Contest 'Explorer' (Stories)


We invite you to become a space explorer and dream! Imagine that you go into the unknown… Tell us your story! Discussion goes [there](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/30984-contest-explorer-discussion/).

The Polus is the ship I’ve chosen!

I’ve chosen to fly this ship out in to the unknown because not only is it large enough to sustain crew life for long periods of time, but it also has a relatively large bay on the front of it that can be used for storing samples and performing analysis. It is also a great ship to use because it can get to places very fast using its warp gate. Not to mention that it is also a very safe ship to be in because it has excellent shielding, and can repair itself if damaged.

I’d most probably use it in search of other life-forms or planets that could be used for mining or colonisation.

"Progress is our only salvation! The only legitimate fear is that of the unknown!"



(You did say short, so I made it short.)

The ship that I would choose is Sword AE.

The reason is that,a tackler is very good for exploration,I would use the Cruise engine modification to get around quicker,and the resistant shields,aswell as the awesome look will surely make any trip out an experience worth living,since the technological advance Jericho has will be very helpful getting out from any situation,good or bad.

It can also have good regenerative capacities,manoeuvrability and firepower,it is also energy efficient!

I would use it to explore new planets,and maybe even find alien lifeforms!

_ “Into the unknown,so it wont be unknown anymore!” _

Ship which I chose is Templar S, Jericho guard class Frigate.

Why I’ve took this ship? First of all this ship offer quite decent shield volume and good resistance with proper mods. Addition it can carry Anomaly generator which allows to hit multiple targets. Maybe it’s drawback is not the best speed but I prefer to have high survivalability, so speed for me is not important. And in this class I prefer slow but steady movement plus the Frigate group always offer pretty good guns.


"Once we discover new places will we find new reasons to travel? Of course!"

To Travel into the unknown reaches of space I would fly the Federation Engineering frigate “Octopus”.

    The Federation Engineer “Octopus” using the 3 Capacitor, 3 Shield, 3 Hull, design
with its Nanodrone Cloud, Mass Shield Generator, Energy Emitter and Autonomous Charging Station,
is the perfect balance between offense and defense. Allowing me to steadily explore new civilizations and old alike.
Always watchful for the fellow explorer in need of help and always completely prepared if provoked.
With its balanced resistance to any forms of radiation, plenty of cargo space and energy to spare, I will be able to explore
and return with many new minerals, technologies, cultural data and maybe even an artifact or two with great history.

"The Journey of a thousand light years begins with one engineer. For without him, you would have no ship for the journey."

" He who does not explore, will never discover."

Exploration Mission 271 - “Operation Foresight”.

Pilot : Rangertre

Ship used :“Viking” - Empire Recon Starfighter

Mission Details : To explore unknown sectors in search for resources, new locations, and possible life. Ship “Viking” chosen for mission due to high speed, energy efficiency, and small size, making it highly suitable for long-distance flights. The “Viking” also possesses the best scanner range in the Empire’s arsenal, making it great for scouting and exploring. Stealth and repair modules will be equipped for this mission to facilitate self-reliability. Avoiding a confrontation is crucial, as the “Viking” is not made for fighting unsupported… mark targets and leave this for heavier ships if hostile life is found.  Cargo will initially be filled with fuel cells. If a discovery is made, unused fuel can be jettisoned to make space if necessary.

Launch of Operation Foresight commences at 0900 tomorrow. Good Luck!

"The Last Nekomata!"

