Contacts: Ms. Frost - Operation "Hail" - PvP enemy kill is not counting

This operation requires that we kill 25 enemy ships, either we win or lose.

The kill count simply isn’t counting!

It’s always 0!!!



This is a very annoying bug.

Which means that all efforts will be a waste.



I don’t know how to reproduce this bug again.

But i will try to show you how the bug occurs, using printscreens.

It will be hard, but i will do my best.



Here is the description of what i have to do to get the bonus of the contact:



This was after a battle (note the name marked in blue, not a good game):



This is the result (Still 0!!!):



(Sorry the bad quality, the screenshots come in JPEG and TGA screenshots have to be converted to PNG)

Try playing a class of ship that gets assists easily…i.e. recon, command, engi, guard in some circumstances.   Then equip lasers and help your team focus on attacking one target at a time.


You don’t have to actually use that crappy weapon to complete the contact.   I completed it myself using a command ship with Ion Emitters.  You just need to assist somebody else who is using the weapon.

Oh, now i get why my kill count doesn’t change!

I just noticed now the unclear and f*king hidden instructions to use KWP “SnowStorm”.


I can’t delete this topic, but i will surely see a way to complete that.


Thank you for your help.