Contest: "The perfect ship"

Each ship is unique, each pilot wants to build is “perfect ship”, which will help him to be efficient in each battle. But even the standard modifications can be used in many different ways.

We announce the startfor the contest: “The peferct ship”.

The competition is held in three nominations:

  1. Perfect Interceptor

  2. Perfect Attack Ship

  3. Perfect Frigate

Terms for the contest:

-How do you see the perfect ship and what is its role in the battle.

-Be sure to specify the ship upon which you are describing.

-Specify the modules and armament. For what purpose and for what purpose would you use it.

-What tactics do you recommend in the battle on this ship?

-What are the characteristics of the ship and which would you improve?

-The description should be creative, relevant and qualitative.

(The following description is given only as an example).

Nibelung 2: Interceptor from the Legion with a durable hull. Designed for long range warps and to ensure the safe arrival of the main force in any sector of space. Just as the individual squadrons of the GJF-30 “Nibelung 2” guard the Generals of the Empire in their flight and carry out cover to the personal fleet of Emperor

The contest will run from 19 to 30 November.

26 November - last day of posting your work.

We will announce the winners on November 30.

Rules for submitting works to the contest:

Each of you can submit no more than one description in each of the nominations.

The description must not exceed 2000 characters without spaces.

The text must be posted in this thread.

You can win in more than one nomination.


The author of the most interesting descriptions will receive 1500 Gold Standards.

The second place will earn 1000 Gold Standards.

The third place author will receive 500 standards.

It is time to tell the world about the perfection of your ship!


Most of my experiences with the ships have been with the Armada faction because that’s the faction that I’m on.

Therefore, my nominations will only be for the Armada faction.

My nomination for the Perfect Attack Ship is the Federation Armada’s Wolf-M.

Perhaps the Wolf-M’s best combat role is in “sapping”.

Sapping in Starconflict can be defined as the ability to lay down mines or bombs for the purposes of spearheading a break or otherwise disperse an enemy formation.

The Wolf-M’s most valuable ability is stealth cloaking, which is common across all Armada attack ships.

With the provided Large Missile Rack, the Wolf-M can carry a high damage weapon such as an EMP Torpedo, Tactical Nuclear Weapon or drop a Mine Field.

By combining both abilities, a “sapping” tactic may be employed- Engage your thrusters to full acceleration, and then launch your high damage weapon, then stealth out.

By resourcefully using “sapping” tactics, you may be able to keep your foes off balance and determine the outcome of a duel.

Below is the original artist’s art work for the Wolf-M ship:



My nomination for the Perfect Frigate is the Federation Armada’s Grizzly-M.

With four passive modules, you can max out either the shields or hull with resistance to thermal, EMP or kinetic damage and still have one passive module left over.

In such a configuration, the Grizzly-M is perhaps best suited for soaking damage due to its increased survivability and leading the front lines of an attack especially if it is equipped with support modules for shield or hull repair.

Besides taking cover behind rocks, no other tactics should be necessary with this ship with this configuration.

Below is the original artist’s art work for the Grizzly-M:



Nomination for Interceptor: Eagle-M

Federation Armada Interceptors has the special attack “Plasma Web” which slows the movement of an opponent while slowly damaging their ship. The Eagle-M offers the most modules and offers a competitive advantage.

May the successful battles of the Federation promote freedom and democracy!