Commander: Kevin Sears, of OutlawStar003

Ships in the fleet: Archon-Flagship     Phoenix-Engineer Escort    Reaper-Heavy Tank Escort    Razor-Fighter Escort
These are the 4 ships I usually take into battle. I assess the team, and deploy the best ship for the situation. the Archon is a suppressor class. Its big, it’s sturdy, and it has a lot of guns. it also is in the same tier as my other ships. The Phoenix is the super-repairer, it’s ability to link it’s shields with other ships is a huge asset to a shield-defense ship like Archon. It’s also got sweet drones. Reaper has excelent shields. It can also generate a large shield to cover for allies. Razor is a couple ranks lower, but it looks so cool next to the archon. For functionality, it’s great at for stealth-reconnaissance, and it’s fun to fly. I know that’s 4 ships and not 1, But I am a firm believer in teamwork. I can’t see an exploration team in starconflict being anything less than a squad. in part 3, I was planning on returning to liberate the planet… with a fleet…
After Akaurl clarified that the ship choice and why is most important, and not the story, I debated whether or not I should take this down and do what everyone else is, but in the end, I really like how my story is going… so even if my squad is disqualified from this contest, I hope you guys enjoy my story too.
Author’s Note: Visuals: My archon is painted black, black, red; my phoenix is bronze, bronze, red; my reaper is black, black, metallic, and my razor is all dark grey.  Nekomede’s pod they send out is an experimental long range spacecraft and this was it’s first, and last, test run. The planet exists in the southeast corner of map. Writing a story is always fun, and my mind is racing with the possibilities. I liked how the Ydra system connects the federation and empire space with a second route, and so I began with scouting an alternative route to Jericho… then the idea of a whole other faction came to mind, but, then I decided they would have more primitive technology, like earth. I incorporated the Biomorphs into this… why not have them attack this planet. I usually think in paragraphs, instead of sentences, so I will try to keep my story short enough that people will read it and not an entire book. And now: the story begins…

Part 1:
The rumors that another civilization might exist, the Nekomata, surfaced some weeks ago, in the Haldon system. Sensors had detected a strange trespasser within the abandoned outpost there. The reports were laughed at, thought to be some kind of joke… a spirit-like humanoid who’s defining trait is cat ears? Absurd! Someone surely doctored a holo and sent it through the abandoned outpost there. And thus the reports were wholly ignored.

Outlaw Star, Squadron 003, was on a mission, assigned by the United Mercenary Centre’s chief coordinator, Arthur Gage, to set up hyperspace beacons between Solaris and New Ceres, in the hopes of establishing a gateway to bypass the roundabout paths currently in use. Sensors picked up some kind of craft near the Vaidon nebula, and so Kevin sent the reaper out to intercept with it’s tractor beam. The reaper’s crew, commanded by Kevins sister, Lisa, picked up the strange craft, and sent a single report back: Can we keep it? Shaking his head at his sister’s typical lack of details, he brought the Archon to port, deployed the docking clamps, and waited for Lisa to come aboard.

Peeking from behind Lisa, was something wholly unexpected. Kevin instinctively reached out to touch the soft, furry looking ears, only to get his fingers bit. Again Lisa asked ‘Can we keep it’ and, upset, Kevin’s answer was a resounding ‘NO’ While the Nekomata could not speak human, it seemed to be able to understand that Kevin wasn’t happy, and didn’t want her there, and so she began to get that teary eyed look. Lisa pouted, and looked on the verge of tears as well. Kevin turned his back: ‘Fine, she can stay! Just don’t flood my ship with tears.’ their smiles were instantaneous, and Kevin had no clue what he was going to do.

At a loss, Kevin sent in a long range transmission to his uncle, Rick, the current CEO of the Outlaw Star Mercenary corporation. Uncle Rick had never been all that close, and his sons were his main concern. He’d inherited the company when Gramps died a few years back. Uncle Rick’s reply wasn’t so favorable: ‘Don’t bother me with nonsense, I’m too busy for jokes and pranks.’ Sighing, Kevin wished his gramps was still in charge. As he ended the transmission, he turned expectantly to the door, as his eavesdroppers barged in. Lisa had always been so predictable.

