Rank 2 bonus: Shield and Hull Strength increased by %15
Rank 4 bonus: Choose: Shield and Hull Resistance to all damage increased by 27 pts, Hull and Shield Strength increased by %20, Shield Regeneration increased by %50
Rank 8 bonus: Choose: Shield and Hull Resistance to all damage increased by 18 pts, Shield Strength +%40, Kinetic Weapon spread reduced by %33 projectile speed increase %30

Rank 12 bonus: Juggernaut Class modules effectiveness increased by %75
Base Hull: 100000 pts
Base Shield: 150000 pts
Base Shield Regen: 650 pts
Speed: 85m/s AB: 95m/s


“Shelter”: Unlike standard Jericho Energy routers, this one does not gives speed or weapon damage bonuses. It Works like “Provocateur” module. With passive and Active Mode.
Passive: Increases Shield Resistance to all damage by 60 pts, Hull Resistance to Kinetic by 60 pts, Decreases weapon damage by %40.
Active Mode: Shunts all energy to shields for 5 second. Increases Sheild resistance by 300 pts, Shield Regeneration by %750 and Capacity by %50, Reduces speed and rotation also weapon damage by %90. Recharge Time: 30 second.

“Guardian”: For 15 second, gives %95 Hull damage reduction. Weapon usage cancels the module. Recharge: 60 Seconds

“Breach”: Specialized Coil Mortar to take even the heaviest armored targets down. Destroyers takes 4x damage.

Damage: 17500
Firerate: 27.5 RPM
Projectile Speed: 2300m/s
Overheat: 35sec/7.5sec Cooldown


User: Rangertre

Name: “Defender”

Class: Destroyer

Rank: 14

Type: Star Carrier

Size: Slightly larger than the “Brave”


Speed: 120 m/s

Afterburner Speed: 170 m/s

Afterburner Energy usage: 250 pts.

Reverse Speed: 40 m/s

Strafe/Accel./pitch: 10 deg.

Roll: 20 deg.

Hull: 75,000 pts.

Shield: 30,000 pts.

Energy: 3,000 pts.

Energy Regen.: 150 pts.

View Range: 3500m


The star carrier “Defender” was created in response to a new ship specification design put out by the Imperial Design Committee. The prototype was used to great effect in defense of the testing facility on it’s second test launch when aliens attacked the sector, earning it it’s name.

The “Defender” is a Star Carrier. It is almost a pure support ship, meaning it’s role is to aid smaller ships in getting through tough areas of the galaxy using their special module. Despite it’s good durability, it is weak in a straight fight with other ships when alone, especially against groups of hostile ships. It’s value comes from cooperation with others. It has a large, blocky shape, and is designed in typical Imperial fashion.

(I can’t upload my image, so I am sorry if the description is somewhat vague  :(  )


Special Rules : Receives a 15% reduction to weapon damage, and a 5% reduction to Rate of Fire. Receives the special module “Docking Port” in return.


Special Module : Docking Ports. (Energy use: 10 pts. per second while active)

There are two docking ports on each Star Carrier, one on each side. When activated, it gives nearby players the option to “dock” on the Carrier (“press C to attach to ____”). Only two ships can be docked at one time, and all ship classes except other destroyers can dock. A player’s ship docks by turning on it’s side and attaching the bottom of it’s hull to the docking port, front facing forward relative to the Destroyer. 


* Docked players receive a passive hull regeneration (about 30 pts. per second), move with the carrier, and can fire while docked.


* Docked players can still be locked-on to, damaged, and killed. If a docked player is killed, the destroyed player’s ship disconnects, and any loot he/she drops will be released into space as normal.


* Due to the increased firepower provided by docked ships, the Carrier itself has a damage reduction, described above.


* Deactivating the special module will jettison any docked players, and will prevent nearby players from docking until it is activated again.


* Players can disconnect anytime by pressing [C] after docking.


* If a player is near both an activated Carrier and a loot crate, whichever is closer will be what the player can interact with.


Modules : 4 slots. The “Defender” can use all current Destroyer modules. Because of the Docking Ports on the sides of the hull, the modules are along the top and bottom, with similar layout to the “Procyon”.


