Contest: "Best Screenshot"

Dear pilots! We all know that the Universe from Star Conflict is far away from being “boring”,it is an awesome place.

Therefore, it is time to give the world another appearence.

We announce the start of the Star Conflict screenshot contest.

The competition is held in two categories:

  1. The best screenshot in a fight.

  2. The best screenshot from the landscape.

Terms for the contest:

You need to take a screenshot of the game and put it on the Forum up to November 5th.

On November 6th we will take a look into your screenshots and choose the best.

On November 7th we will declare the winners.

Rules for submitting screenshots:

The screenshot should be without HUD : (To disable the interface press alt + z)

Each of you can submit not more than 3 x screenshots in one categorie.

Screenshots can be taken by using the F12 button. The will be saved in jpg format. In the gamechat you will see the location where the screenshots are saved. Typically in the game folder)

Note that when you publish your screenshots on the Forum, its quality will automatically be lowered!

Therefore, keep the original screenshots. Prizes will only be given out to those authors who sent the initial screenshots in high quality!

Mail: Send the screenshot to this email inculidng a link to your post on the forum.

Be sure to use “Star Conflict screenshot contest” as reference in the email.

The prizes:

1st place – 1000 Gold Standards.

2nd place - 500 Gold Standards.

3rd - 200 Gold Standards.

You can win in both categories.

Launch your ships and explore the beautiful universe!