Lisa: ‘She needs our help, but no one will listen!’
Kevin: ‘What do you mean, she needs our help? She can’t even speak human!’ Then, in his head, images started flashing. Familiar images: Biomorphs… He saw their scouts, their hunters, and predators come out of warp. The planet they attacked was primitive, using orbital satellites that could only fire ballistics and minimal surface-to-air artillery. As the planet was falling, and a single rocket shot off. It exited the atmosphere,and as it detached from the boosters, the last thing he saw before the rocket sped off into space was a massive warp opening, and a defiler entered.
Shocked and in a state of awe, he turned to the Nekomata and held his arms open, accepting his new, adopted family member. As he held his sisters, comforting them, he turned back to the comms consul, he radioed his fleet: Were going to Nekomedes.

Part 2:
It took us 9 days to reach Nekomedes. Catrina picks up languages fairly quickly, and she now has a fairly basic grasp of the human language. As we approached her homeworld, her apprehension visibly built more and more. It has pleased me to see Lisa open up to our new, adoptive sister. Lisa comforts her, and soothes her nervousness. The warning lights flashed as the Navigations system announced we were comming out of warp.

Before us was a lush, green world, marred by several fires, so big as to be visable from space. Around nekomedes were three moons, one looked to be just a rock, and the second was a dusty red. But the third! It drew ones eye, so beautiful it was. It must have been behind the planet when Catrina was launched into space, for I hadn’t seen it in the vision she showed me. One look at that moon would tell anyone why the Biomorphs attacked. It was solid Iridium! I had seen firsthand at Leviathan what the biomorphs would do to such a place. On the surface of Nekomedes, it appeared the Bio’s only disabled the Nekomatas, hitting cities with airports and launchpads. They also destroyed any sattelites and stations in space. As long as the Nekomatas were unable to oppose them, the biomorphs ignored Necomedes.

Warning lights flared, the biomorphs were approaching. Catrina went under her seat and hid, huddled in a ball. I wanted to comfort her, but I had work to do.Our Razor phased out, and headed towards the planet. Catrina had shared a great deal about her homeworld on the way here, and while I trusted her information, I wanted Lieutenant Brigg’s report. His mission was to recover what information he could on the planet below. Specifically the current state of the Nekomatas. Seeing Brigg’s safely away, I turned my focus to the approaching hunters.

Once they were within our 5000m range, I gave the command to open fire. The meson cannons blanketed the area, taking out enemy probes and scouts. The reaper started firing it’s harpoon cannons. It doesn’t really fire harpoons, rather, it fires an electromagnetically charged blast of air. I never liked that gun, myself. It smells of Ozone, mixed with sulfur. It may be an EM weapon, but the thing hits with a lot of concussive force. the way it knocks a target around really suits my sister well. When she locks a target, she’ll hit it in the side, angling the hit to knock the target to the side, where another shot is already on it’s way to knock it back. It’s almost like dribbling a soccer ball, she once told me. I almost feel sorry for those poor fools she knocks around.

I glance to the other side, where the phoenix is sitting. I ordered Captain Nash to send it’s long range assault drones to scout the nearby moon, so report should be coming in soon. The hunters closed half the distance, and then I heard what I had been waiting for. Our phoenix’s nailer opened fire, as it’s combat support drones locked on. The nailer nailed what was left of one hunter, then another, with pinpoint precision and a rapid rate of fire. It’s ammo is made of compressed steel, which we recycle from wrecked ships. the rounds may only be 300mm, but when they hit, they hit hard. The nailer uses twin barrels, firing alternately, allowing it to have a shorter cooldown. I see a few lights flash across my monitor. The report from the phoenix is in. So far so good, now we just have to hold position till Briggs returns.

Another warning light flashes. a predator and a few scouts are attempting to flank. I order the Reaper to intercept. Another warning light! from behind the Iridium moon, the defiler slowly approached! Our small fleet isn’t equipped to take down a defiler. were stuck between the defiler and the predators… we did the only sensible thing we could: we charged at the predators. I sent a message to Briggs. He’ll have to sneak out on his own. We pulled the fleet past the predators, and hit the warp.

To be continued…

I choose Procyon, because it has enough firepower, good shields to avoid unexpected attacks, big storage space for all goodies I found and its crew cabins can be used for long journeys without discomfort!

