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Don’t forget to focus on waves, not stages. 

Stage one: "Merceinaries, we have found the research center responsible for the ‘punisher prototypes’.  It is Heavily defended by automated turrets. We must take them off-line. Destroy structure objective, Make it a moderate amount of enemy ships but not too easy (mostly intercepters and mediums). 


Stage two: Long rang scan show an over-whelming armada respondind to the enimies distress call. We need to capture their guns.  Capture contorl points, mostly medium and frigiate sized ships.


Stage Three: Punishers Incoming, We NEED those turrets.  (Add all ships from stage one and two, 2 waves) place a TON of the buildable turrets around the map and go lite on the hidey-hole places people use to hide, asteroids should be the main obstacle for evasion. Wave Three is 3-5 punishers with very few escorts. If the players take stage three slow and build instead of blast the enimie the turrets should be able to kill or severly wound the punishers, if players kill wave 1 and 2 quickly they WILL die.


I hope it will teach players to use chat in battle for strategy and the Teir 5 players will have fun abusing the punishers.

In this mission you will need unichtojiti giant dreadnought(more than 10 times for the dreadnought) and to protect their dreadnoughts(6 of them).But it will be difficult because he is armed with a powerful arogyam(turere,Torpey,dividers,missiles,etc.) In PvE missions should be more than 100 people to complete this mission and to last more than 1 hour.Every 30 min. reinforcement(3 dreadnought and players,the recovery of all ships)the enemy will be secret,T5,T4 at the maximum high level and Bolshoy damage.Will be 30 snipers.The dreadnought is a shield every 10 minutes will be the weakness of the core,generating units,the other shield generator)
When the players passed by Mysia they get GS,100 000 synergy,1 000 000

Mendes family has produced a new type of construcatble turret, this small package can be picked up like an EM bomb, and transported to any of several constuction pads within a sector by a mercenary ship. These new turrets have proven to be very handy in rapidly setting up defence for sectors without the need for a large fleet of military vessels to be present.


The setup of the game works similar to defence contract, where players must defend from several waves of enemies, with a 2 minute break between each wave, allowing to deploy more turrets as waves increase in number and strength. Much like building the turrets in round three of “Operation Crimson Haze,” players have a short period to pick up the turret packages from near the spawn point in the first wave, and after that at a central location where more turrets are sent from the main headquarters. Then place them on the pre-positioned pads in the sector to build turrets of different types, for attacking different kinds of ships. Then the mercenaries and their turrets will have to defend the sector from enemies. The sector “Outpost” in Jericho space could be used for this. For different types of turrets there could be: 

Sentinel. A turret meant to combat weaker ships, works like a pulsar with a longer range.

Missile Turret: A standard anti-frigate missile launcher.

Light Turret: A well rounded Multipurpose turret, the equivalent of captured turrets in “Captured Dreadnought” PvE mission. 

Heavy Turret: Long range, high accuracy, but medium damage and lower rate of fire. Similar to an Empire disentegrator, but less damage.

These turrets are automated, while mercenaries’ jobs are to construct them and provide additional defence throughout the sector. The success of the mission will depend on which turrets are placed in which areas, since the number of attackers is too many in the later waves for the mercenaries alone to defend. Teamwork will be key. 

Example Name: " Homefront "

Game Mode: PvE

Mission Type: Defense against Waves

Mission Location: Sector “Guardian 17” (see notes)

Ship faction(s) allowed: All




" With the Imperial forces and the aliens in a stalemate, these “Biomorphs” have decided to make a move to break the deadlock. Using unknown warp-jump technology, they are directly attacking the Empire’s primary outpost; ‘Guardian 17’! With our regular forces held up, it is all up to the Mercs to defend our forward base. Ironically, these looked-down-upon mercenaries could now be the saving factor for the Empire. Everything depends on you! "

The Devil Dogs have been loosed . . .


Wave 1: “Scouting Party”  (8 Scouts)

Wave 2: “Alien Swarm”     (20 Regular Biomorphs, possibly some Scouts [up to 5])

Wave 3: “Main Force”       (10 Regular Biomorphs, 2-3 Regular Hunters [no elites])

Wave 4: “Heavy Hitters”   (10 Regular Biomorphs, 2 Predators)

Wave 5: “Last Effort”        (10 Regular Biomorphs, 5 Scouts, at the end 1 Elite Hunter)


Players fail if they all die before the end of the 5th wave.


Note(s) to Developers:


The initial idea was to have the players vs. aliens, but if the developers want to make this scenario more difficult, the station “Guardian 17” can have a shield. If this shield goes down, the station is considered lost and the players fail.


Being just an idea, the number and type of enemies in this mission can be changed for difficulty/balancing reasons. This is up to the Mission Developers to decide.


While this scenario is Empire-oriented, this can be changed to any of the other factions if the Developers wish. The map used can be changed to another faction’s station if necessary. 


In the description, all references to the Empire faction can be changed to either of the other factions if wanted.


AI allies, such as Imperial Guardsmen, can be added for balancing reasons.


Submitted by player: Rangertre

Name: Self-Defence

Place : Imperial docking station


1: “Mercenaries! Our station has been attacked! Pirates are trying to destroy station’s shield generators. Do not let them to destroy them, or Empire will be lost!”. 

      4 generators. Every of them placed in diffirent side of station. You need to prevent pirates (3 waves: w1=10 pirates. w2= 10 pirates on each generator. w3: 30 pirates at the front of station and 5 stronger enemies on backs. You CAN’T lose more than 2 generators.


2: “Unbelievable! Prepare for greater battle! We located few Pirate Cruisers going right on us! Take care of them!”

4 Cruisers. 1 on west 1 on north 1 on south and one on east. They are far from the station and they are flying slowly. In this stage you need to destroy every of them. (They aint so tough as in Defence contract, but when you are close to them they regulary spawns small amount of pirate interceptors every 20 sec.


3: “Mercenaries, Im afraid you have to fight one more time. Our scanners shows massive energy wave incoming. This can be some kind of alien weapon. Defend our station till we set  repulsor blast.”

 At this stage visibility is limited. Strange fog drains energy from ships. You need to defend station for 3 minutes from incoming alien forces. When you successfuly defend station for 3 minutes, Fog dissapears.

(Open for me to edit until the deadline)


T4-T5 PVE Mission


Name: Cyber Dreadnought Assault.

Location: undisclosed Cyber base.


Main Objective: The Cybers have created their own dreadnoughts using Biomorph Technology, and they are amassing for war upon the factions. 

Beware, for the Biomorphs have been spotted in the area, and they seem to have bulked up the cyber station’s defenses with their own fleet, alongside a Defiler, and one Destroyer,

they fight alongside the first cyber dreadnought!

Your job is to disable the other Cyber dreadnoughts before they have the chance to leave their docks.  



To start out, there should be radio chatter where the pilots are able to listen to what the main fleet is going through; if they’re taking heavy damage, I want to hear that distress. Of course, if we lose, their utter demise must be recorded; because, we failed to hold back enemy reinforcements. 


Start - (The whole mission is continuous, and does not have rounds.) 


4 mercenaries warp in, as contracted, to a key front where they are to break the enemy, while the three Dreadnoughts, one from each faction, and the main force, attack a much larger fleet, a Defiler, one destroyer, and the first Cyber Dreadnought in existence. There will also be smaller ships, but those can be signified by multitudes of small explosions in-between the Behemoths at war.

(Can be background, or a recorded video, but the state that your fleet is in will depend on how well your team keeps up with the mission, for instance, if the enemy pushes out even one more Cyber Dreadnought, your fleet will have a much harder time, and will show that damage is being taken heavily, and it’ll show the extra Cyber Dreadnought/s that have joined the battle in the background.)


Phase 1  your mission is to fight off the attacking Cybers, who the Biomorphs have taken sides with to defend the cyber’s dreadnoughts, in this battle. 50 cyber ships in the first round, 75 cyber ships in the second, and 30 ships in the third. The Third wave will have 3 hunters and one predator who will jump in mid-way. while the rest of the 30 enemy ships are cyber frigates and base biomorphs.

