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Provided by: Koromac




Description: Leviathan Rift reconnaissance shows that Biomorphs are currently gathering their main fleet into attack positions, close to the portals.

                    Reverse engineered Tackler, specifically equipped with alien’s hull coating was sent there to evaluate the strength of their main Invasion force.

                    Unfortunately, our surprise didn’t work as promised, as we were soon detected by the Prime fleet of the Biomorphs - Defilers themselves.

                    Hunters started to engage, so we had to cloak in order to survive and after we finally escaped, the portal closed behind us.


P.S: I had to cut out a part of the picture, since I had a pop-up notification on my screenshot. You can still see the original here below. It’s the same screenshot.


Are old biomorph ships allowed for the picture? (not containing new ships). In the case ship type matters: Wich biomorph ships are considered valid for the contest?



captured by autschn95

Nickname:  TykTak

Sector: Easter Mining Station

Time: 18:36

Crew ship: Tormentor

Detected alien ship: Hunter


Description: When 13th crew went on patrol mission they flyed into Eastern Mining Station to collect some crystals. They were fighting against cartel ships when aliens invaded the sector to destroy the humans and gather sector minerals. Crew has identified alien ship and named it Hunter because of it’s mainpower and hunter abilities. The fight wasnt long but dangerous and 13th crew won against alien group thankfully to their guard Tormentor ship.



It was at this moment the hunters knew: They fucked up!




By: ZenChronos

Alien Invasion Preparations:





And maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to turn the HUD back on again after all…:



"In the wake of the beast"  By NuclearHail



Me discussing a few things with the biomorphs :stuck_out_tongue:


Nick: Papitas

Alien Invasion Preparations:





And maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to turn the HUD back on again after all…:




Alien Invasion Preparations:





And maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to turn the HUD back on again after all…:



Holy moly you really did mess up there.

edit: sorry didnt know that ps wasnt allowed, here is the unedited pic



pilot name: mutsami

Picture got distorted due to an unknown field, this is as close as I could get to him…





pilot name: mutsami

Picture got distorted due to an unknown field, this is as close as I could get to him…



I don’t think photoshop is allowed

_ Vice Admiral of Imperial Fleet; _ OmegaFighter_ … Special log entry. _


Now, after 261 days; 37 weeks, 2 days since the last special contact with the biomorphic species…

_ ‘Recon Scout Fleet’s Report’ - sent to Jericho Command. _

“Commander, we are following them to their home. Maybe we will not come back.”
~ OmegaFighter - Admiral of the Recon Scout fleet. - Sorting Facility.

Communiaction connection lost…


Few days later…
"We were the first pilots, who have survived in the unknown space.
We got some nice interesting information about their invasion plans and their first attacks in the Jericho space." - OmegaFighter, Station Mendes IX.

“With this new information we are now able to strike back!”
'Secret information: They can’t live in our world for a long time, if they stay in our world for too long, they die. Their ships are 100% biological and very durable.
If we have a weapon to destroy their wormholes or some nanodrones to destroy their biological hull, we might be able to win this war.’

Enjoy it!


We encountered them another time, more dangerous and determined than we could imagine.

They got 4 new dangerous classes since the last meeting, the Scout ship, their new kind of guard, the Predator, the most dangerous Hunter, the Elite hunter and their own big motherships, the Defilers.

We went around to analyze the situation, we lost many pilots. From 100… 5 survived.

But we got informations in the last 37 weeks, we started to boost our weapon strength with alien technology, started to build the most powerful ships in the whole galaxy, the dreadnoughts which are capable of destroying moons with their main calibers. And the new secret projects which make us able to build our own T5.5 ships.

We followed one of their scout squads… here are our sensor logs:


We followed them anywhere and we discovered three of their main sectors. We called them “Inverter”, “Otherworld” and “Leviathan”. So far the “Leviathan” Sector is the most dangerous sector in the whole galaxy we’ve found so far. It’s danger level is 10.


We’ve found several squads of hunters, predators and their mightiest ships, the Defilers. A few of them.

But that was nothing compared to this sphere in the background, it is capable of absorbing energy from Ships, planets, stars and black holes and destroys them during that. If they find a way moving those spheres to our space, we will fight like never before.





Also, the “Otherworld”, which was known as Unknown Space is now visitable with one of the alien portals we’ve build. As they realized that we’re now able to join their sectors whenever we want, they decided to ally up with the “Jericho-Cybers” and increase their defense and assaults in all sectors.


The otherworld is not even their main sector, it seems to be one of their edge sectors. But still it’s being heavy guarded by Hunters and Predators with a lot of their new drones. This sector is designated as very dangerous so it’s danger level  9. It’s not recommended to join this sector if you are not an elite pilot or having an allied fleet in your back.


Also, the new sector called “Inverter” is probably the source of all matter inverters we’ve seen in their sectors and during the battle against the defilers. They are insanely dangerous and we have to prevent them from destroying more of our ships and stations. One of our future plans is destroying their main & core sectors and start a massive attack. The fight against the Federation and the Jericho faction will help us to improve our technology and use it against the alien threat. The danger level of this sector is 7.


The new alien-gates will help us to increase our appearance in their sectors and will increase our chances to win the war against the biomorphs and the cybers.


But before we start attacking them, we have to focus on defending ourselves, prevent them from killing innocent people, prevent them from capturing more space, interrupt their attacks. We have to go forward instead of backwards, hire more mercenaries, more influenceful corporations should join our fight, bring their dreadnoughts. Because if they don’t… they die with us.


But even on our own sectors, their attacks became more powerful, entire sectors just got smashed, fleets, destroyed. Dreadnoughts heavily damaged or destroyed as well. 

Our current losses in the war against the biomorphs: Emp, 132.891.265 humans, 43% of them were imperial pilots or mercenaries. All others were civils and even kids or women.

We have to pay back! No matter the costs, we can’t let them continue what they do!


We have to increase our defense, stop fighting our own human brothers and sisters. We have to unite and fight together. At least until this threat is beaten.

_ But shall we fail… the price will be our own extinction. Escaping is not one of our plans. But maybe the last solution…_


But we won’t, we continue fighting. Until the end, we won’t run. We win or die.


Legend (Sector danger levels)

10: Extremely dangerous; Barter Zone, Leviathan

9: Very dangerous; Felony Border, Otherworld

8: Dangerous; Middle sectors

7: Slightly dangerous; edge sectors, Inverter

6: High attention needed; edge sectors/PvP sectors

5: Attention needed; inner PvP sectors

4: Little Attention needed; edge non PvP sectors

3: Little Action; inner non PvP sectors

2: (Almost) Peace; neighbours of Stations

1: Station; Obviously, the stations.

0: Don’t play invasion if you want this danger level!




So, if you’ve read everything, and you checked all the screenshots, you get a cookie!


Just say what you think about the story and all the pictures… NOTE: Only the NOT-SPOILERED picture is the screenshot i nominated, all other screenshots and text is EXTRA content.

If you feel that i’ve chosen the wrong screenshot of those as main, and you think one of the spoilered (except the cookie) is better, then just say it. 


IGN: OmegaFighter

Give the man first prize!

that leviathan pic is amazing omega :wink:

Nice stuff Omegafighter!!  I wish I could play the game on max settings to get pics like that :frowning:

Guys, thanks for your feedback! I didn’t expect that this post would be sooo successful…  :fed011:

Guys, thanks for your feedback! I didn’t expect that this post would be sooo successful…  :fed011:

Well u did put an effort into it (as expected of a German), so the feedback is expected. But really how do u get this grafic, and what’s your net speed?