And I almost forget - its cheap vessel, so everyone can afford it and go explore outer space!

Ship: Cyning

"Boldly jump into the unknown"

In Federation space while exploring i detect strange signal and i start tracking it to the asteroid field on the edge of federation sector. This signal was a ship that jump trough some kind of wormhole and just before that wormhole collapse i jump too.
Now i was stranded in unexplored before sector without jump gates in it, but my prey is stranded too, until it recharge its drive. It hide in asteroid field to buy some time but my enhanced scanner and modules that can uncover hidden ships and objects help me found it and after short dogfight my superior firepower deplete it shield and proximity mine destroy its hull. In wreckege i found container with weapon blueprint, i don’t know how it get it, i don’t know what kind of weapon it is or how it work, but i now that this weapon will perfectly fit my ship.
I scan this unexplored sector and found it is full of valuable minnerals. After i choose probable sites for mining stations and jump gates i head back home. Without jump gates in sector i must use my microwarp drive, that take me more than few jumps but i’m back with prize in my cargo hold and valuable data for my corporation.
That ship prove to be fast, agile and with firepower that let you defend yourself from unknown threats, its scanner and microwarp drive give you oportunity to discover new sectors and head back home safely.

"If someone ever told me that I would be working for a secret service in any point of my life, I would have just laughed.

All that time spent growing up in the slums of an old and godforsaken Empire station, survival was the only thing I knew. Working in some kind of a factory that produced armor plates as cheap labor, let’s say I learned a thing or two about it. It wasn’t long until my curiousity triggered interest in those slavers that called themself employers. They offered me a better job, I didn’t understand a word they were saying back then but I agreed, I mean, how bad could it be, certainly can’t be worse than this heavy metal poisoning death trap.

That was the turning point in my life, got a crash course education in warships, weaponry, tactics, basically it was a “War 101” course. Scored bigtime after the testing, topped everyone in class, set a few highscores on the way and as a reward they gave me this beautiful command class ship called Aura. What a ship! So many years have passed since then, so many assingments succesfully completed and I still roam the unknown in my Aura, my first and probably the last ship I would ever pilot.

And here I am, after quiting my contract with those “slavers” few years back and working as a merc, I meet a gal in a white coat at a random space bar, can’t say it was coincidence since she didn’t say a word, just passed me this weird long range communicator and left. I installed it in my ship later and got this encrypted message, with the assingment and payment bigger than my merc pays in the last couple of years.

At first all I had to do was blast those brainless green crystallids, easy money if you ask me, nothing my Aura can’t kill. Now they are sending me into some kind of an expedition. Gave me some mods and weapons that looked like those of an crystallid and sent me away into the void. It’s been a month now and I’m having difficulties counting how many I killed so far…




…ah well, I guess they never learn, from daydreaming to killing aliens, never thought I’d be living a life like this…

The rules of survival never change , whether you’re in a death trap factory or in the far reaches of space."

Rewriting this…

"Rewriting this too."

Life Is Unfair. Spacefare. ”  by SIN

„We just left  the shipyard and already passing New Eden. One last look back on the station. (sigh) I should be excited but instead a sad, lonely feeling like on those warm late Summer afternoons is taking over me. Nothing, I, will never be the same anymore. Even if I ever got back I would be a stranger in my home. I wonder if this is what big explorers have had in mind when they went on a journey. Like the first men on the Moon? Hmm. Their flight was just about the same time of the year in 1969 as our departure today. And here we are now, 2649 years later, on board a Liberator that is named ’Summer’ and searching for… what? I don’t know. Adventure? Wealth? Nirvana? Whatever. This is our life. The spacefarers’ life…

It is not that bad after all. Space is dangerous but rational and though it is vast and full of unknown things it can be good to us. If we don’t do dumb things. Unlike life. Life is unfair. Spacefa(i)re. (giggling, cough) Anyway. Humans must go on. So do we. Just like everything else in the universe. Without motion there would be nothing…

By the way. Where is my check list? We have everything and done this a thousand times already but…  Hangar? Full and sealed. Supply? Check. Crew? On board. Clones? In stasis. Time-jump generator? I wish…

What are we going to find? More life? Maybe nothing but our real selves. That would be something…

Damn. Why am I philosophizing here? Probably just temporizing and waiting for something to happen. Well, then here we go: ENGAGE HYPERDRIVE!”               