Weapons : The “Defender” can use all current Destroyer weapons, albeit with a reduction in effectiveness (see Special Rules above).


Missile Slot : The Heavy Repair Drones are not available to Star Carriers. Aside from the Static Shield, the “Defender” gets a unique shield called Hanger Shields. When triggered, it activates a large curved shield over each docking port with 20,000 pts. of durability, protecting any docked ships from damage (explosions on the shield can still deal damage), and docked ships can fire through the shield. The shield, if not destroyed by damage, will dissipate after 20 seconds, with a 40 second cool down. Taking out the Shield Generator on the Destroyer prevents activation. Activation also increases the Destroyer’s hull and shield resistances by 30 pts. for the duration of the shield.


Loot slots (Open Space): 12


Ship Modifier Slots : 8 slots, crafting player’s choice. My personal preference would be: 1 engine, 2 capacitor, 2 shield, 2 hull, and 1 computer.


If I were a space pilot, and was able to make a personal starship, this would be it… transporting other ships safely through dangerous zones, teaming up with and supporting others to make a powerful team, and being an aid to damaged ships who don’t have an Engineer nearby!


**To those that might say the “Defender” is taking the place of an Engineer Frigate with it’s passive repair. I have three good points.**

  1. The Star Carrier does not benefit from it’s own repair.

  2. The repair is not an area buff… it applies ONLY to any docked ships. If no ships are docked, then the repair is unused.

  3. The modest repair rate cannot be increased. The Engineer can boost their repair rate through activations and upgrades. The engineer is still the primary repair/utility role.


If you have any issues or questions about this concept, please message me or post to the Discussion Forum for this event.





Our Warden scientists have been working on a prototype Destroyer with new capabilities for the last few months. After careful tweaking of the available reactor system, addition of reinforced beryllium plating in vulnerable areas, and incorporation of our prototype warp beacon, our Heavy Industries branch is pleased to inform you of a new available Destroyer prototype that is capable of providing heavy team support and a new ability to warp reinforcement ships in to its location.


We believe that this new Destroyer, codename “Colossus”, will grant Imperial forces a tactical advantage on the battlefield by setting new warp-in points in contested sectors. Instead of simply warping in on the edge of the sector, reinforcements can now warp in at a desired location on the sector.


With the proper funding, we will be able to begin the production of these ship prototypes. Please review this document and make any proposed changes to our design below.



Ship Classification:  XN-92 Heavy Support Platform

_ Codename: _ “Colossus”

Faction Affiliation:  Empire

Rank:  14



Comes with innate +15 hull resistance to all types of damage due to addition of reinforced beryllium plating.


SPECIAL MODULE:  BU-57 Experimental Warp Beacon

_Type: _Support Class Module

_Energy Consumption (toggle): _110 pts/sec

_Module Health: _35,000 pts

_Damage Upon Destruction: _20,000 pts

Upon activation of this beacon, the XN-92 will become a selectable warp point for reinforcement pilots. Upon spawning at the point, the beacon will initiate a 120 second cooldown for the pilot, where they will not be able to reuse the warp beacon during that time.

Note: the BU-57’s performance parameters can be altered with the pilot’s implants i.e. Rapidus II/III.

Note 2: Due to their size, other Destroyers will not be able to use this beacon as a warp point.


Note: All statistics are at maximum pilot synergy level.


Hull Strength: 175,000 pts

Shield Strength: 20,500 pts

_Shield Regeneration: _200 pts/sec


Note: Due to the increased plating, our prototype is slower than current destroyers.

_Speed: _105 m/s

_Afterburners: _150 m/s

_Roll: _20 deg/sec

_Pitch: _12 deg/sec

_Acceleration: _8 m/s2


_Energy: _5000 pts

Max Energy Regen: 140 pts/sec

_Afterburners Energy Use: _265 pts/sec


IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the increased power consumption of our prototype warp beacon, our scientists are only able to fit 8 weapon hardpoints on the XN-92 due to power constraints, and a maximum of only 4 can fire at once.