The Cybers themselves will have a good amount of damage in their guns, as will the biomorphs. 


Once they are dead, phase 2 of the waves begins.


Phase 2 - 


In Phase two, you will be joined by a small squadron of four Empire Gunships. They are Rigged to the brim with torpedoes or some kind of destructive devices, thus they are slow and lack thrusters. 

Their Objective is to destroy, or disable, the two remaining docked Cyber Dreadnoughts. Your Objective is to defend their route. If they all die, the dreadnoughts will escape towards the main battlefield, and the mission will be lost, the main fleet destroyed. If one Gunship is destroyed, they will destroy one dreadnought, and disable the other. If two are destroyed, they will disable both dreadnoughts, however, if 3 are destroyed, you will only be able to disable one Cyber Dreadnought, and one dreadnought will escape to the main battlefield, and the main fleet will sustain heavy damage. If all four are destroyed, then the mission will be lost, the main fleet destroyed. 


Phase 3 -

In phase three, you have succeeded in disabling, or destroying, at least one of the Cyber Dreadnoughts, but the battle does not end here.


Wave one: You must now defend yourselves against Cybers and Biomorphs who are trying to take back their station, so they can retain their ability to quickly recreate the dreadnoughts once more.

The first wave of Cybers and Biomorphs number 100 strong, however, a good number of them are damaged, as they are coming from the main battle-field.


Wave two: This round holds four predators, a Cyber frigate mini-boss, alongside 10 interceptors that spawn two at-a-time as the mini-boss is damaged. (15 ships total)


Wave three is the final wave, and from here, you can see that the decreased amount of enemy ships in the main fleet’s battle has left your main fleet with an advantage, and they have destroyed the Defiler, and crippled the destroyer, while the three damaged dreadnoughts fire their main rounds to finish off the destroyer, and begin to push their rounds to take down the damaged Cyber Dreadnought. (or the two damaged cyber dreadnoughts, if you failed to stop one of them from going into battle, in which case one of the friendly dreadnoughts may be evacuated from severe damage near the end, though the one to be evacuated can be random.) 

wave 3: The Biomorph boss ship and a stronger Cyber-Boss appear both at once. Both are equipped with large weaponry that fires quickly but with slow enough projectile speed for one to dodge.

Each shot must hurt, a lot. Alongside them, five Biomorph interceptors will jump in when the Biomorph-boss’ hull reaches 50% integrity, and ten Cyber

Interceptors will jump in when the Cyber-boss’ hull reaches 75% Integrity. 


I don’t mind if the Cyber dreadnought is destroyed at the end, but I would ask whether or not it can be captured and studied or if it can escape at the end of the mission to wreak havoc another day.

I am submitting this under the assumption that special operations still qualify as PvE.


New PvE Mission: Day of Reckoning


Classification: Special Operation


Rank Availability: 13-15


Player Count: 12 (or maybe 16 if a max wing-size increase could be implemented for this)


Time Limit: 45 Minutes


Backstory: Your wing is escorting a dreadnought to a shipyard for repairs (presumably after a battle with another dreadnought), when you are sucked through an alien rift and pulled out into the alien space known as Leviathan (this is where the mission will start). Being pulled out of jump will cause major damage to the jump drive system, preventing the dreadnought for leaving for some time. With a critically damaged dreadnought and Defilers and Destroyers approaching, you must defend your dreadnought until it can repair its jump drive.


Phase 1: Fend off attackers


Phase 1 will consist of 3 waves of aliens. Wave 1 will be primarily Scouts and Biomorphs with 2 Hunters at the end of the wave (total of 36 aliens). Wave 2 will be an increased number of Hunters with Biomorphs and Scouts, with 2 Predators at the end (total of 42 aliens). Wave 3 will be an all-out assault of Predators, Hunters, Biomorphs, Scouts, and 2 Elite Predators to mark the end of the phase and wave (total of 48 aliens). The dreadnought’s secondary guns will be operational, but major calibers will be offline.


Phase 2: Disable Alien Inverters


3 Alien Inverters will be located, and must be destroyed. Similar to the first phase of Crimson Haze, the second and third are shielded, and cannot fire or take damage until the preceding one is destroyed. The inverters will function the same as in the Defiler Special Operation. While attempting to destroy these, Hunters and Predators (both elite and normal) will be spawning in to attempt to stop you. Hunters and Predators will spawn in groups of 4: 3 normal, 1 elite.


Phase 3: Final Stand


2 Defilers and a Destroyer will spawn and you must stop them (neither one will ever be able to put up a shield, however the Destroyer will still launch torpedos every few minutes). Each Defiler and the Destroyer will have a tractor beam holding the Dreadnought in the sector, destroying the three tractor beams will result in a victory. The Dreadnought will have repaired its jump drive by this phase, but be unable to leave because of the Defilers and Destroyers tractor beams. Each tractor beam will be extremely difficult to destroy, requiring multiple shields/objects to be destroyed in order to reach them. At this phase, the Dreadnought’s major calibers will have become operational, and same with the bomb rack. The major calibers will randomly target one of the enemies and fire at the same interval as in Dreadnought battles. Bombs can be carried from the dreadnought and dropped (like in the Destroyer mission) at an enemy resulting in tremendous damage (bombs will only spawn once every 2 minutes). Dreadnought will have a health-bar, which, when depleted, will result in the dreadnought being destroyed and the mission failed.


Rewards for completion:


4 purple loot spots + 6 white looting attempts


Credits earned should be around 1 million without premium, and around 1.5 million with premium, to account for the difficulty of the mission.

Post removed, will submit a new one. Original idea can be found here.

PvE mission title = Operation Firewall


 - Back Story - The imperials have been trying to retrieve useful dreadnought parts from the Dreadnought Debris sector. While doing this the imperials have lost contact with the cargo ships during their warp to Ontregos Pass. We believe that this involves the aliens somehow. A four man squad is sent to investigate Ontregos Pass to find out what has happened to the transport ships.


 - Tiers = 4-9 and 10-15


 - MAP = Wastes and Otherworld


-Stage One-

Spawn Location


-Wave 1-

 - When you spawn, three portals will open 10,000m in front of the players, each spawning 4 Biomorphs and 1 Hunter. this totals at 12 Biomorphs and 3 Hunters.

 - before the portals spawn, you will be greeted with static, the speech being “Alien Signatures located, get re- Static -be attacked. we are break- Static - you will have- Static -on your own.”

 - as portals spawn, a red warning announcing “alien signatures detected” will flash on the screen


-Wave 2-

 - Two portals will open in the gaps between the three original portals each spawning 3 Scouts and 1 Elite hunter, totaling at 6 Scouts and 2 Elite Hunters

 - as portals spawn, a red warning announcing “alien signatures detected” will flash on the screen

 - When the drones of the elite hunter get within 500m radius of a player, they will detonate, causing 1000ish thermal damage to all enemies within 700m


-Wave 3-

 - One portal will open, between the two portals from wave two, spawning an enlarged Purple predator by the name of the Inhibitor, the stats of the Inhibitor will be displayed at the bottom of this stage.

 - as the portal spawns, a red warning announcing “alien signatures detected” will flash on the screen

 - the health bar of the Inhibitor will be displayed at the top like a spec ops mission

 - no warps can be used within 10,000m range of the Inhibitor, warp gate, reverse thruster and microwarp will be locked until out of range

 - when the health bar of the Inhibitor reaches 50%, the inhibitor will warp out with the players and the stage will end


Inhibitor Stats

 Predator Hull and shield strength x2

 Main Weapon = Beams with energy sapping effects but double the damage of beam cannons, beam is colored green. 5000m range and an overheat/cooldown of 15/2. Inhibitor has the same amount or main  weapons as a fighter (4)

 hull and shield point resist = 60 Kinetic, 30 Thermal and 0 EM resist points.