My pick was the Liberator for obvious reasons.:slight_smile:



I found out that my short story is full of song references so here they are and I hope you enjoyed my story as much as you may enjoy these songs:

(I put them into spoilers to give you a chance for finding them in the text for yourselves.)











Mission Report: Log Number- 923002, Date - July 16 :

"It just never gets old, at least that’s why I joined the 66-th Recon… I saw all the Universe in just a fraction of its beauty, but nevertheless every single mission left me breathless before the multitude of glittering distant stars. When I was younger I built my own telescope with some spared credits. I used to ventured for hours, hell even days with just a few cans of food and my trusty telescope to get a clear view of the celestial bodies.

As irony would have it, now I’ve grown to hate the cold little blinking dots, as this is all that I have seen since my last departure from station “New Eden”. My task was to repair some ancient beacon near some forsaken nameless sector. The going got tough real soon, all I remember were the beeping emergency sounds in my helmet. My ship was no ordinary bird, it was a prototype with the most advanced engines vouchers could buy. The first shot got my shields down to 10%. All I could hear were the particles and debris hitting my canopy, some leaving tiny marks as they bounced back into nothingness. I wasn’t a stranger to enemy fire.

At that time I remembered my commander saying that all is fair in love and war on a side note, he was teasing me about my new payload (a tactical nuke). My adaptive shield got overloaded, and i transferred all of the energy from the capacitors to the twin cruiser engines. The cartel thugs had a  frigate and a warp gate. The gauge on my dashboard was showing speeds in too many digits. Time goes by so slowly, after 6 minutes my capacitors bought the farm. I looked to my right side and saw that the entire fuselage and wings were left in a mate black color from all the heat dissipation. Dammit, I pushed my ship too far, my cockpit is pitch black along with all lights.  I saw the faint orange glow reflecting on my rear glass panel from the engines that were cooling down. I closed my eyes and made my peace and braced for the enemy’s final lock on as my ship was motionlessly drifting, ever so slightly rotating.

I opened my eyes the very next minute and saw the enemy pass by my ship, as if they were searching for me like vultures without eyes. My last wish was granted- I had a few seconds to think about my life.

The view of all the beautiful stars from my childhood, so cold yet always lively flashing. Im probably talking nonsense, must be from that blood loss !  I was filled with anger and regret, all of these distant suns were long gone!  Their remnants were ghostly beams that were traveling through the galaxies. Their glittering was just a memory, waiting to vanish into the void. How are you real ?! I loved you with all my heart, you lied to me for too long! I thought you were diamonds and not smoke and mirrors !

Damn it why am I crying at a time like this…  Arming warhead."

Flight data recovery of destroyed vessel type “Black Bomber”,  ID:2910002, Name: Mutsami, Pilots last voice message analysis complete:97%***** decoding : 

“Let there be light”

Basic into

Ship type: Invincible class Destroyer

Slogan: _ Ad Astra Via Somnia Per Ardua**.**_ To the stars through Dreams and adversity

Why i chose this ship?: i chose this ship over all others because an exploration needed to be big enough to have a large crew but also have a high survivability, this ship met both requirements and i used both of those in my story to show why they were important, the first time was when i showed it could sustain a lot of damage but still survive, and the second time was when i used the size of its cargo bays to build a hydroponics farm so the ship would not run out of food.



Imperial Central command.

Ship Database.

Ships M.I.A.

Ship: I.S.S. Colombia._   _Invincible class starship.

Command: Cpt. James Taylor.

