Contest " Engineer for an engineer" Entries



Attach the logs of the game session and all materials that can serve as confirmation of the efficiency of your method (screenshots/video).


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Aaaaah fine let me go get the scissors and glue.


Discussion aside; evidence is ready and rendered.


Trigger occurred on live server, now previous client version (1.7.4a.142789 Nov 19 2020)

Regular format as per bug report guidelines


1. As per the bug hunt, I was able to regenerate my entire shield capacity in an extremely short span of time.

2. To take damage and only have regular shield regeneration input from modifiers and modules.

3. Refer to evidence below. Specific things to note that occurred at the time the bug triggered:
→A shield break triggered debuff immunity
→My debuff immunity chip triggered
→I was under the CC effect of a Blaster turret and the typical Police debuffs

4.  As per the bug hunt I was specifically hunting for the “infinite shield” bug, so I used Open Space police in order to cover as many bases as possible for potential triggers (debuffs, damage sources, proximity, etc.) and was able to successfully trigger and record evidence of the bug. I was also able to successfully seperate the combat logs in order to make spotting the triggers of the bug easier.

5.  This bug is rare, it is hard to replicate but extremely powerful when it occurs.

6.  Logs attached, video included.

7.  The time should be able to be spotted via Combat and Game logs I hope - I forgot to note what time it was locally (AEST +10)
8.  Not sure if this is necessary, but attached as per usual.

9.  Not applicable.

10.  Not applicable.


Video of bug trigger (cut down to before and after trigger success)



Logs folder will be renamed to Trigger_session_1, DxDiag will be excluded.



Multiple sets of game, combat and game-net logs supplied each with a confirmed trigger of the bug. Guideline format will primarily be similar to previous evidence report with changes for further details in an attempt to find similar debuffs, damage inputs and module activations that could match up between the evidence sets.


Fresh trigger occurred on live server, current update (1.7.4a.142804 Nov 20 2020)

Regular format as per bug report guidelines


1.   As per the bug hunt, I was able to regenerate my entire shield capacity in an extremely short span of time.

2.   To take damage and only have regular shield regeneration input from modifiers and modules.

3.   I was taking heavy damage and debuffs from Open Space police units when I successfully triggered the pursued bug.

4.   On both occurrences during evidence the bug triggered there was only one element which lined up - being that a new debuff timer appeared the moment the bug began (virus chip on second activation, shield break cooldown on first).
→This brings up a new theory on activation that… well, a new debuff of some sort being applied is somehow triggering the bug with in the prior report the bug activated upon leaving “spawn invulnerability” may have been due to the “multipurpose implant” cooldown being added and then the longer activation being caused by the shield break implant’s cooldown being added to the debuff list.
→This could potentially explain previously noted triggers which included:

  • Vacuum Resonance laser
  • Dag’tnith Launcher
  • Blaster turret debuffs
  • Gravibeamer
  • Inhibitor beam
  • Engine Suppressor

Although this would not explain the presence of the bug on non-Ellydium ships and low hostility NPCs, it is once again a potential theory (one of many of course).

5.  This bug is extremely difficult to replicate on demand and currently is simply only able to be documented via “trial and error methods” which is extremely costly to players (Karma, Credits, Time).

6.  New evidence attached including two new clips - just don’t mind the commentary, I was in the corp discord at the time.

7.  Once again I didn’t think of documenting the time during activation - server times may be able to be seen via game logs.

8.   DxDiag was provided in a previous report, not attaching to this one.

9.  Not applicable.

10.  Not applicable.


Evidence of successful triggers for documentation purposes (audio warning as per usual, mic was enabled)

Logs from this session will be renamed to Trigger_Session_2 and Trigger_Session_3 respectively. DxDiag is excluded because I swear the devs know my PC better than me at this point.

All logs were split shortly after the trigger occurred and/or concluded via rebooting the client to allow for finding data within the combat and game logs easier.