 Moves at a speed of 250m/s

 has an IR pulsar, Missile Shield, Orion Targeting Complex and Inhibitor Beam, special module is combat drones

 occasionally fires off a twin shot firestorm (fires 2 rounds of firestorm missiles at once)


Stage Buffs

+5% damage increase

+20 points of hull and shield regen



-Stage 2-

Spawn Location


 - You will spawn facing the matter inverter

 - inside the matter inverter the Inhibitor will be slowly regenerating

 - 3000m around the mass inverter in the shape of a square will be 4 quarter sized mass inverted called Regenerators

 - every 5 seconds the Regenerators will pulsar the Mass Inverter but will deal no damage

 - if a player is struck by the beam, it will deal 50,000 white damage over a set time of 10 seconds

 - if an alien is struck by the beam, it will fully heal their hull and shields over a set time of 10 seconds

 - the Inhibitor is immune to damage and cant use actives or weapons or move

 - the longer the time the players take to complete the stage, the more the Inhibitor will regenerate.

 - waves of aliens spawn every 1 minute and 30 seconds

 - each wave consists of 5 Biomorphs and 3 Hunters



 - kill all 4 Regenerators, each regenerator kill will slow the regeneration of the Inhibitor, the regenerator stats will be at the bottom of the stage

 - waves of Biomorphs and Hunters will spawn on regular occasions every 1 minute and 30 seconds. you need to kill these so they don’t kill you

 - When the regenerators are killed, the Inhibitor and players will warp back to Wastes.


Regenerator Stats

 - 100,000 Hull strength

 - 60 Kinetic Resist, 30 Thermal Resist, 0 EM reists

 - Four regenerators alive = Inhibitor health increase by 1% every 10 sec

 - Three regenerators alive = inhibitor health increase by 1% every 15 sec

 - Two regenerators alive = inhibitor health increase by 1% every 20 sec

 - One  regenerator alive = inhibitor health increase by 1% every 30 sec


Stage Buffs

+5% damage increase

+20 points of hull and shield regen



-Stage 3-

Spawn Location


 - the players will spawn 7000m away from the Inhibitor.

 - the Inhibitor will have the health that he regened to in stage 2.

 - when the inhibitor drops to a multiple of ten (10, 20, 30 ect) it will create an emergency shield (color = green) mmaking it immune and will fire off 4 purple flux phaser shots which aim at a random player dealing 10,000 EM damage on hit.

 - when the Inhibitor reaches 5% hull strength it will go into permanent overdrive with aiming overcharge every 30 sec for 10 sec.

 - when the Inhibitor is killed it will explode dealing 10,000 Thermal damage to all ships within 1,500m range.


Stage Buffs

+5% damage increase

+20 points of hull and shield regen



IGN - FxDraco

Guardian-17 Defence





While the Empires military starting a big attack on the Destroyer, the new Pirate Baron is taking his chance and ordered a big attack on the Guardian-17 Station. Currently only a few Military Police ships are stationed at Guardian so mainly mercenaries have to defend the station against the new threat. An empire-spy(insider) in the pirate rows warned the military police, that something big will attack the station. The Guardian station hasn’t been prepared for an attack like this, so the mercenaries have to construct turrets on the stations hull.



The main target is to survive the 4 waves and construct turrets on the station. The turrets will deal the main damage to the Boss approaching after 10 minutes. So the players have just limited time to construct these turrets. The game ends after about 20 minutes if the station takes too much damage.

The players have to act fast to get not overrun by enemy ships and construct as many turrets as possible in limited time.


First wave: Spawns immediately

Multiple squads of interceptors and fighters focusing on the players and the military police


Second wave: Spawns after 2 minutes

Multiple squads of interceptors and heavy frigates. Interceptors are equipped with ECM-Modules. Frigates are equipped with heavy weapons.


Third wave: Spawns after 4 minutes

A huge mix of different ship classes like Recons to keep Tacklers uncloaked and Tacklers with Gravi-Beams to slow Interceptors down.


Fourth wave: Spawns after 7 minutes

4-6 sniper squads focusing the turrets to make the path free for the pirate baron. The sniper squads contains 2 low health disintegrator ships and 4 interceptors for their protection and one guard frigate with anti-missile-laser.

These squads have to spawn in a cycle around the guardian station to increase to difficult and give the snipers the chance to destroy the turrets.


Boss wave: Spawns after 10 minutes

Boss is protected by some strong frigates equipped with pulsar, anti-missile-laser and slowing field. The frigates are focusing on turrets and defend them self with pulsar.




  • Have low fire rate but deal high damage
  • Just aim and shoot on the boss
  • Are placed on the ring of the Guardian-Station
  • Can be destroyed by the pirate ships
  • Can be repaired/reconstructed

Military police:

  • Medium health
  • About 4 squad of 4 ships
  • Focus on enemy ships
  • Should not survive all waves
  • Should send help requests to make a dramatic atmosphere like in open space

Pirate baron:

  • Is the boss spawning after 10 minutes
  • Size should be like the ‘Defence Contract’-Boss
  • Have a weapon-broadside like a pirate ship
  • 50% of the weapon-broadside cannot be destroyed
  • Flies in a cycle around the guardian-station and fires on it
  • Have multiple defence turrets(rocket, singularity and gun turrets) to defend itself against the players
  • Defence turrets can be destroyed
  • Defence turrets are firing on the station if the players are hiding out of range or behind objects
  • Receives like no direct damage by players
  • Receives main damage by the constructed turrets
  • Receives low damage by destroying parts (turrets, engine, broadside, shield-generator)
  • Have a shield-generator that absorbs 80% of the turrets damage
  • The shield generator have to be destroyed to have success

Here’s mine:


T3-T5 PvE Mission


Name: Operation Overseer

Location: Uncharted Space (Mostly empty, void space)


Main Objective: Protect the Carrier against incoming waves of enemy pirates.


Description: An unescorted Imperial Carrier is making a daring run across uncharted sectors in a desperate attempt to return to friendly space. Mercenaries, you have been tasked with defending the Carrier against any potential threats.


Lore backstory: Heavily damaged after an intensive battle with alien forces, an Imperial Fleet Carrier is detached from the main fleet so that it may return to home for repairs. However, as it closes the last stretch that remains between it and safety, the stricken warship runs into a pirate fleet, alone and without escorts. As its distress signals ring out into the depths of space, you and three other mercenaries rush to the scene just in time for the assault…



Mercenaries spawn together above the deck of the Carrier, which can be either a modified dreadnought or an entirely different ship altogether. The Carrier will be the main focus of the map; players must shoot down incoming enemies before they are able to overwhelm the Carrier’s defences.


To begin with, the Carrier is a large, dreadnought-sized ship that acts similarly to the Cruiser boss of the current Defence Contract map; however, it’s on the side of the Mercenaries instead. It is not nearly as well armed as the Cruiser, having Flak Turrets in place of the much more powerful EM cannons onboard the Cruiser. However, true to its nature, the Carrier will spawn in friendly units; starting with weak interceptors like the Dvegr series, and gradually becoming more powerful as the game progresses. These AI allies are not meant to take the brunt of the attack; they simply act as cannon fodder to draw away enemy fire and to pick off loner ships. Should an AI kill an enemy, the kill reward is given to whoever did the most damage beforehand. 

Allied units are spawned in every 10 seconds in groups of 5.


The Carrier has a set amount of hitpoints, similarly to the Cruiser. Once its turrets are shot off, however, they do not automatically regenerate; it is up to players to reconstruct them, similarly to those in the Crimson Haze operation.


Now, for the fun part:


Wave 1:  A initial scouting party consisting of a few Kite-Es (or other interceptors) warp in from all sides, closing in on the Carrier. The Mercs and the Carrier will likely be able to make short work of them. 


