Contest 'Blockbuster'


Surely, many of you have at least once imagined yourself as movie heroes, finding themselves in intense situations during battles. In the vast Star Conflict universe you can find different subjects: adventure, action, comedy, mysticism and even romance. We suggest you fantasize and imagine what poster of Star Conflict movie would look like.



You need to create a poster of a fictional movie from the Star Conflict universe.



  • Image should be created exclusively for the contest and should not break any rules of morale, ethics or law (domestic or international), as well as [forum](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/18970-forum-rules/) and game rules.
  • One participant — one poster.
  • You are able to use graphical editors.
  • Upload your image on [special forum section](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/33673-contest-blockbuster-posters/).
  • Don’t forget to mention your nickname.


Terms and Rewards

The contest will run from May 4th to 26th. Winners will be declared at the end of the month.

  • 1st place - 100 xenocrystals.
  • 2nd place - 70 xenocrystals.
  • 3rd place - 50 xenocrystals.



[Discussion](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/33672-contest-blockbuster-discussion/)