Motto: _    Ad Astra Via Somnia Per Ardua . _ To the stars through Dreams and adversity

_ Status: Unknown. _

_ Location: unknown. _

Mission: Exploration



Ship Log. I.S.S. Colombia

Stardate: Error ( Memory core damaged, report to spacedock)

Location: Error (consult astrometrics)

Command officer: Unknown

Day 1


Log Begins: Cpt. James Taylor:

it has been the worst day of my life the incident at the Precursor Dyson sphere is raging out of control so i’ll make this log for anyone to find just in case we don’t survive.

it was a good day for the most part until the disaster that got us into this mess.

early in the day we were in orbit of the planet Omega Tau IV, our long range sensors were picking up signs of a battle in a nearby system but it wasn’t too worrying since they didn’t seem to notice us, and that’s when things got strange.

a report came in from astrometrics that showed anomalous sensor reading from Omega Tau IV-b the second moon around the planet and requested that we focus our sensors on the small moon,

as we entered orbit of the moon it became quite clear that the moon was artificially made and was in fact a small precursor Dyson sphere.

2 hours later I called a meeting, the meeting had many topics such as an unusual power drain currently affecting our engines but the main focus was that while everyone could agree that this was a dyson sphere, nobody could explain what was powering it since a dyson sphere was supposedly powered by a small star at it’s center and this sphere was way too small for that, the meeting dragged on for another 3 hours with a small lunch break in the middle and that is when all of our questions were answered.

Just then during the meeting we were Hit by a tractor beam from the dyson sphere and the ship was pulled inside, it seems that the power drain on our engines was just trying to slow us down enough to lock on to us so that was one question answered, once we got inside we did a wide angle sensor sweep and that is when we found the power source of the great sphere, it was a huge wormhole, as amazing a find as this was we were immediately alerted to the sound of weapon impacts on our hull. our focused sensor sweeps meant we did not detect the alien fleet appear behind us and we still had our shields down and that brings us up to now.

we are outnumbered and out gunned and are left with only one option, the wormhole is our only chance for survival so we will send out a message with the location of the sphere on all frequency’s and all channels, we prepared to enter the wormhole, i only hope that someone out there will find the wormhole and come through and try to find us.

End of Log.


Day 2


Log Begins: First Officer. Asakura Yuki

Day 2 of this disaster and we are getting desperate the initial damage reports just came in and it isn’t good, the captain died during the Attack along with 18 other crew members, our computer core was damaged and there seems to be another dyson sphere at this end of the wormhole but it is destroyed the bigger problem though is that this side of the wormhole is too unstable to use, we have no idea where we are but right now but astrometrics show we are somewhere inside of the galactic core.

what should i do? i have 78 other people on this ship all looking too me for leadership and i am just not prepared for this, i need something to focus on.

water supplies are down so we are going take the ship to collect water from a nearby asteroid belt. repairs on our long range sensors and our targeting array are our next priority hopefully someone got that message and we won’t be out here for too long. wait short range sensors are picking up… something?

End of Log.


Day 5

Log Begins: First Officer. Asakura Yuki

i haven’t logged anything for 3 days now but the discoveries we have made are both amazing and worrying, it appears as though the objects our sensors were picking up were in fact subspace echo’s of our own ship caused by the instability of the wormhole and while fascinating they also showed signs of repairs weeks ahead of our own so we have concluded that no help will be arriving and we must make our own way back home.

we have also finished collection of water and have set up a hydroponics lab in the cargo bay so we are good on food and water supplies, our biggest challenge seems to be finding a way home, astrometics estimates that with our current speed and location it will take 80 years to get back to friendly space and they are saying that is if we are lucky and don’t have warp drive trouble.

End of Log.

Day 6

Log Begins: Cpt. Asakura Yuki

we had a funeral for the 19 crew members who died, all of them including captain Taylor died with honor preventing the destruction of this ship may their sacrifice never be forgotten.

End of Log.