Wave 2:  Enemy forces begin to warp in following the scouting party’s find. Only expecting an undefended Carrier with little to no support, the group is poorly equipped to deal with fast moving targets like the mercenaries. Leading the charge are 3 (Heavily weakened) Maulers that hurl rockets against the Carrier without trying to engage mercenaries. Along with them are a 20-strong group of assorted pirate fighters armed with Gauss cannons.


Wave 3:  Soonafter, the pirates respond by sending huge waves of fighters and interceptors against the mercenaries in an attempt to wipe them out using sheer numbers. Sharks, Grims and Jokers warp in, wielding assault railguns and beam weapons. The flagship of this wave is a pirate Phoenix engineering frigate, which uses repair and shield abilities every 15 seconds to keep the other ships in the fight longer. 


Wave 4:  Standard 30-strong wave of various pirate fighters and interceptors. Led by a Lance S armed with Flux Phasers.


Wave 5:  Fed up and frustrated with their futile efforts, the pirates begin sending in the heavier ships. About 20-30 Zealots of all variants (AE, Neuron and original) begin their assault with powerful heavy blasters and beam weapons. This is when the Carrier’s blueprint systems begin to reboot, mixing in a few Deimos and Neutron fighters in replacement of the earlier interceptors. The frigates are led by none other than a Patriach, which uses positron cannons.


Wave 6:  That’s it. Valuable Razor-type tacklers begin to spawn in, cloaking and decloaking at set intervals to throw off the aim of players. As the mercenaries are preoccupied with the 12 Razors, 6 Templars begin bombarding the carrier from afar.


Wave 7:  Standard 40-strong wave of fighters. Led by a Flamberge armed with a rapid fire rocket launcher.



Final Wave:

The leader of the local pirates decides to take matters into his own hands and comes in with none other than another capital ship, a cruiser. The Carrier’s blueprint systems fully reboot and begin producing Phobos and Prometheus fighters to match the pirate gang’s massive force of fighters. Coming with this final wave is a group of 16 modified Nodachis, each with the core set to overload and packed to the brim with explosives, beelining for the Carrier. Each Nodachi that impacts will do away a whopping 10% of the Carrier’s health, but fortunately once their shields are disabled even the slightest provocation will detonate them.

Once the cruiser is destroyed, the pirate leader ejects and flees in a Nyx. Players are given a 1 minute grace period where they can try to shoot him down for a massive score reward. Failing to do so will not have any effect on the outcome of the game.


Waves 2, 5, 7 and 8 spawn directly in front of the Carrier.

Waves 3 and 4 spawn in a 180 degrees arc in front of the Carrier.

Waves 1 and 6 spawn all around the Carrier.




Of course, numbers and ships will have to be thoroughly balanced first.

how about… [that](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/26768-new-pve-map-ceres/)


IGN: Pr0ximity

I have an idea… that  I’ve been wanting to play for a while

PvP Scenario


Location: Planetary Ring/Ice Field with very fine debris and 300m visibility inside the ring’s plane, with good visibility above and below the ring.


Main Objective: Protect your Convoy/ Destroy the Convoy


Description: 4 player Friendly Force (FFor) Player and his or her escorts try to make it from high orbit to low orbit through Saturn like planetary ring area with sensor scrambling debris and interference against 4 player Opposition Force (OpFor) trying to prevent Friendlies from reaching destination. In between these forces are random waves of enemies patrolling this obvious route. The biggest advantage and challenge is that both sides are effectively blinded by interference, so vision and weapons sensors are reduced to 300m. Navigation will required you to periodically climb out of the ring where you are visible to everyone. In the ‘soup’ both sides will have to feel around for each other, as well as avoid the repeated patrolls by enmeies like Cybers or Biomorphs.


Successive waves of Cybers or Biomorphs will use progressively bigger ships as they zero in on your locations.


This scenario was huge fun when we used to play Star Fleet battles about 30 years ago. In the scenario Romulan Warbirds used an asteroid field for shelter and came out to challenge passing Gorn ships.



Mission Title:  Biohazard


Technical Ranks: 4-9 and 10-15


Maximum Pilots: 4 pilots.


Location: Quarantine Station, and Dar Sai Moon (not in lore, but can be added) in the Scheat system or Victrix system (Victrix III) - Victrix is in the lore, nobody knows where it is though and it isnt on any maps yet-  in Imperial Fringe Space. Pilots will be granted access to these sectors by the Empire after the vaccine was created (added to open space map). OR at Proving Ground “Nova-31” if it isnt already being used for something, and the moon in the background. 


Lore Accurate!

Lore Used: 

  Start of Iridium Fever

After the incident in the Precursor Sector, ore deposits of Iridium are discovered across the galaxy. Abnormal material actively responds to the returned signal. Quite quickly it becomes clear that this is the key to a new technological era. The main use of Iridium — as fuel in ship reactors and high power artillery systems. Unfortunately, ore processing technology is very complex and costly.

The relationship between all sides of conflict, despite a fragile peace is heating up again and results in  a series of local conflicts. But a full-scale war status is never reached. Naturally, none of the three factions are ready to share their valuable ore deposits. Stocks are extremely limited and with the pace of production, there’s barely enough resources for the needs of fleets and industries. However, pure Iridium can always be found in Precursor artifacts…

Iridium Fever gives impetus to the development of technologies that expand the boundaries and help study remote sectors. Some corporations purchase not-too-promising mines and, with their unique know-how, there start actively producing Iridium.

Fringe sectors, previously considered hopeless, get a new development boost. During this period, there is a large number of small colonies and Iridium mining stations. Soon there is an outbreak of an unknown virus. However, authorities are able to hush up the incident.

One of the most important discoveries of this time is the new space scanning system. While studying a Precursor artifact one of the Federation corporations finds the secret of a location with the anomalous emission. The head of the project claims that the artifact was specifically created by Precursors to find the signal. The technology is copied and reproduced. And while this discovery causes heated debate in the scientific and theological communities, specialized navigational beacons appear on the black market. With their help, the Precursor civilization ruins are discovered at different points of the galaxy. Among the mercenaries and free captains, under the auspices of corporations begins the hunt for artifacts. Most often, they are simply melted into Iridium. This practice becomes very common, though perceived by the general public as barbaric.

  The death of the Liu family, Jericho

After an exploratory mission, an epidemic breaks out on the family fortress vessel of the Liu family of Jericho. An unknown virus is spreading with great speed. Soon the ship is taken under military quarantine. Nothing helps fight the disease. More than half of the ship’s population is infected by the third day. Few reports are leaked, speaking of terrible things: madness, mutations and even cannibalism. To prevent the spread of the virus, Family Council decides to destroy the ship, along with all the people. Many of Jericho are sure that Liu-virus is closely related to Precursors.


The first attacked sectors

Due to the portal storm, many trade and military routes are interrupted, some have to be re-plotted ‘the old fashioned way’ — from system to system. Pirates are getting more active everywhere, as well as the Cartel. Cybers appear in Jericho sectors — the dregs of society, fallen into dependence on cyber implants. Who or what provides them with warships is still unknown.

Local outbreaks of Liu virus are detected across the galaxy. Some planets are under quarantine. At the same time, the so-called biomorphs start their attacks. At the very beginning they are  mistaken for Aliens. But then it becomes clear that they use reshaped human ships. They mutated under the influence of Liu virus. They appear on the battlefield suddenly and act like wild animals — hunting prey in packs. Any attempt to contact them are futile. Among scientists there are theories about their mode of communication. Many are inclined to believe that biomorphs have something akin to a swarm intelligence.

The way biomorphs travel is still not well understood. It is not clear how they manage to open portals in space without warp gates. Sometimes they attack Iridium mines or caravans. And sometimes they appear in sectors without any apparent purpose.


The appearance of Crystallids. Warden laboratory destruction

Soon Crystallids join Biomorph attacks. They are called this way because of visual similarity of their ships with crystals. After the first clashes, an Elite Warden Squad manages to capture one of the ships. To everyone’s surprise, it turns out that it has no crew.