[](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=20319)[](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=20320)[](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=20321)

How to replicate it:

1: set up a wazgot with green mist and any modules ready for combat. (Preferably one able to tank a lot of damage)

2: launch in to any game mode (easiest to do outside of a station in open space)

3: Start blindly killing things until your danger level reaches lv5.

4: Once you start taking lots of damage from many sources, there’s a solid 10% chance that your shield will start regenerating nonstop and you’ll be for the most part invulnerable.

5: (tips) it helps if you have 4 GM drones, and have lots of sources of shield regeneration already, like combat shield regenerator, and active modules.



This is the only log element that shows up consistently when the issue is happening:

11:51:38.180  CMBT   | Heal      TheDarkRedFox|0000006412 ->    TheDarkRedFox|0000006412 12531.55 Module_UntouchableGhost_13

11:51:22.077  CMBT   | Heal      TheDarkRedFox|0000006412 ->    TheDarkRedFox|0000006412 14680.00 Module_UntouchableGhost_13
11:51:22.745  CMBT   | Heal      TheDarkRedFox|0000006412 ->    TheDarkRedFox|0000006412 3228.32 Module_UntouchableGhost_13
11:51:24.377  CMBT   | Heal      TheDarkRedFox|0000006412 ->    TheDarkRedFox|0000006412 13507.67 Module_UntouchableGhost_13
11:51:40.429  CMBT   | Heal      TheDarkRedFox|0000006412 ->    TheDarkRedFox|0000006412 4980.78 Module_UntouchableGhost_13
11:51:42.663  CMBT   | Heal      TheDarkRedFox|0000006412 ->    TheDarkRedFox|0000006412 14683.00 Module_UntouchableGhost_13
11:51:43.396  CMBT   | Heal      TheDarkRedFox|0000006412 ->    TheDarkRedFox|0000006412 5837.37 Module_UntouchableGhost_13

So I just got the bug after being hit by like 12 enemies in OS at the same time. Hadn’t recently used GM, but it healed me to full every 0.2s or so.
The only things that I can attribute to it are taking lots of damage from lots of damage sources, with a number of debuffs applied.



To be clear, there is no 100% guaranteed way to make this happen that we know of.



[combat.log](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=20322)[game.log](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=20323)[](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=20324)

During sec con tonight, we witnessed what we strongly believe, to be the waz got shield bug on a Styx. This bug has been confirmed to be seen on normal engineers, and the video evidence is extremely convincing, showing the same shield spikes as  the bug Waz’got can cause. The combat log time we believe this to have happened was 22:38.088 . There are several massive heals, ranging from 4k to 6k in the span of 16 seconds.

Video Evidence: 


[combat.log](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=20330)[game.log](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=20331)[](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=20332)

I made it on Ze’Ta during pve pirate fort raid lvl 30 baron and other pirates were shooting at me and I got such a regen

17:07:49.716  CMBT   | Heal          Boczek121|0000045050 ->        Boczek121|0000037969 262.50 Module_SectorShield_Base

17:07:50.116  CMBT   | Heal          Boczek121|0000042186 ->        Boczek121|0000037969 262.50 Module_SectorShield_Base

17:07:50.732  CMBT   | Heal          Boczek121|0000045050 ->        Boczek121|0000037969 262.50 Module_SectorShield_Base

17:07:51.749  CMBT   | Heal          Boczek121|0000045050 ->        Boczek121|0000037969 262.50 Module_SectorShield_Base

17:07:53.766  CMBT   | Heal          Boczek121|0000045050 ->        Boczek121|0000037969 262.50 Module_SectorShield_Base

17:07:54.736  CMBT   | Heal          Boczek121|0000045050 ->        Boczek121|0000037969 262.50 Module_SectorShield_Base

17:07:55.732  CMBT   | Heal          Boczek121|0000045050 ->        Boczek121|0000037969 262.50 Module_SectorShield_Base

17:07:56.349  CMBT   | Heal          Boczek121|0000047123 ->        Boczek121|0000037969 262.50 Module_SectorShield_Base

