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Title: Destroyer Destroyer


Requirement: Destroy 2500 destroyers. (Or destroy a Destroyer solo in under 3 seconds)


Title: ‘’ Carrier"

Requirement: have an effectivity score of at least 8000 points in a PvP-match.


Note: this title is not meant for everybody to have, only very good pilots. I’ve noticed the lack of hard to acquire titles in PvP, most of the current titles are either an easy title or an impossible one (event-based) 

Title: “N00B”

Requirement: Set level 1 in pve, then make 0 points

Title: Forum Warrior

Requirement: Make 1000 posts on the official forum

Title: Grim Reaper

Requirement: Make collision kill with Reaper in PvP

Title: Source of h 

Requirement: Post 200 messages in game chat. (any game chat, corp chat, general, trade)

Title: Recon Dart

Requirement: Destroy an enemy ship by ramming it with a recon’s microwarp engine.

Title: Cutie Pie

Requirement: Customize your ship colors at least once and add a sticker.


Requirements : Kill same player more than three times in one PvP battle

Title: _ Blind   as a Bat _ - 0  beacon captures during a beacon capture match.

 *(maybe _ Beacon Blind _?)


Title: _ Big Ole Goose Egg _. 0 points in a PvP match.

Title: Jones (Jomblo Ngenes)

a word from indonesian language, it’s called for someone who never get a girl/boyfriend.

Requirements : play pvp or pve solo 1500 times

Title: _ Hacker 
Requirements: Destroy  X enemy ships with they own Sentry drones/ Battalestations / Minefields / Drones etc…

Title: Thorkarn’s Vanguards

Conditions: Save your allies SCOUTS from imminent death by destroying his attacker first!

Back story: There was a time when I was just starting off, they called me  ‘Newbie’. Yeah we’ve all been there! I was fresh off the transport. A pilot with big dreams and little experience. I had no idea of the dangers that I would face. Dangers that were a lot bigger than my little fighter and my oversized ego!  I can’t count the number of times I barely survived. At times my only strategy was to locate the enemy then ………run for dear life! Evasive  maneuvers! Hit the boosters and hope I have enough energy to get back to my team. Most times I would be a smoking wreck, just about to explode on the next shot, when my team mates would save me just in the nick of time. They became my Vanguards - ‘Thorkarn’s Vanguards’


Thank the heavens for ‘Thorkarn’s Vanguards’!


Mission: Thorkarn’s Vanguards

Pilots! We are sending you on an intercept and rescue mission. A squadron of our scouts (4) were sent to locate the Pirate Base of operations. We have lost all contact with them. This can mean only one thing. They are being pursued by the pirates and their transmissions are being jammed. 

Your mission is two fold: 1) intercept the pirates and take them out! 2) Protect and repair the scout ships as you rescue them from their pursuing attackers. They would have suffered severe damage, especially to their engines, so they will be slow.

The Pirates will stop at nothing to destroy all the scouts to protect their secrets! At least one scout must survive for the mission to be a success. (The more scouts survive the better the rewards).

Your attention please: The Pirates will not stop coming into the sector to destroy the scouts. Hold them off long enough for the crippled scout ships to get to the gate! 

Good Luck Pilots! You will need it!



Title: One Track Mind

Win 10 PvP battles with more than 600 efficiency during each battle and using more than 2 ships in each battle while having only ships of the same role in all ship slots.

Title:  Reckless

Requirements: Crash your ship after being attacked by another player.

(Situation when there’s "[xxxx] crashed, last damage dealt by “[yyyyy]” on the kill feed).

Title: Target Practice
Requirement: Basically be on the receiving end of bulls eye or running on vapour (aka get killed by a long range from very far away)

But lets say the requirement is variable, I just want to be target practice ty.

Title: Creative Mind

For winning at a (forum?) Contest, e.G. this one

“The acolyte of nope.”


Get Noped by [@CinnamonFake](< base_url >/index.php?/profile/257821-cinnamonfake/) on forums or/and in game


Title: Anomaly


Requirement: Pull enemies for a total of 10.000m with modules, that have a gravitational effect.