The captured ship is delivered to a secret laboratory for research. A few days later, it activates and establishes some sort of contact with the scientists. It becomes clear that Crystallids are ships that somehow became sentient. Crystallids manage to connect to the internal network of the lab, and then establish connection with several military factories of the Empire. Only with the help of a miracle, and self-destruction of the laboratories the link is interrupted.


Trilateral memorandum on Quarantine Zones

More than a dozen systems show traces of the Precursors. Liu virus rages across the galaxy. Frequent Alien attacks become the norm. Practice shows that Aliens are extremely territorial and reduce their activity if ‘left alone’. More and more worlds are quarantined by one faction or another.

Following the tragic events of the previous years, diplomats of the three sides of conflict gather to discuss important issues of Aliens? During the lengthy negotiations, they agree to sign a Memorandum on quarantine. According to the document, quarantined systems are completely blocked for flights. Each faction agrees not violate quarantine set by others.

Nothing else is achieved — the sides still do not trust each other and are not ready to unite even in the face of a common enemy.

In spite of the agreement on the Memorandum, everyone is interested in getting valuable resources, artifacts and data. Soon corporations and mercenaries allow flights inside the quarantine. Free captains hunt for Aliens and Precursor artifacts.


The war with Aliens and a major technological leap

The study of Crystallids and Biomorphs yields first results. New technologies appear, mainly in the military department. The greatest success in the study of Aliens is achieved by Jericho.

Empire, on the contrary, after the tragedy in the Warden laboratory, imposes a moratorium on the use of Alien technologies. Policies regarding the Precursor artifacts are clear: destroy and melt. Empire focuses on its own tech progress. Science budgets are inflated to astronomical values. But soon they prove their worth — new Empire developments are in no way inferior to Alien weapons.

Federation, as usual trying to balance between the two extremes, uses the technology of both parties and also pushes its own research.

Despite the fragile peace between the sides of conflict, a hidden arms race begins. Frequent minor military skirmishes blow up across the galaxy.

Aliens also increase their activity. More and more, they venture outside the quarantine areas. There are new types of Crystallids — larger and more dangerous than the previous ones.  There is a theory that Aliens are attracted by ridium, and therefore any sufficiently large storage of this ore, whether a transport or a research laboratory may be under threat. There are few who doubt that humanity is on the brink of the largest war in history.

Rumors persist about the return of Revenants. After many centuries cultists are out of the shadows, but their motives are not yet clear. It is believed that the Revenants worship Precursors. Many claim that the cultists were behind the Cyber attacks.

  The beginning of a full-scale invasion

Alien attacks start in all worlds. Crystallid offensive fleets lead the charge. The first blow that landed on the outskirts, was only a combat reconnaissance. Soon after, attacks begin in the inner worlds as well. Some systems are destroyed, others are fiercely fighting. Civilians flee the attacked worlds in horror. Refugees tell of anomalies, huge alien ships and their deadly weapons.

Cybers activate their beacons attracting Aliens in various sectors. In addition, they open portals into their own worlds. There is no doubt, Cybers fight on the Alien side.

Meanwhile, from the inner worlds there are reports of increasing Revenant cult activity. There are rumours of appearances of Bake-kujira, ‘Ghost Whale’ — the Revenant flagship. Incredibly huge ship appears out of nowhere and attacks allegedly random targets, then just instantly disappears into nowhere.

Revenants openly attack a number of planets. They organize terrorist acts. Their appearance leads to Liu virus outbreaks. When the epidemic becomes uncontrollable, Biomorphs form a swarm around the planet. Soon the planets themselves literally come to life and go out of their orbits. The nature of this phenomenon is not yet known, but scientists call these animated planets ‘Bions’.

Because of these attacks and disasters, the fleets have to be spread out, which greatly reduces their effectiveness. Portal storm has dissipated, but it’s still difficult to shift significant forces over long distances. Some systems are completely cut off from the rest of the world. Comms are also broken, and no one knows what is happening there.

Facitons start using the services of corporations and mercenaries to defend their territories from Aliens. States remove the moratorium on the construction and operation of large warships by individuals. First corporate dreadnoughts appear.

  Jericho isolation and Mendes family demarche

The war caught Jericho off guard. Its huge fleet was ready to directly attack the Aliens. But first isolated attacks inflicted significant damage to infrastructure and logistics. Iridium mines and several key shipyards were lost.

Family Council decides to go into deep defense. Because of this they have to interrupt almost all contact with the outside world. Only small fleets continue to patrol the borders.

Fearing betrayal by the Federation, Family Council transmits all trade contracts to private corporations.

Weeks later a scandal shakes the highest circles of Jericho. Details are unknown to the general public. One thing is clear — Mendes family is in the center of the scandal. The same day, Mendes leave Bartle sector with all their fleet.

Mendes openly declare that they are no longer going to carry out any of the arrangements of those signed with the Council, including peace treaties and quarantine memorandum. They say their sacred duty is to destroy the Revenants. According to them, the cult perverted Bartle’s doctrine and is a threat to all humanity.

Pretty soon Mendes take the infrastructure Jericho left after isolation. Mendes Station IX, as before, is ready to work with mercenaries . The role of the latter increases significantly — Mendes family trusts them with the most important and dangerous missions.

As the family fleet does not conduct aggressive actions in relation to the Empire and the Federation, the two factions decide to leave them alone.

  The rise of corporations in Federation Senate

After the signing of the trilateral Quarantine memorandum, the Federation starts using corporate mercenaries for operations in the attacked sectors. This greatly strengthened the position of the latter. But not so much as to disturb anyone in the Senate. Jericho isolation upset this balance — hundreds and hundreds of key contracts were lost. Corporations were thought of as ‘agents’ of the state. Now serious power is concentrated in their hands. The situation is getting worse due to the fact that Armada is busy fighting with Aliens and can not ensure the safety of trade routes. This problem also extends to corporations. Soon, their lobby in the Senate reaches an unprecedented scale. More and more new laws give corporations almost unlimited freedom. Federation property goes into their possession. Sometimes even openly pirate captures are legitimized.

  Fall of Guard-21

Node station Sentinel-17 receives a distress message from Sentinel-21. ‘Twenty-First’ ensured the security of an important Imperial iridium mine on the border of the Crystallid quarantine zone. A message is brought by a Dreadnought, that ensured the departure of the last batch of Iridium. According to the captain, chaos reigns in the sector. It all started with a Crystallid attack. This happened before — each time the defenders managed to repel the attack. But this time, the enemy fleet was much stronger than usual. At the same time, a distress signal came from the mines. The planet literally went crazy. Its surface was set in motion, and very soon it became clear that the planet became a Bion.

Crystallids immediately approached the Bion and dealt a powerful blow with all their weapons. They literally opened up the surface of the planet. Kilometers of Iridium-rich rocks revealed the outlines of an ancient titanic structure. Whatever was hidden in the core of Bion, clearly had an artificial origin.

When Dreadnought started the jump, the last thing its sensors detected was that the Sentinel-21 had all the energy transferred to the shield and went on the defensive. It is possible that there are still survivors there.

Naturally, the Empire immediately ordered to assign the sector to the quarantine zone. However, many corporations are interested in what happened in this sector.



The rate of transformations of planets to Bions is increasing. The Federation and the Empire held a secret research program, where Imperial and Federal scientists were splicing the genes of the Liu Virus, and tried to use the virus to kill Crystalloids and Biomorphs when they attack planets, from outside the atmosphere. They got very far in the process when something turned wrong. They were mutating the Liu Virus so it would grow at exponential rates, when it self-mutated and infected the researchers. In their last conscious moments, they created a vaccine, but they could not apply it to themselves before the virus took over their minds. Soon after the creation of the Liu V2 (Liu Virus 2 (or Liu Version 2)) and the vaccine, the empire’s subfaction Wardons received an urgent message that the iridium mine located on the planet below the research station is about to be attacked. Your task is to transport the virus to the planets moon where there are 3 anti-orbital artillery cannons. The empire has granted you access to the moon’s base. You are to fly in through a cave in a crater on the moon’s surface, and lower the moon base’s defensive shields from inside the cave system. Then you are to load the virus into the cannons, and defend the cannons against enemy attacks.


