Contest Stardust (Works)



59 years ago, the first human flight into space took place. On April 12, 1961 the ship ‘Vostok’ with Yuri Gagarin on board flew around our planet and safely returned to land! We want to once again congratulate you on this greatest achievement of humanity and encourage you to take part in the research contest!


The space of our game world is great and every day there are interesting discoveries in it. [Your task is to come up with or tell a real history of world exploration (briefly, no more than 100 words) and to take a screenshot that would reflect the beginning of the story or could become its cover.](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/39648-contest-stardust/)

(french ) un équipage d’une navette spatiale a perdu et a trouvé une structure étrangère, la navette a changé

(English) a crew of a space shuttle lost and found an alien structure the shuttle changed



At the dawn of space navigation, when Russians and Americans competed to be the first, space travel was a challenge for humanity technology, for astronauts it was a  brave adventure. Those nostalgic times were full of light and hope .
Today multiple forms of life communicate with each other, commerce flourishes and knowledge is transmitted, but dark clouds are looming.
The most intrepid pilots narrate that on the farthest borders danger lurks, they speak of alien ships and cyber strangers … Dark times await us, stay tuned.

P.S. My in game nickname is Bardo


[![1920_1080-1204-5.jpg](< base_url >/uploads/monthly_2020_04/1920_1080-1204-5.thumb.jpg.aaeac0f5069b47d22157a119c5412411.jpg)](< base_url >/uploads/monthly_2020_04/1920_1080-1204-5.jpg.a1a3bd0cf7fa95267190fd8ea3b75c44.jpg)

The Other Side


An unsettling static filled the comms as the structure slowly lit up. Each light around its circumference slowly began to glow brighter until a shimmer started to appear in the center of the object. As the machine stirred to life, the shimmer grew stronger until you could barely see through it. Light, signals, and even space was warped in to a funnel-shaped center. “You think we got the calculations right? You know there’s no coming back until we do.” One scientist said. “Won’t know until we go through, I suppose.” Said another. In they flew, to a mysterious new world.





First Contact

“Look at there.” said one crew. “We finally found a proof of life.”

“Yeah, we did it!” said another crew. “Should we get closer, captain?”

“Let’s start our work, dispatch drone, collect data, but do not get too close.”

said captain, and the ship slowly get closer to the unknown structure.

“Scanner dispatched, looks like there is nothing live in there……wait I get a signal.”

“Is it from that structure?” “No sir, this signal is from a moving object nearby.”

A large unknown shadow slowly coming towards their ship.

P.S. My in game nickname is CutieFlandre.

CutieSP is war thunder nickname.



“We have arrived” the ship AI says in a monotone voice.


“Huh?!” the ship pilot jolts awake, after which he lazily rubs his eyes and glances over the map.


“Are you sure these are the right coordinates?”


“I’m positive” the ship AI replies in an annoyed tone.


“Well then, perform a system scan”


“The star HD217107 has 2 gas giants, one within close proximity to the star, and another at a distance of 6,083 AU”


“These don’t look very promising, we need to find habitable worlds, let’s keep going”


The ship systems hum back to life.


“Where to?”


“Surprise me”


(Nick is xXThunderFlameXx, I think you know at this point)

It was supposed to only be a routine work, traveling between stations, checking on satellites and delivering data. A malfunction on a distant satellite makes for an unforgettable detour. The satellite broke when it received a strange signal, it’s source being an uncharted planet. Following the signal to its source, an otherworldly scenery comes in view. A huge spire surrounded by huge creatures using a mysterious power, beaming the melodic signal to the heavens. Who built it and why? A treasure hunt to the ends of the universe begins when you follow the song of the ancients.

In game name: SunGear


Thorkarn’s Akashic Trove

Finally able to procure a ship capable of approaching the anomaly. A destroyer, anything smaller would be crushed by the gravitational flux that pulses back and forth through the anomaly, a pocket in space time. Surely there was something of great worth inside. I was able to rig up the replica of an ancient communications device. I turned it on and in an instant received data. “The Earth is blue. How wonderful. It is amazing.”, was a repeating message. Apparently the sound waves we** re trapped forever preserving these words like a monument treasure!**



By Thorkarn