Contest 'Stardust' (Histories)



The space of our game world is great and every day there are interesting discoveries in it. Your task is to come up with or tell a real history of world exploration (briefly, no more than 100 words) and to take a screenshot that would reflect the beginning of the story or could become its cover.


Thread for histories only, discussion goes [there](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/36625-contest-stardust-discussion/).



Ign: endeav





" … and I saw streaks of vivid color suddenly appear. Quickly as the lights came, they vanished. Then, they’d reappear somewhere else in the night sky. Periodically, they flowered into beautiful orange rings; each different than the last. This event continued for about two huls [13 Standard Days]. When it ended, I was deeply grieved. I didn’t know the lights marked the beginning of enslavement for my people. 


I was the first to see the lifeless birds descend from the sky. They rained death and chaos. My mother … " Excerpt from the Autobiography of Kukrig the Fruntan, 



IGN: Cherub