Round 1: Acquirement

Acquire the Liu V2 virus from the orbital laboratory. Fight through waves of imperial and federal ships and take down the shield generators.


Objective: Reach the station and destroy 3 shield generators to open the shielded doors, allowing the AI transports to leave the station.


Waves: Endless waves of enemies (spawn in groups of 4) until completion of all 3 objectives. Waves consist of enemies 3 called “Infected Researcher” and 1 enemy called “Infected Guard”.


Round 2: Escort/Defenses

Escort 3 transports to a warp gate (like that in Processing Rig and Pirate Fort Rate). Pilots must escort the transports past 15 waves of researchers and guards.


Objective: Escort at least 2 transports through the gate to the moon.


Waves: 15 waves in this round, each wave consists of 16 ships. Two Guards and 14 Infected Researchers.


Note: Transport would follow a similar/identical path as this:


Round 3: Access Cannons

Fly through a cave system and disable 3 beacons that hold up the lunar base’s defensive shields. Shields must be disabled so the cannons can fire. Pilots must destroy Crystalloid drones (not Biomorph, Biomorphs are infected ships and hunters, Crystalloids are Scouts, Predators, Destroyers, and Defilers, organic sentient ships with no crew) called “Bio-sentry”. Between each cave there is a shield door with a shield generator above it. Pilots destroy the generators to move to the next room.


Objective: Disable 3 beacons used to keep the lunar defensive shields active.


Waves: Waves consist of 10 Bio-sentries per beacon room. There are 3 rooms and 3 long tunnels, 5 Bio-sentries per tunnel.


Round 4: Defending Cannons (Boss)

Pilots must defend the cannons from an alien attack. The aliens have begun their invasion on the mining planet, and you must defend the cannons so they can continue to destroy the ships orbiting the planet. Pilots must fight off attacks from the aliens, and keep the cannons alive, and destroy the Stalker Boss enemy.


Objective: Defend the cannons from the aliens, and destroy the boss.


Waves: 3 waves of enemies. Waves consist of Biomorphs and the Crystalloid Boss (no hunters, just infected ships and the boss), the first wave consists of 30 infected ships. 22 infected Katanas and 8 infected Inquisitors. Wave 2 consists of 25 ships, 10 infected Inquisitors, and 15 infected Katanas. Wave 3 consists of 15 ships, 1 Stalker, and 6 infected Inquisitors, and 8 infected Katanas.



Infected Researcher: They are piloting imperial and federal tier 3 ships. These ships are relatively weak, same total health more or less as the ships in “Crimson Haze”. Follow basic PVE AI. Imperial ships will use Mk I Thermal weapons (interceptors will use pulse lasers not phase suppressors, frigates use lasers not heavy blasters) and Federal ships will use Mk I EM weapons (interceptors will use plasma guns not RF blasters, and fighters will use singularity cannons, not flux phasors) health scales by tier respectively.


Infected Guards: They are piloting imperial and federal tier 3 ships. These ships are relatively weak, same total health more or less as the ships in “Crimson Haze”. Follow basic PVE AI. Imperial ships will use Mk I Thermal weapons (interceptors will use pulse lasers not phase suppressors, frigates use lasers not heavy blasters) and Federal ships will use Mk I EM weapons (interceptors will use plasma guns not RF blasters, and fighters will use singularity cannons, not flux phasors) health scales by tier respectively.


Armed Transport: The transports will have 2 turret type 3’s built onto them (one on top one on bottom). They have the same amount of health as the ones in Base ‘Ellydium’ Raid, health scales by tier respectively. zi2rRqR.png


Turret type 3: A small turret that has the same model as the turret type 2, but fires 1 flack shot every 2 seconds. Does not have independent health, shares health with the transports.


Biomorphs: Infected Inquisitors and infected Katanas. Have the same health as the ones in open space. Infected Inquisitors deal 50% of the damage dealt by a single scout. Infected Katanas deal 75% of the damage dealt by a single infected Katana in open space. Both have weapon overheat of 4 seconds, cool down of 8 seconds. Health and damage scales by tier respectively.


Bio-sentry: Emitters like the smallest found on the Destroyer (Smaller than the defiler). Fire 3 shots within 0.5 seconds, every 3 seconds. Deals same damage as a single scout. Same health as on the destroyer. Bio-sentries are not floating in space, they are imbedded in the walls of the cave, and are a little over half visible.


Stalker: The Stalker is the boss enemy. It is the size of a disk used in the construction of Federation stations and outposts. Takes the shape of a large disk around a single Shell with a core, and has fins pointing backwards. Has same engine concept as the defiler (not the destroyer with the singularity (because it’s infinitely flat) thruster) or Predators with spinning balls, with 3 green engine trails. A single gravitational anomaly generator in the front, that turns on every 45 seconds and lasts 9 seconds until, and cycles until destroyed. 3 thermal emitters similar to the ones on the destroyer, but with only 4k range, deals 25% of the damage dealt by the destroyer’s thermal beams. Does not attack the cannons directly unless all players are cloaked, or all remaining players are cloaked. Every 10% health dropped it will deploy a shield with 7k-25k hit points depending on tier. Upon depletion of shield, emitters respawn


Additional Notes:

Map: The moon must be visible from the station, it isn’t that far away. Moon has no gravity, it’s very large, but not large enough to affect you, like a very big asteroid. Moon’s cave systems should look like the caves in the ‘Alpha 7’ Complex. Include blue crystals and cracks in the rocks. Moon’s surface must take place in a crater, and you cannot leave the crater (map can be as big as the Ice Belt map, and cannons must be at least 3km apart. My idea is that from the station it would look similar to Proving Ground “Nova-31”.



Lunar map would probably look something like this maybe?




Structures would be good. Here’s another image of what the terrain could look like, excluding the massive whatever that is above.




Here are some images of what the moon would look like from space, and of the station (you can see the planet that the moon orbits in the background)

oRe0Azw.jpg F5nhy2o.jpg xw6GBIh.jpg fiiPsun.jpg NCz8by1.jpg gjaaR08.jpg 6FYxrM7.jpg 5WeMAYJ.jpg TQ56I5u.png EsIRNi3.jpg F3WDdx4.jpg k6j7eqa.jpg XDZvnyg.jpg ORASo8C.jpg


Probably would not look like this , but there would  be of course the planetary cannons…


uciF2PD.jpg prSOvuJ.jpg GmJS3ho.jpg TTTeOMj.jpg zUYMOMg.jpg 3lESCVM.jpg 3SSs6Sp.jpg GVs4PKi.jpg


As all of these images suggest, the moon would have weather (snow) and a base (obviously).  Also, it would be good if the moon was smaller, and that it was much closer to the planet like here:


Additional Note:  Does not have to be exactly like this, there dont have to be turrets on the transports, it would just make it a little easier, buuuut then there’s the problem of having to make a new ship just for the guns. Just an idea to add guns, it would seem it’s easier just to keep them off of there though.


Extra Additional Note: This pve would actually be accurate to the lore! :smiley:



IGN: PapyMcBites

Operation Diplomacy


The story:


Since the discovery of ancient alien ruins in Sector-1337, all major factions were fighting for control, power and most notably, Iridium. But after alien rifts opened, and hellish beasts stared invading human sectors, everyone realised they aren’t going to last long on their own against this kind of enemy. Diplomatic talks were held, resulting in semi-cooperation and fragile peace. But the things didn’t end in here. After the discovery of “Sanctuary”, every larger faction wanted to claim a bit for itself and a new Iridium war was about to break. However, leaders of Jericho, Federation, Empire and heads of larger pirate clans decided to meet aboard luxury liner Helios, an old federation capital ship, to discuss the Sanctuary incident. Things start going downhill when an alien fleet finds the luxury liner.