Our scientists have tested every available Support-class modules and have verified that each and every one of them is compatible with the XN-92 “Colossus”, with the exception of the Wormhole Projector. Attachment of the Wormhole Projector created a space-time instability with our BU-57 Experimental Warp Beacon and destroyed our first prototype. ** Therefore, we are unable to use the Wormhole Projector with the XN-92.**





OK, so my Idea for the Ultimate Destroyer!!!
these module turrets are on TOP of the ship, NOT on the sides… I really hate the layout of the side-mounted turrets.
this ship will be shaped more like a Jericho ship: wider, but shorter. if you look at the templar… it’s a perfect example of a large Jericho style ship… 

this is probably asking too much, but I’d like to be able to make both of those top mounted turrets torrent missile launchers… yeah… definitely asking a bit much there…

-the havoc fields debuff effects everyone, friend or foe. it’s 2000m outside of the field, so if you have all 3 drones active, the debuff is 2000m+500m radius for a radius of 2500m
as ships travel along in the Havoc Field, the fields white noise buff deactivates after 1 second outside of the field… to prevent someone being on edge of the field and flashing rapidly/annoyingly.

(best to have a solution to future problems before they occur)

-Deactivating the field causes the effect to drop immediately.

-This module is useful at sneaking a group of players into a flanking maneuver in PvP scenarios. However, like the existing white noise Jammer, it does not provide true invisibility, so players with good eyes/40-inch moniters (me) will still see you. It also does not work against the enemy captain’s special see-all ability.  NPC’s will also be immune to the white noise radar buff, but will still be effected by the debuff to target lock.

-This module promotes teamwork, planning and strategy in a game where teamwork separates the best from the average. With it, my hope is that strategies will form and more players will start working together. This team effort from there promotes friendships, a sense of unity… and may keep drifting players here at star conflict. More skilled teams will mean a greater challenge to players teams who already work together. The end result is a closer community for everyone.

-To make the experience in Open Space seem more realistic, it will reduce the range at which NPC’s in open space notice and attack those within the field. I also recommend making this modification to the already existing white noise generator. I know it’s hard to impossible to put a module of this nature into an NPC, considering the effect it has relies greatly on the player’s ability to see, and not the computer.

My dream Destroyer:


  1. Name: Freedom.


  1. Side: Federation.


  1. Passive modules: 9


  1. Tier and level: T5, lvl14


  1. Positions of active modules: 2xleft, 2xright (propably anyone other destroyer not have that positions our modules).


  1. New active modules:

a: Termobeemer: Forms a beam that generates after second series of termal pulses.

b: Rapid Defender: Fast firering defending module with kinetic weapon. Activate this module=more fast firering for 5 seconds.


  1. New second weapon module: Heavy Dron: only one dron with range 10 km (10 000 meters).


  1. Special features: Faster than others destroyers, Hull and Shield: medium. Survivalbility: medium. Stasis shields: 3, and of course most beautiful destroyer at our tier (Procyon most beautiful in T3, Antares in T4, Freedom in T5).


Unfortunately, I can not visualize my imagination, what this destroyer can be look.



Nightmare destroyer: alien destroyer, name: Dark Harvester…

Destroyer:  ‘Bulwark’ Class          



The objective of this class is to reinforce its allies whilst keeping itself protected. The class should have a shield resistance penalty (0 Kin| -40 EM| -10 Therm) since it’s modules focus on dispersing it’s shields in order to heal/protect allies from damage. In order to compensate for the penalty however, it should have a slightly increased shield capacity (10% over suppressor standard) and a slightly boosted hull resistance (10 points kin| 75 EM| 50 Therm) to allow the ship some form of survivability. For mobility, the ship should be slightly faster than a suppressor (114 w/o afterburners seems to be the standard) whilst retaining the extremely low strafe capability and slightly impeded rotation speed of the suppressor class.


Special module :  ‘Blockade’ Generator

When activated, the ship generates a field, increasing the shield resistance of allies and itself by 80 points and redirecting 50% of all incoming damage from allies to itself.


Module idea 1 : Repair swarm

Cooldown: 20 secs (one drone active min)

Damage upon destruction:  5000

Passive mode: Creates a repair drone which follows and repairs the host ship’s hull for 215 points/sec with a maximum of 5 drones active at once.

