Contest 'Star Poetry' (Poems)


Today we congratulate all our pilot girls on the spring holiday! This thread for poems only, discussion goes [there](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/33025-contest-star-poetry-discussion/).

Have a Haiku instead:


When the trees flower,

and when Fox starts sneezing lots,

I know it is Spring.

it rhymes, and has matching syllables… pretty sure it’s a type of poetry, though I’ll be damned to remember everything they taught me in school as to what type of poetry it is…
I know It does not mention ‘interstellar women’s day’, but I honestly couldn’t think of a way to toss that into a poem, because it has too many syllables.
I wrote this poem in the view of a soldier, who must be far from his love, fighting a war to protect what he holds dear to his heart.
I hope you enjoy this poem- OutlawStar003

Arcing swiftly across the stars,
missing my girl back at home.
I send my letters back to mars,
where she lives beneath a dome.

I write her words of spring,
a time when flowers bloom.
A merry tune I sing,
as ships around go boom.

How I wish she could be at my side,
racing cross the vast of space.
But she’s safe on mars where she does hide,
far from the alien race.

Being far from her tis a bane,
a sacrifice for my love.
Her safety is what keeps me sane,
as I watch from stars above.

In your hair my love

Spring time’s shimming blue silk vault,

Open space looms void


Robbed of night and day,
A drifter, forsaken, forgotten.
In a silver coffin I lay,
Amidst a sea without a bottom.

With the last grain of grace
I shall carry my rugged sword,
Until I reach that place
Where death comes by a word.

The cold adversaries I slay,
Immortal shells, long dead,
Eagerly awaiting the dooms day.

A disease that spread, blood shed,
There must be a cure, make way!
I, the Ronin, shall behead the misled.




Warriors heart


And in this conflict of the stars

In this mass of the space,

In this gravity of love,

Across the galaxy of stars,

With the beam of the shining moon,

I will bring a light in this gloom,

And deep in this cold space,

I will ask you;

with a brave smile on my face,-

-to let me be your heart of ace.

(c) Tsukuyomi



Roses are red

Violets are blue 

I like to have a Thar’Ga as much as you do.


As I dash through the cold, dark space
I am met with a new face
The new season has arrived
And I feel like I’m revived

Up in the frontlines
Stuck in the quarantines
Of the alien war
Help is what I call for

A new year, new hopes
A lot of hard work to climb all these slopes
But it will all pay off in the end
When I will get back to you, that’s what I intend


S tellar Pilots honorable and fair,

T oday in unity we celebrate,

A ll women everywhere,

R apturous gorgeous and great,


C ommemorating their achievements,

O ne and all, present and past,

N ever forget your commitments,

F or women are the treasure that last,

L ife giving force in the human race,

I nterstellar Women’s Day should be every day,

C arry them on shoulders with pride and grace,

T errific is the woman in every way!


Saleem Khan

Pilot Thorkarn