Contest Birthday Card



Greetings Pilots! We are celebrating a significant date - 7 years of release! Exactly 7 years ago, we officially announced that the game is available worldwide. But our world was not limited - along with a lot of players, biomorphs came too! 


During this time, much has changed in our world - powerful dreadnoughts have appeared, we have already fought with aliens in a large-scale war twice, millions of ships were lost and twice as many were built. Your fleet has evolved along with technology, your skills have grown.


Today we are launching a birthday card competition dedicated to a significant date - 7 years of the release of Star Conflict!

The participants in this contest need to put their photo editing skills to the test, creating the best birthday card for Star Conflict!


Contest rules:


  • it must contain at least one Star Conflict reference
  • it must not violate the terms of service
  • photo editing is allowed
  • each participant can only post one card
  • [POST YOUR CARDS HERE](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/40827-contest-birthday-card-entries/)


Contest prize:

The best birthday card will have the chance to win the DLC Protozan, 2nd place 5000 gold standards, 3rd place 3000 gold standards. Birthday card with the most upvotes will receive the Th’Ak’Len 11-17 weapon!


Contest duration:


The entries will be accepted until September 14th, the winners will be announced within a week after the contest ends.


Truly yours,

Star Conflict Team!