17:07:56.749  CMBT   | Heal          Boczek121|0000045050 ->        Boczek121|0000037969 262.50 Module_SectorShield_Base

17:07:57.365  CMBT   | Heal          Boczek121|0000047123 ->        Boczek121|0000037969 262.50 Module_SectorShield_Base

17:07:57.749  CMBT   | Heal          Boczek121|0000045050 ->        Boczek121|0000037969 262.50 Module_SectorShield_Base

17:07:58.365  CMBT   | Heal          Boczek121|0000047123 ->        Boczek121|0000037969 262.50 Module_SectorShield_Base

17:07:58.765  CMBT   | Heal          Boczek121|0000045050 ->        Boczek121|0000037969 262.50 Module_SectorShield_Base

17:07:59.382  CMBT   | Heal          Boczek121|0000047123 ->        Boczek121|0000037969 262.50 Module_SectorShield_Base

17:07:59.715  CMBT   | Heal          Boczek121|0000045050 ->        Boczek121|0000037969 262.50 Module_SectorShield_Base

17:08:00.399  CMBT   | Heal          Boczek121|0000047123 ->        Boczek121|0000037969 262.50 Module_SectorShield_Base

17:08:09.902  CMBT   | Heal          Boczek121|0000048227 ->        Boczek121|0000037969 262.50 Module_SectorShield_Base

17:08:10.399  CMBT   | Heal          Boczek121|0000047123 ->        Boczek121|0000037969 262.50 Module_SectorShield_Base

17:08:10.899  CMBT   | Heal          Boczek121|0000048227 ->        Boczek121|0000037969 262.50 Module_SectorShield_Base

17:08:11.399  CMBT   | Heal          Boczek121|0000047123 ->        Boczek121|0000037969 262.50 Module_SectorShield_Base

Maybe I post wrong save I don’t know much about it but I got about 46k shield (unless it was from wazdum and I didn’t notice that)

Got it, outside of a station, fighting guards, travellers and some police. It may be triggered when using the active modules, like energy converter for example.


A few line from the logs: 

