Contacted Customer Support...


Honestly, I am not far behind. Unless major shakeups happen on Thursday, I am going to pursue a refund for all Premium content. It has lost all of its value, and it is no longer the product I paid money to own.

Sometimes I feel the same…But somewhere inside me there is hope left that the devs will bring this game around and make it great, though the hope is fading…

Progression has halted in all aspects of the game. Whats the point of getting to T5!?

I can at least say I’m glad that I haven’t spent any cash on this. Makes my life so much easier.

i have about 34k GS just sitting there…thats about 99 dollars of money that should be spent, but its just gonna sit there and collect dust. 

I wish I could get a refund too.

I finally got a response, so I updated the original post. Enjoy.

No refund for even an accidental purchase?  Are they serious?  At least credit card charges can be challenged and are often honored.

These things are not for public discussion.