Contest "Photochop"


We are launching a creative contest “Photochop”!
Manipulate the image using some kind of graphics editing software and publish the result [here](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/22841-contest-%E2%80%98photochop%E2%80%99-discussion/), the original you can find below. All works will be collected in special Facebook’s album.
Humor and high quality will add more points to your picture. Your creativity is only limited by your imagination! What is “Photochop”?

  • 1st place - 6000 Galactic Standards;
  • 2nd place - 4000 Galactic Standards;
  • 3rd place - 2500 Galactic Standards;

A special award “People’s Choice Award” in 2000 Galactic Standards to the player, whose job will have more “likes” in the album.

  • The contest will run until April 8. Winners will be chosen on 10th of April.
  • One participant - one picture.
  • Add the author’s nickname, the picture’s name is optional.
  • Picture should be either JPG or PNG.
  • Organizers may ask you for all original materials used. It is forbidden to use other people’s work!
  • You automatically pass exclusive rights to the image to organizers of the contest by posting the picture in the thread.
  • Image should be created exclusively for the contest.
  • Image should not break any rules of morale, ethics or law (domestic or international), as well as game rules.
  • Winners are chosen by Star Conflict administration.

The authors of the best works that were not included in the top three will also be rewarded!
All discussion [here](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/22841-contest-%E2%80%98photochop%E2%80%99-discussion/).