Heal          DaCookiez|0000019363 ->        DaCookiez|0000019363 2886.42 Module_UntouchableGhost_15
09:48:50.385  CMBT   | Damage MobWithTarget_6_3|0000023412 ->        DaCookiez|0000019363 393.57 (h:0.00 s:393.57) Weapon_Laser_Basic_T3_Epic THERMAL|PRIMARY_WEAPON  
09:48:50.385  CMBT   | Damage        DaCookiez|0000019363 ->            NPC61|0000023923 1090.52 (h:1045.67 s:44.84) Module_UntouchableGhost_15 THERMAL  
09:48:50.441  CMBT   | Heal          DaCookiez|0000019363 ->        DaCookiez|0000019363 158.80 Module_GreenRegenShield_T5_Epic
09:48:51.004  CMBT   | Heal          DaCookiez|0000019363 ->        DaCookiez|0000019363 254.05 Module_UntouchableGhost_15
09:48:51.105  CMBT   | Damage        DaCookiez|0000019363 ->            NPC61|0000023923 1086.03 (h:1081.54 s:4.50) Module_UntouchableGhost_15 THERMAL  
09:48:51.163  CMBT   | Damage        DaCookiez|0000019363 ->            NPC61|0000023923 506.39 (h:447.93 s:58.45) Weapon_LaserConeHeal_T5_Epic THERMAL|PRIMARY_WEAPON  
09:48:51.382  CMBT   | Damage MobWithTarget_6_3|0000023412 ->        DaCookiez|0000019363 394.69 (h:0.00 s:394.69) Weapon_Laser_Basic_T3_Epic THERMAL|PRIMARY_WEAPON  
09:48:51.474  CMBT   | Heal          DaCookiez|0000019363 ->        DaCookiez|0000019363 158.80 Module_GreenRegenShield_T5_Epic
09:48:51.556  CMBT   | Damage            NPC60|0000023656 ->        DaCookiez|0000019363 298.01 (h:0.00 s:298.01) Weapon_Railgun_Sniper_Ref_C_T4 KINETIC|PRIMARY_WEAPON  
09:48:51.779  CMBT   | Heal          DaCookiez|0000019363 ->        DaCookiez|0000019363 571.04 Module_UntouchableGhost_15
09:48:51.888  CMBT   | Damage        DaCookiez|0000019363 ->            NPC61|0000023923 1092.01 (h:1033.70 s:58.31) Module_UntouchableGhost_15 THERMAL  
09:48:51.941  CMBT   | Damage            NPC56|0000023106 ->        DaCookiez|0000019363 585.69 (h:0.00 s:585.69) Weapon_Railgun_Sniper_Ref_C_T4 KINETIC|PRIMARY_WEAPON  
09:48:52.021  CMBT   | Cancel aura ‘AdaptiveShieldBoost_T5_Epic’ id 6460 type AURA_SHIELD_RESIST_ALL from ‘DaCookiez’
09:48:52.394  CMBT   | Damage MobWithTarget_6_3|0000023412 ->        DaCookiez|0000019363 918.20 (h:0.00 s:918.20) Weapon_Laser_Basic_T3_Epic THERMAL|PRIMARY_WEAPON  
09:48:52.394  CMBT   | Damage            NPC58|0000023136 ->        DaCookiez|0000019363 2210.00 (h:0.00 s:2210.00) Weapon_Railgun_Sniper_Ref_C_T4 KINETIC|PRIMARY_WEAPON  
09:48:52.395  CMBT   | Damage            NPC57|0000023121 ->        DaCookiez|0000019363 1812.00 (h:0.00 s:1812.00) Weapon_Railgun_Sniper_Ref_C_T4 KINETIC|PRIMARY_WEAPON  
09:48:52.448  CMBT   | Heal          DaCookiez|0000019363 ->        DaCookiez|0000019363 158.80 Module_GreenRegenShield_T5_Epic
09:48:52.505  CMBT   | Heal          DaCookiez|0000019363 ->        DaCookiez|0000019363 5610.26 Module_UntouchableGhost_15


And the rest of the logs attached.



[chat.log](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=20382)[combat.log](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=20383)[game.log](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=20384)[](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=20385)

Fresh trigger of the bug on the current patch of the game (, Dec 18 2020)


1. As per the bug hunt, I was able to regenerate my entire shield capacity in an extremely short span of time.

2. To take damage and only have regular shield regeneration input from modifiers and modules.

3.  I was taking heavy damage from multiple damage sources. I made sure to have no potential modifiers flooding my incoming healing and as a result no combat shield regenerator or static shield regenerator were used. Only an Engineering Regenerator 17 was used in the event the bug failed to trigger.

4.  There are very few factors from this trigger that correlate to previous triggers which is making this appear to be more and more a game engine limitation as some of the other EN players are suspecting.

There is not really a way to define what happened at the time of the trigger other than the instance was “busy” with a large amount of entities (Destroyer present, Allied Guards, Waz’got scrap) which may be why this bug is possible to replicate on ships other than Waz’got with some other observed ships able to trigger the bug including Triple Algorithm Scylla, Combat Drones Hammerhead, Phoenix, Valor and Styx.

This could potentially explain how Paps was able to find the bug somewhat consistently in Dreamland at release as Dreamland was an extremely active sector thanks to Allied Guards and Enclave enemies constantly brawling combined with large map size, asteroid spawns, drones and turrets.

5.  Still rare. A reliable trigger is yet to be found. Note for replication; on the event of a death from a failed attempt return to hangar and undock again. Using Blackwood shipyard’s Guard Ai is somewhat reliable as well as the Police Ai at Guardian 17.

6.  Logs attached + Video. DxDiag is omitted.

7.  Only way to tell is via the hangar clock in the recording. Unsure if it is localised or not but time zone is AEST +10.

8.  Omitted as the bug is proven to be replicatable on other PCs/OS’. Game client is installed on an SSD if it contributes.

9.  Not applicable.

10.  Not applicable.






[](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=20487)