Active mode: (Duration: 40 secs, Energy: 1250)

Drones seek out damaged allies and heal their hull for 315 points/sec for the duration of the active cycle or until destroyed. Drones self destruct upon completion of the cycle.


Module idea 2: Flak turret

950 DPS -> 1000 DPS (explosive) mkIV

120 Fire rate

475 Damage (kinetic) -> 500 (kinetic explosive)

Energy cost: 950

Cooldown: 30 secs

Damage upon destruction: 7500

Turret fires upon enemy ships that come within 2500m of the host ship.  Active mode increases projectile speed by 2000ms and increases range by 1000m.


Module idea 3: Shield dispersion

Energy: 1250

Cooldown: 50 secs

Damage on destruction: 8500

Upon activation the ship’s shields are drained and given to allies within a 1500m radius. If no allies are in the area then the ships shield regeneration rate is increased by 300 points/sec.

(should leave 10% shield capacity upon completion)


Module idea 4: Adaptive hull

Energy: 900

Cooldown: 45 secs

Damage upon destruction: 10000

Increases the ship’s hull regeneration rate by 500 points/sec  and also increases hull resistance by 30 points.


Module Idea 5: Distortion field

Energy: 1500

Cooldown: 60 secs

Damage upon destruction: 15000

Upon activation the shield disperses it’s shields along the desired direction*, protecting itself and allies from incoming damage.


*direction should be determined by the position of the crosshairs rather than having the module using a turret


Secondary weapon idea: Attack swarm

Cooldown: 40 secs

Energy: 750

Durability (per drone): 1500

Damage (per drone) : 300 DPS

Launches a swarm of 7 drones to attack a target. If no target is found then the drones defend the host ship. 


IGN: DerpNukem


Quick note: I haven’t mentioned any weapons as this class would use the same weapons as suppressors.


Another slightly fast note: Please leave constructive feedback… please… I would like to know how crap I am at balancing.

Description :
Federation Destroyers “Chimera”, has lower HP stats than standard issued Federation Destroyers but has higher base speed. Chimera aimed as destroyer killer through mobility and DPS.


Synergy levels give:

  • Reduced CD of Suppressor modules

  • Increased rotation and speed

- Flame xxxx Thrower (xxxx physics, this is Star Conflict baby)
It is all in the name :slight_smile: - Short ranged local Hell creator, has a dead zone of 400m around the Destroyer -
 - Damaging portion appears at 400m onwards (Kinda similar to how Destructor beam looks on Guards)
 - Max range ~2500m
 - Fire rate 60 shots/min (but visually is a continuous flame)
 - Each tick of dmg applies 10 stacks of “burning”, maximum 100 stacks. It would take 5 seconds of continuous fire to apply all stacks, it would take ~2-3 seconds for all stacks to gradually expire after no more dmg from thrower is received.
 - Each burning stack does 1% of base dmg each second per second (with max stacks you effectively double the dps)
 - Gun has slow barrel effect and has a projectile speed to create “liquid” flame effect. 
Ship has a special Bonus to Static shields  (but same as other Feds 3x Deployable, cd reduction)

  • Each static shield active reduces Max range of the gun by 7%, but increases base dmg by 10%
  • Enemies passing through active static shields get slightly energy drained.
    Active Modules
     - “Katyusha” 

– Rocket launcher
– Every 6 seconds get 1 charge, maximum 10 charges
– Upon activation release all charges towards aim reticle
– Slow barrel effect
– Rockets are unguided
– All charges are released within 1 second span
– Rocket, upon impact does explosive dmg and applies 10x “Burn Baby Burn”(short “BBB”) stacks for 10 seconds. If target has “BBB” stacks, “Burn” stacks from Flamethrower will do Explosive dmg, and each “BBB” stack amplifies “Burn” dmg.
 - "Void"

 – type Aura

 – passive - increases lock time for all enemies in range by 50%

 – passive - reduces sensor range of all enemies in range by 50%

 – Active - focuses modules energy into a wide beam, all enemies hit by a beam (similar to Brokks drones) get “incoming healing reduced by 50%” debuff for 15 seconds.


