Contest "Moon poems"



Exactly 46 years ago for the first time in history mankind landed on the surface of another celestial body — the Moon. In honour of this momentous event, we offer you, dear pilots, to take part in a contest. Write your own poem, which is dedicated to the heroes of the spacecraft “Apollo-11” and their achievement — landing on the Moon!
Entry requirements:

  • The poem has to be written by you;
  • It must be new, never published before;
  • The poem has to be in English, literacy and correct formatting are welcome;
  • It should be about space flights and the Moon.


From all the poems we will choose some, that we like the most, and reward three authors.

Entries must be published in a [special topic at Star Conflict forum](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/27671-contest-moon-poems-%E2%80%94-discussion/).

We are receiving your poems from July 16th up to August 6th. On August 11th we will announce 3 winners, who will get the following prizes:

  • 1st place — 4000 Galactic Standards;
  • 2nd place — 3000 Galactic Standards;
  • 3rd place — 2000 Galactic Standards.


Pilots, make your first step!

[Discussion](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/27671-contest-moon-poems-%E2%80%94-discussion/)

Dear players, thanks to all, who participated in our contest!

You presented fantastic works that’s why the contest was extremely hard to judge! Congratulations to the winners!




1st place AaronCain


Reflecting the light that brought us Life,

A shining beaken in the midst of night

Forever there for lovers true sight,

an omen for war for many ancient Knight


For the future we seek,

to reach the furthest star

To get out of the darkness

We need to reach far


The fallen and the sacrificed lay under its light

War and Peace for our gods their delight

In remembrance of hero’s in our sky it will be

The Moon in its beauty for us all to see.


2nd place Sinaka


Moon Runes

Three of the men once left their home of sunshine

Accompanied by the great god of sun,

To make the first child steps of mankind into the stars

Brave, arm and soul strong, with buzzing in their heart.


Sailing to find calm seas under an angel’s guide

They took precious peace with themselves in their Columbiad.

Unaware of the secrets their destination might hide

A beautiful desert was waiting there setting up a captivating sight.


Now emu steps in the dead well of rocks and dust

Telling the eternal tale of men written in the stars

How they traveled far seeking a new future

Just to look back and to find home again, the blue Earth.


3rd place JasanQuinn


Dear Moon,

Forgive the lateness of this letter

Which I should have written sooner

Concerning those who should know better

And their behaviour, my dear Luna.


For I have learned from forced confession

That they, without prior consent,

Assumed from you willing accession

And into space, a vessel sent.


My children, though I love them dearly,

Have poor judgement. That being the case,

I cannot fathom why they clearly

longed to stab you in the face.


They shall of course remove the flag,

And the litter they have left behind,

I assure you, they shall cease to brag,

Once they have a piece of my mind!


So again, dear Luna, I am sorry,

That my children got out of hand,

These ‘astronauts’ to make me worry,

But if you had your own, you’d understand.


Specially thanks to player Nevidni who made the team laugh :slight_smile:


I’m stuck on the moon,

Screaming out loud,

But that kinda sucks,

Cause nobody hears me.