The position, ranks, etc.:


Restricted sectors

System: Antaress

Position: Sanctuary

Ranks: 7-15


The fighting:


Round 1:

Scenery: Opening alien rifts/portals

Comms: “Alien fleet detected jumping in to our position, all forces protect the liner”

Objective: defeat alien ships, if players die, mission fails

Simple defence, cca 50 biomorph ships, difficulty scaled



Round 2:

Scenery: Massive shockwave from center of the sector disables all systems aboard the Helios, exposing the generators

Comms: “Liner has been hit, all shields and engine systems are down. We are sitting ducks over here, dammit”

Objective: protect the four generators, if only one remains or if players die, mission fails

Harder defence, hunters and predators will target generators only while biomorphs and scouts attack the players

Cca 10 hunters, 5 predators, 15 scouts, 30 biomorphs, difficulty scaled


Round 3:

Scenery: Liner’s systems are back online but it can’t escape yet; a Destroyer has appeared

Comms: “All right people, we didn’t just nuked an entire alien fleet just to be this bug’s lunch. To battle”

Objective: destroy the Destroyer (lol), if liner gets destroyed or players die, mission fails

Final fight, kill or be killed, cca 10 predators, 20 hunters, 50 biomorhs



The liner will have same abilities like normal dreadnought (that includes drones, bomb rack, small and main caliber weapons, shields, etc.)

Comms/voice acting are a suggestion!

Enemy ships’ health, generator health, Liner’s and Destroyer’s health is difficulty scaled. (predator/hunter pulsar/tracking determined by the difficulty)

The liner is positioned above the main structure in sector Sanctuary.

This mission encourages use of all ship types and classes.

No loading screens mid battle (just like in Defence Contract).

Enviromental hazzards included (e. g. massive shockwave doing the effect of MEFG)

Destroyer acts the same like it does in Spec Ops. 

4 player mission.


Legit stuff:

I might edit this post a couple of times. 100% my idea. No new models or fancy gizmos. Made for the sakes of lore and fun.

Suggestions are appreciated!





Mission Name:“Milk Run”

Description: Faction military forces engaged in a major offensive against the Biomorph/Cyber threat in the Frontier are experiencing heavy losses. In response, the Mercenary Center has received a Priority One mission requesting mercenaries to escort a large convoy of supplies and armaments to a nearby supply post to aid the struggling military units. Pay is top-notch and the risk of attack is low. Should be a lucrative milk run…

Mechanics: This is a 15 minute ambush escort mission. Player ships will be tasked with defending a large fleet of Cargo Ships (35 or more) through space. Cargo ships are spread out in a wide and loose formation with the Cruiser at the center.

If you have ever played a WWII game where you had to escort a bunch of B-17 bombers to their target, that should be the feel of this mission. Given the large nature of this convoy, a Cruiser has been dispatched in the center of the fleet to help protect the cargo. Recommend 12 players for this mission.

Mission map is very similar to Dreadnought battle, with lots of smaller asteroids moving at a higher speed. Ships are in a fixed position while map appears to move around them.

Each wave spawns exactly 1 minute after the previous wave spawns. NOT after the last ship of each wave is killed. This is to prevent players from killing all but one of the enemy ships and just waiting for time to expire.


1x Cruiser (Friendly)- Has Plasma defense turrets to help kill enemy ships.

35x Cargo Ships (Friendly)- Have no defense and players must keep 60% alive.

Cyber Covert Ops- Equipped with Phase Suppressor, Plasma Arc, and an altered Self Destruct module. If they are destroyed they deal massive explosion damage in 200m radius. Attempt to get close to Cargo Ships to use Plasma Arc.

Cyber Recon- Equipped with Scatter Gun and Holoship module. When attacked, they activate their Holoship module.

Cyber Guard- Equipped with Heavy Blasters, Pulsar, EM Torps, and Spectre Field. Will randomly activate Spectre Field during battle and cloak all enemy ships within 700m radius.

Cyber Engineer- Equipped with Mass Drivers, Attack Drones, and altered Engineer Drones. The Engineer Drones do not shoot, but glow bright blue. Upon contact with a player ship, these Engineer Drones deal massive collision damage. Engineers will attempt to ram cargo ships.

Cyber Long Range- Equipped with Coil Mortars, Guided Torp, Cruise Missiles, and Reverse Thruster. When they lose their shields, they activate the Reverse Thruster, and begin to sit back and launch Guided Torps.

Cyber Gunship- Equipped with Flux Phaser, Firestorm Missiles, and Particle Purge. If attacked, these ships instantly use their Particle Purge module.

Cyber Command- Equipped with Ion Emitters, Ion Warheads, and Aura Buffs. If attacked, these ships use their Diffusion Shield. Will actively buff resistance of all enemy ships in area.

Win Conditions: This mission does not end upon reaching a destination. This mission is timed (15 minutes) and the players win if they have 60% or more of their cargo ships still alive when time runs out.


1st Wave- 20 enemy ships. Interceptors Only.

Cruiser: “Mercenaries, we’re picking up some scattered communications originating from that asteroid field up ahead. It might be solar flare static from the system’s star, but be ready just in case.”

First enemy wave jumps into system.

“Alert all fighter wings! We are under attack! Repeat, we have been ambushed! Protect the convoy!”

2nd Wave- 40 enemy ships. Interceptors Only.

3rd Wave- 20 enemy ships. Mixed Interceptors and Fighters.

Cruiser: “Alert! Enemy attack wing detected! Keep us alive Mercenaries!”

4th Wave- 40 enemy ships. Mixed Interceptors and Fighters.

5th Wave- 25 enemy ships. Frigates Only.

Cruiser: “Mercenaries! Enemy Assault wing has just jumped into the system! Don’t let them get close to the convoy!”

6th Wave- 40 enemy ships. Mixed Fighters and Frigates.

Nth Wave- 40 enemy ships. Every enemy ship type. As soon as one ship is killed, another enemy ship spawns.

Mission name


Departure of the Inanna




Federation Sector, Olympus System, Service Shop


Rank restriction


Rank 4-15




The federation defense forces in Service Shop have long been under pressure of the constant attacks of both pirate and alien hordes. The pirates’ motivation as always is the big money. The aliens’ intentions are probably to forestall the expansion of human colonies and our complete extermination. These attacks have made the construction of new colonization ships nearly impossible. Despite of their efforts, however, the first ship since the last big alien invasion wave is finally ready to launch.


Unfortunately, information about the boarding preparations and the upcoming launch has been leaked. Now larger alien and pirate fleets are racing to stop our colonization ship before it activates its warp engines and jumps into its unknown destination. Analyzes of scout reports about unusual fleet movements in the sector show that they will reach Service Shop just before the departure. Steps have been made earlier, in which Central Command reduced the presence of guard forces in order to keep the whole operation a secret have failed completely and made the current situation even more critical by leaving the ship without escort.


“We are calling every mercenary available in the sector to help out in providing enough time and a safe path for our colonization ship. Don’t let the same tragedy as in Abandoned Beacon happen again.”




The largest civilian transport/colonization ship ever built by the federation is warming up its engines for the jump while it is slowly leaving the dock and flying through the sector.



Completion time is determined by the leaving federation ship. A bar, similar to the damage indicator of Defiler/Destroyer in Spec Ops PvEs, shows the time remaining. Losing side engines from the colonization ship makes its departure longer. Losing main engines means defeat.



To defend the departing colonization ship from alien and pirate attackers.



Missile launchers of the dock provide additional support against attackers.



Cyber, alien (biomorph, hunter, scout, predator) and pirate ships that are gradually getting tougher. Boss attacker: Pirate Cruiser. (I wouldn’t go into details about their numbers and strength. I think any further description would be pointless.)


