Containers, Bomb, minerals pick up speed

How is it that some players take a few seconds to pick up the containers, bombs and minerals but other players can pick them up instantly, this is a real pain when trying to get chips or minerals you are half way through and someone just pops up and takes them, is there some sort of special button that lets them pick it up so fast?

I believe that there’s some connection issues like you might have high Ping. If you see a ship near the Object, it may be already there collecting it.

Although I have not yet found any module or keybinds that lets you pick any item at an instant.

As far as I know they probably just mash the interact button (mine is set to C) and get within the ~300m required to pick up.

In OS, frigates pick up from 450m and destroyers can pick up from 900m.

Some items can be picked up faster than others I know that.

Like mission ores around asteroids (the blue ores) take much longer to pick up than regular containers that are dropped.

They shouldn’t be able to pick up the same item faster then the person who started picking it first if they are in the same type of ship, i.e both using an interceptor, it take me between 1.7 and 2.2 seconds but they pick it up in almost half a second, maybe it’s distance related from the server, I am in the uk. Not sure how I’m going to get the seed chips from dreamland as the hammerhead and tai kin keep pinching them, wish they would just make that zone for 4 to 11 level chips, so people with lower levels at least get a chance, the alien zones are a no go for us.

They likely just get in range and start interacting first, and lag makes it seem otherwise, because for a given item, everyone has the same pickup speed.


Just a matter of who gets to it first.