Contest “Festive postcard!”



Pilots! Our game universe turns 10 years old, and we are very excited to celebrate this anniversary with you! Ten years is a long time. The time we spent together with you: defending the universe from alien invasion, developing fleets and exploring space.

And the celebration goes on! Meet a new anniversary contest!


  • Create a postcard dedicated to the anniversary of Star Conflict.
  • Add the logo of Star Conflict to the postcard; 
  • Include the information that the game turns 10 years old on the postcard.
  • The postcard must be created in the form of an image and/or a photograph of the image.
  • The postcard can be created in the form of a graphic drawing/artwork or a hand-drawn drawing on paper. 
  • Draw your in-game nickname on the postcard.
  • Your entry must be created specifically for this contest!
  • Upload your entry to the special thread on the forum.Please note that the entries are only accepted on the Russian forum, but everybody can participate in the contest!


Dates of the contest:

  • From February 3, 2022 to February 15, 2022 inclusive. 


Results announcement:

  • Within a week after the entry submission ends.


Prize fund:

  • 1 place - DLC Razor Deluxe edition
  • 2 place - DLC Razor 
  • 3 place - Pattern “Metal Fury”
  • The author of the entry with the biggest amount of likes will receive the “Furious conflict” pattern!