Wave 1

Groups of cyber (and maybe biomorph as well) ships are attacking from every direction. They are focusing on missile launchers (with some success) and the key points (engines, command tower, cargo bay, and hull) on the leaving colonization ship.


Wave 2

After the failing cyber (and biomorph) attacks, hunters and scouts show up first and then one or a few predators at the end of the wave. They are attacking the remaining missile launchers (probably abolishing them completely) and the previously mentioned key points as well.


Wave 3

All kinds of pirate attackers (with regular ships and with those from the defense contract PvE) take the place of the aliens. They might be weaker but larger in numbers.


Wave 4

Final push. A lone pirate Cruiser jumps into the sector. It spawns too far for its regular missile launchers to fire at the colonization ship therefore it launches torpedoes (hell unleashed style :fed006:) similar to those in dreadnought battle. Players have to destroy these at first place. The destruction of the cruiser ship is not possible because the large numbers of torpedoes give no time for that. Also the colonization ship should be able to leave at some point in this stage (depending on the condition of its engines). Cruiser ship may launch smaller waves of weak pirates attacking players only as a distraction while they are shooting at torpedoes. Missile launchers of the cruiser are attacking players as well. IR Flare and Missile Shield modules are only effective against missile launchers but not against torpedoes. The cruiser should not get within missile launcher range to the colonization ship even when it has only the main engine left.  



All 4 players are destroyed, or any of the key points (main engine, cargo hold, and command tower) on the colonization ship is destroyed, or the hull of the colonization ship is severely damaged, ship destroyed.



Colonization ship leaves the sector. (Insert some awesome huge warp effect here. :fed002:)



Reducing damage and rebuilding key points on the colonization ship is not possible.

Additional effect might be the falling off cargo containers while cargo bay section is being damaged.


Mission : Analyse Cyber Secrete Lab


PvE time limit : 30 min.

Player limit : 4-6 members

Stage : Single stage or 3-stage you decide…




Recently Federation Police captured a cyber agent. They recovered some alien ships parts never seen before. It seemed that the parts & technology used in it are not found in any ship before.

So they sent to the best lab in Jericho to analysis it. 


They got the co-ordinate of the location where the parts were meant to deliver. The location was in the nest of cyber & aliens.

It was announced a huge amount of rewards will be given to a Mercenary Crew those who able to analyse location.

But also they’re warned about the real danger.


In no time after the announcement _CEO  K _, the best CEO of a top corporation took the contract. 

After he back to his corporation headquarter they prepared a crew of best mercenaries. But the _VP  Ω   was looking worried about  the best gunship pilot  Crow  who was in vacation. For this mission they also invited old friend  Cerberus _ - he is one of the best Recon in any situation.


Mission summary:

1:30 AM everyone joined in meeting room. mission leader_  K _ explained the strategies to the Crew.

2:00 AM their Medic _Er. Terror _ fitted his fine  Naga  & _Sniper  Pony _ checked his long range weapons & loaded heavy ammunition. 

Hawk  - he wasn’t expecting in the Crew but where we’re talking about cybers he is the most experienced player in Corporation with highest Destruction points of cyber fleet. He has an old rusty guard ship. One of the big reason is he knows weak points of cybers ships.

2:45 AM Crew take off from base.

4:30 AM Crew reached at the location. There was seems no signature of life.


Cerberus  quick scanned the sector & found weird signal, then  Pony  took a closer with his long range targeting system & reported to _ K _  that there hundreds of turrets with some outer shield structure, but still no sign of life.


Pony  took position, crew moving closer following to _ K _.

Pony  fired at a turret, most of damage reflected from the turret. Crew getting closer, all turret got activate & Crew got under heavy fire.

Hawk  came to cover with full thrust, activated system and Crew got little time.  K  said Plan-B.

_ Terror  was healing hawk but it was not enough to withstand those damage. So on  K’s command ** Ω_**  & other took down the shield generator and installed virus which made turrets friendly to Crew & started shooting cybers.


But the cybers started teleporting in huge numbers, so  Recon  took a quick scan again & located 2-cyber Beacons.  K  ordered for back up cargo ship with EM-Bombs to destroy those station. Cargo ship reached but with heavy fire. It dropped the Bombs before got destroyed. but from 5000m away to 2 beacon in both direction.


So  K  indicates to carry those Bomb & plant on beacon. But it was not so easy because those 5000m distance had nothing than space between the weapons of unlimited cybers Vs the Small Crew.


According to plan _ Ω  picked 1st bomb & moving to Beacon A, Guard & Healer were covering him while others giving back up.  Ω  dropped the Bomb after 2000m, another  Guard _ started carrying it & successfully planted.


In the mean time top Gunship picked the 2nd bomb,  Bluesea  &  Alex  were the back team. 

With Engine Overcharge they fly with max thrust & planned the Bomb on beacon B.


BOOM ! ! . . . . . . BOOOM ! ! ! 


Cyber teleporting was interrupted. Crew took a deep breath.

Recon reported that getting same weird signals but this time much stronger intensity.


A cyber Prototype ship just came out from the destroyed lab.

Everybody started shooting at it but there was some alien shield technology which deflected all damage.

10 biomerph spawned from the Prototype ship & it fired a heavy missile at pony. Pony got hit his ship disabled for a second.

Pony:  I’m OK…

2nd missile hitted he Guard… Guard replied nothing.

Pony:  What the **** … targetting system not working.

Hawk:  navigation system not working… 

Terror:  Wobble effect ??

Summit-> _ Biomerph _ die … die … 

( Summit  got affected from the radiation of missile & lost his compass system)

Summit:  Ace… you suck… re***** … 

(_ Ω _ got hit)

_ Ω :_ No, this missiles reversing ship’s control system.

~Sorry for Bad English

… // end


Contact  Jassan. He was there, he can explain a bit more & better about the situation.



STAGE 1 : Objective: Disable Defense structure of Lab

  • There are 30-50 alien turret & missiles which have an alien shield deflection technology that deflect incoming damage by 50%.
  • Cybers will spawn in a big circles continuously in cool-down time. (which will ineffective mortar spam on cyber spawn)

how to do it  ?

First destroy the shield deflector generetors.

Install virus in computer system. Now the turrets & missiles will work for you.


Stage 2 : Objective: Plant EM-Bombs on cyber beacons.


After disable cyber defense structure, cargo ship will arrive with essential cargo for the Crew. 

Cargo contains : 2 EM-Bombs, *1 special repair station.

But the cargo ship will take heavy fire & will get destroy in mid way and cargos will get dropped. 

Players have to carry those Bombs and plant them on 2 cyber beacons.

  • cybers will spawn in circles & will attack players.

Stage 3 : Objective : Destroy cyber Prototype ship.


After cyber staion will get destroyed a cyber prototype ship in Lab will get activate. It has some special abilities never seen before.

Special abilities:-

  • Powerful alien shield deflection technology which can deflects incoming damage 100% when active.
  • Launches 5-10 biomerphs in every 2 minutes.
  • Launches repair drones.
  • Alien Defense System ( Pulsar )
  • Special missile - control system failure missile. 

*No Other Main Weapons, may be missile shield, Spy Drone & System hack 

Missile Details: 

  • Blast range 500m.
  • Damage : 0 pts.
  • Reload time : known to cybers.
  • Affected ship’s controing system will get reversed for 30sec. (means you’ll press forward but your ship will go backward & same for left-right) 

Suggestion: It’ll be visible to affected player on their screen just like other effects. I suggest a broken or compass icon.


How to destroy it  ?

  • When there at least one biomerph is alive the prototype will have deflector shield active.
  • After all cyber will get destroy it’ll turn-off shield to construct more biomerph.
  • So kill all those biomerph then attack Prototype cyber ship. . . . .
  • repeat.


*Special repair Station : __(Optional)Players can able to carry the special repair station which will repair Crew members in 2500m range both shield & hull. how much points ? you decide. 

Or a Special Damage Boost station.

Or both.


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