Day 10

Log Begins: Cpt. Asakura Yuki

we finally got some good news for a change today.

after a week of repairs engineering finally reports that the damage to our computer core is repaired so now i can finally store all of these damn logs, but more than that it seems that the computer core connected to the dyson sphere when we were hit by the tractor beam and it downloaded some star charts, so now we know where we are but what is even better is that we now know the location of another dyson sphere that is only 30 days away from us at maximum speed and engineering and the scientists from astrometrics are telling my that there is information in that data that will let them link the wormhole at that dyson sphere with the one back at Omega Tau IV-b.

so now rather than 80 years to get back home we only have 30 days possibly 32 given time to link the wormholes, we just got damn lucky

End of Log.






My selected ship Jerico faction. Sybil is fourth generation destroyer. Story as what a colonist is divorcing ship the bloody device of the war



Centronon Planet Third millennium is the age of the advanced technique. The society seemed long one balanced out again finally after fights. Enormous giga polises emerged from the land ,and the nations not anymore with weapons but you compete with enormous cities’ building. Eliminated so the natural one environment remained his part his life vein. . The monsters continued to expand each other’s borders were attained then they became interwoven . Tetrapolises. The living standard the refinement of his tall nature and the technical development end the humanity fought a serious problem after all. The scholars of the western laboratories worked on a dream, which is his fulfilment, with big strengths

Centron may save it from the decay. The endless space hides the solution. The distant regions of galaxies which cannot be reached till now the half of the third millennium opened approaching with the building of a big ship the road into the unknown. Elysium is laughing for this ship they got it ,and this the fourth was his first representative class for destroyers, creating the perfect navigational computer hereby with which the humanity may have crossed the threshold of the hyperspace. The entrance opened but it was not known where they arrive ,and it than they arrive this altogether. The mission of the border-crossing ones entailed a success.
Explorer their roads hit a suitable planet on the row of the human life. A new era began.
Nobody talked about him but many people hoped for it after all they will be who wait for them, but gone astray. Many people moved onto the opposite half of the galaxy, he managed to build up a realm like that so that lived in peace.
Yericho a society may say a new home to his own already The name of which mendes XI. Centron was in need of the confine then because of the expansion of the realm a developer and a researcher was transformed into a base, they developed the androids here on the front of the fourth millennium. For which ones the new planets felt sorry about a big role colonising.

The first group was activated the centronon but because of the reaction of one of the wrong units into a catastrophe flowed. - Cx526 make change in I repeat it on his orbit promptly let him make changes in his orbit because he bumps into us. The android Sybil class colonising the first bumped into a station beside mendes causing the decay of the ship and the space base with a destroyer. The androids banned his production then the researches. Three thousand in two hundred and twenty-six Yericho realm already the galaxy more than keeps his half under his rule. The increasingly bigger increase of his area end the management is unable to hold the realm together. It a uniform realm rushed upon smaller parts, between which fights rage, once. These Empire Federation Jerico.
The humanity the first consists in increasingly better one near inter to the explosion of galactic war. The destructive war grips increasingly more planets the losses increasingly bigger the senate decides so because of this sows his concealed weapon…

"There are not chances, everything in the universe the curiosity ,and the revolution of an act.,  Ibrahim Korminov research technician journal-entry 3206 Februaries 1


Why choose only one ship when you can take a whole fleet ? 

Ever wanted to discover the universe, but when you searched for a ship you were forced to choose between space and speed ? 

We have the perfect solution to all your problems : Maelstrom, the Empire Dreadnought. 


It has everything you need for long travels,  enough space to go with all your friend/family, and big storage to be able to travel for years. Enjoy the confort of its jacuzzi, training room, or even casino between 2 planets. 

Have a safe trip,  thanks to its huge firepower and durability. Pirates, asteroids, even aliens won’t be a problem. 

And for those who need action,  it also has a space reserved to dock smaller ships inside ; allowing you to have some fun with your favorite interceptor. 

And for one more credit, a Hercule is included. So why do you hesitate ? 

Outside, the sky is emerald green, glowing ever so lightly. There are no stars in sight, no one particular source of light to focus on. Only clouds of dust and pillars of rock.