 - "Void on steroids"

 – Creats a bubble centered at Chimera location at the moment of activation

 – All enemies within bubble have their sensors unlinked form their teammates outside of a bubble, they can only “sense/lock/w/e” at what is inside of bubble they still can see objects outside of a bubble

 – All enemies outside of a bubble lose their links to sensors of those who is inside it, visually looks like empty space - can not see friendlies, can not see enemies, just empty bubble (optionally remove visuals of maps as well - asteroids/structures/beacons )

 – Passing through the edge of a bubble applies “white noise” 

Carrier class Destroyer by JasanQuinn


The Carrier class is a support ship in the most literal sense. Lightly armed and relatively slow, it’s primary function is to provide support by acting as a mobile base. Being Destroyers, the Carrier can withstand significant damage, but it lacks the ability to reliably counter-attack and is therefore dependent on the rest of the fleet to survive. Used properly, a Carrier can help turn the tide of battle, overwhelming the foe with drone attacks and enabling rapid redeployment of strike craft.


Rank/Tier: The Carrier is intended as a Tier 5 ship.


Weapons: The Carrier uses Tier 4 / Tier 5 Destroyer weapons.


Turrets: 4. 




Attack Drones: Same as those used by the Engineer class, but with an eight drone magazine. A Carrier can control eight drones at once.


Special Module: Drone Bay. Instantly spawns six attack drones that orbit around the Carrier (range 500m). These drones last for 60 seconds or until destroyed. 120 second cooldown.


Active Modules:


Interdiction Beacon: Deploys an interactive (and destructible) beacon behind the Carrier. Any interceptor interacting with it is warped to the Carrier’s position. Only Interceptors can interact with the beacon. Beacon remains in place until destroyed or a new beacon is spawned. Beacon is destroyed if Carrier is killed.

Cooldown: 180/170/160/150/140


**[**b]Escort Fighter:[/b] Spawns an AI controlled fighter. Specific fighter varies by faction (Hercules for Empire, Lynx for Federation, Axe for Jericho). This fighter remains within 2,000m of the parent craft and attacks any enemy ship in range. It counts as a drone for synergy and victory conditions. 180 second cooldown

Fighter module quality matches the module quality on the ship (ie: Escort spawned from a Mk III module has Mk III weapons).


Sensor Tower: Increases sensor range by +50% /62.5%/75%/87.5%/100%.  Active effect: sends out a pulse that decloaks any cloaked ships in sensor range. Cooldown: 120 seconds.


Wormhole Generator: See Suppression Class Destroyer.


Repulsor Field: AoE attack that pushes all enemy ships directly away from the carrier for 1/1.2/1.4/1.6/1.8  seconds at a rate of 2 00m/225m/250m/275m/300m  per second. Cooldown: 100 seconds

Aries introduction

After analysis of battlefield data Federation ship builders have noticed a number of enemy destroyers enjoying the luxury of their large shield generators and thick hull plating assisting their allies at range in the rear of the battle. The builders have set to work and produced Aries (The Ram). A vessel capable of assisting allies closer to the front lines without redesign to the Federation’s superior engined ships capable of getting there.


Main Weapon

Repulse cannon

Low rate of fire weapon dealing pulses of thermal damage. Weapon has additional effect of ‘pushing’ targets away from the ship. Targets with higher velocities will have the less effect from repulsion however ships at a standstill will have trouble gaining forward momentum under fire.


Missile slot

Thanatos mine

Ejects a single large mine from underneath the ship. Deals heavy thermal damage. Mine independently tracks and slowly moves in the direction of enemy ships in range. Destroyable artefact does no damage if destroyed before detonation. Detonates when enemy ship enters trigger range or collides with environment, deals damage in radius.



Shield ignition

Creates a cloud that deals EM damage around the ship for a short period. Similar in effects to covops reactor overload module. Ship destruction under module effect creates more devastating explosion.


Shredder barrage

Rapid fire kinetic weapon. Fires high velocity explosive charges in an increasing cone over medium range. Small explosion radius and damage per hit, but very high rate of fire. Module fires at locked target or can be aimed manually without lock.


