[Contest entry] Guide for Mining Asteroids with the "Asteroid Conqueror" Update - Elydium Ze´Ta + Kai Fission Launcher


Are you tired of blowing up every Astro by accident due of overheating it?

Do you want to get the best possible number of drops from any Astro all the time?

Do you want to cramp all that loot into your cargo without moving to a cargo drone or return to the station every 5 minutes?


If you did answer 2 of those 3 question with “Yes” then feel free to continue to read this little guide. Cus it will show how you can deal with those pesky Astros and convince them to not explode by accident + geting the sweet spot of the best possible loot drops in terms of numbers.




Let me introduce you to the
Kai Fission Launcher
of the
Ze´Ta Dessy
that does a splendid job in dealing with those Astros and bring them into the “sweet spot” of their drops
all the time
and with nearly no real effort to adjust your shots to get them. I don´t know if the higher/lower tech version makes a difference in the required number of shots or if it does not matter what level your tech has to deal with an Astro but i have the feeling that it is more timebased rather then “how much dmg you deal against it”. The Kai Fission Launcher 12 needs ~18/19 rounds to deal with any Astro + it has the ultimate advantage that the “Hold Shot” has an intervall that seems to be the exact one needed to convince those Astros to give their best possible number of drops in combination of always getting an Mole part during the Event.


Sure the weapon is a bit hard to get considering that it requires to have the Ze´Ta + having it unlocked but overall the benefit is more then worth it in the long run. Even if going for a Dessy to mine Astros may be a strange thing considering the lousy speed my Ze´Ta has if the Astors are in a right position you can basicly fly from one to another and while on way already working on it so that it explodes until you arrive (sometimes a litte managing with the speed is needed). Another benefit of using a Dessy is simpl put 12 slots for cargo so that you could even collect the one or another extra container if you should fly by some during your mining. To compensate the slow speed a bit the best way is to use the Wormhole Module to cover the distance if the Astros are not close to each other or you just want to travel a bit faster in the map


However this weapon  has one small disatvantage due of its AoE/Splash that can aggro NPCs if they run into the shot in open space and here the click firemode comes in handy cus it nearly has the same intervall as the hold firemode but preventing the AoE/Splash to create any unneeded attention. In the vid i show you a situation where the Astros had a “perfect placement” and the droprates of 5 Astros. The Vid was made when i was already in a run but should show exactly why it´s worth going for the Kai FIssion Launcher. Overal considering the time i was in OS vs the Mole parts the rate is roughly 1 part/minute. If this rate is constand it translates in 1500 minutes = 25 hours of farming. Giving a bit of fluctuation here and there i would say roughly 30 hours at best with this method



For those wondering where the sound is. Well it seems that for some reason the recording did not record the sound but basicly it was just the sound of the weapon cus i play without any music so not much to miss here.


With this i will end my little Guide for mining and wish you a happy hunt for minerals and the Mole parts.


Regards - Vesperion

For first I was scepticat but this actually works really well.
at first I used Rockwell with homin laser but ze’ta (with wormhole module + teleport ) is a much more easier choice. I don’t need to count my shots like in gunship so mining isn’t  so painful .
Thanks for you guide I got 112 Mole parts in 1 h 15 min!