A bell chimes somewhere, far away. It’s early in the morning, according to the ship’s clocks. Time to actually get up and working, instead of just staring at the windows. I take one last look and tear myself away before suiting up and clocking in.


The engine room is quiet today. It’s quiet most days, I suppose. Not much but the gentle, rhythmic hums of the generators to keep me company. There’s a couple other crewmen down here, but in a place so large, it’s hard to find someone if they don’t want to be found. Besides, diagnostics are in the clear. Not much maintenance to do for the next month or so, probably.

I sit down on the wall – in as much as one can be said to sit down, with magnets instead of gravity – and lean up against an auxiliary fuel injector. It’s still cold to the touch. I suppose there isn’t much demand for extra energy right now, up in the captain’s chair. I pull up the schematics and study them for a little while. Might as well. After all, down here, knowledge is power. Quite literally, for the rest of the crew.


Crewman 68192 of the Tenacious Dawn, Octopus model no. 379.

On ‎7‎/‎16‎/‎2016 at 7:47 PM, mutsami said:

Mission Report: Log Number- 923002, Date - July 16 :

Mission report, December 16th, 1991




Ship : Lion

Limits of Pandora

there … that’s where I want to go …
Behind the white star and beyond …
I changed my Lion a bit; it is strong, fast, spacious, i fully trust it.
I changed a cargo space to install a nice bed, another cargo space for food supply and water … I can hold on forever:)
If I miss target, I deploy one of the drones and get away.
it destroys some pirates while they don’t see me and i can regenerate my shield,  it’s fun …:slight_smile:
but if necessary, firepower of my Lion is just great.
And to occupy my days, I planed to play a famous game on pc, it seems:
Star Conflict … seems it’s a good one, i’ll see that …
Last on check list, I’m ready, let’s go now…for a better World.

“Explorer, careful,
beyond the Sea of Space,
and the Borders of the Universe,
it is I, you’re going to discover !!”








(thanks to Dado for this splendid music who suit so well with my travel)


So I didn’t really have time to come up with a story just for this, so I used an old story I have (Yes I have old stories because I write stories about this game bc I’m a nerd ._.) and put it in pictures, still having trouble with copy pasting into forums, so until that changes, every post I have with lost of text will be a bunch of pictures because I still cant copy paste so uhh yea here’s this: NOTE BEFORE WE BEGIN! I did wait until now before posting this so that it would not block other people’s posts, since this is uhh… a bit longer than my usual walls of text. If you want the full version of this story, ask me for it and I’ll give you what I have, chapter 1 is going to be split into about 20 chapters or so, or just its own book, and uhh yea, I only have one chapter going after this one, and please don’t be mad with me over the spam, it said “tell us your story” triggered so I added a story to my ‘brief’ reason for why I think ship X is best (Its brief for me, would you prefer to read 30 pages of why the Jaguar is a good ship? No, you’d prefer my version of ‘brief’ even if it is like a whole page long.) Anyway, LETS BEGIN! also quick side not before that, I did write most of this book/novel at this point, in a classroom, and I didn’t give it my full attention, so it’s not the best, don’t be afraid, the movie version will be better, and don’t be afraid, the movie WILL come out eventually, I kind of explained why it isn’t here down there. NOW LETS BEGIN!


[I](<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2016_07/579d56d43f46d_page29.png.e24585543874463d95b36b2e2fe42c86.png) should have used “What’s in your hangar?” after explaining my reason behind choosing the Jaguar, like, you know, those idk, chase bank commercials or something, where they say “Product X blah blah blah, what’s in your wallet?” ok anyway I didn’t use it but I could have, someone else can lol plzdontbemadItookupsomuchspace  theysaidstorysoIdidastory  Atleastthistimeiputitattheveryendofthethingsoitwasntblockinganyoneelse’s… Ididthatforthedestroyerthingtoobutthenpeoplemademorebutthere’slessthan24hoursleft…