Synergy bonuses

Level 2

Rotation bonus 15%


Level 4

Controlling effects duration reduced by 20%

Maximum speed increased by 10%

Afterburner energy draw reduced by 20%


Level 8

Power of support class modules increased by 10%

Cooldown time of support class modules decreases by 15%

Energy drain of support class modules decreases by 25%


Thoughts on balance

Main weapon dealing common thermal damage is meant to offset the power of the additional effect in the same way as gravi beams or destructor.


Thanatos mine could do damage to launched destroyer and/or have activation time such as the EM torpedo, prevents use as anti covops plasma arc as mine would do higher explosive damage to destroyer than emergency barrier protected covops. Encourages its tactical use rather than missile spam. Also it being an artefact it would be susceptible to ECM system hack.


Shield ignition delivers EM damage for similar reasons and damages the ship as a drawback for having such a desirable self defence module. Also similar effect of covops reactor overload module with the possibility of hindering destroyers own team as they do on occasion. Increased damage comparable with destroyers larger health pool makes viable weapon for offence near beacons and as prevention of point blank attacks.


Shredder is a way to have high damage output to other large targets (Explosive) and a mild suppression weapon in one module, range would have to be kept limited else it could run the risk of being completely over powered or totally useless depending on damage output and spread. Increasing spread as it fires is also meant to both add to its utility and give smaller ships a chance to survive the barrage.


Synergy levels chosen to be in line with current Federation destroyer bonuses (lvl2), the closer ranges this destroyer is meant to get in and out of (lvl4) and general destroyer bonuses (lvl8).


Passive slot chosen upon manufacturing as others however the lack of synergy resist bonuses means players will be encouraged to focus less on the huge dps, tank and range builds and more on energy stability, speed and the effective use of closer range modules. There remains no one fix for all module layout.


Turret placement should be symmetrical up/down placement to allow this destroyer to interact better at closer range.


No info on actual damage, range or cooldown figures. Runs the risk of players focusing on the numbers rather than the ideas.


Enjoy. :005j:

User: CrisDK


Type: Destroyer

Role: Light Assault Corvette

Size: Larger than a frigate, but slightly smaller than the current Destroyers.


Hull: 65,000 pts.

Shield: 30,000 pts.

Speed: 160 m/s (~380 m/s with Full throttle active, and ~450 m/s with both Full Throttle and afterburners on.)

Strafe/Pitch: 20 deg.

Roll: 20 deg.

Acceleration: 30 m/s



The “Venus” was initially built as a Light Destroyer to counter the cartel and aid in fighting off alien attacks. As development went on, the Federal Military Assembly modified the intended role: A light and fast Corvette to chase down and outfight other destroyers, as well as duel smaller, faster ships. The “Venus” works very well at this, and under the right command can be an adversary to be wary of.


Large engines and a slim, streamlined shape define the “Venus”. Sloped, curved sides lead up to a blunt frontal plate… reinforced for ramming attacks against enemy ships.


Special Rules: 

Light Corvette: Main weapon Rate of Fire increased by 8%.


Aggressive_ Tactics: _Ramming damage to the “Venus” Reduced by 10% and ramming damage to enemies increased by 10%.


Overworked Reactor: Energy Drain from use of modules and afterburner increased by 5%.


Special Module: “Full Throttle”

When activated, the ship receives a 200% speed boost for 10 sec. Ramming enemies during the boost automatically disables shields of rammed foes. This is a powerful ability to use against heavily shielded enemies, such as Guards or other Destroyers.

* During the boost, the “Venus” has a damage debuff of 10%, and after the effect ends, the ship’s speed is reduced by 10% for 10 seconds.



All current Destroyer weapons can be used on the “Venus”.


Missile Slot:

Can use all current Destroyer missile slot abilities with the addition of a new one:

Close Combat Shielding: When activated, it increases the shield and hull resistance to damage by 20 pts. for 15 seconds. While active, it also deals light EM damage (350 pts. per second) in a 500m radius around the “Venus”.



All current Destroyer modules can be used on the “Venus”.


I like fast, maneuverable ships, and if tasked with designing a destroyer, my dream would be to make a lightly armored (for a destroyer) ship with above average mobility and some unique aggressive tactics to use with it!