Constantly getting screwed over by this game. NOT. COOL.



This is a long, bitter rant. Sorry, not sorry.


Yesterday before the server “maintenance” mess, I had manufactured and upgraded to Mk.3 the Isotope Harvester 17 for my Tyrant and today I found it is missing.

I patiently waited WEEKS for the right UMC container to drop the last part I needed to manufacture that module. Yesterday it finally came up and it FINALLY dropped the right part, and now my hard-earned module is gone.

So all those days of hard grinding and farming AND WAITING for the right container/part was for NOTHING. I spent at least 800 iridium and over 3 million credits on that module FOR NOTHING. I now have to reacquire the Plasma Emitter for the Harvester in order to manufacture it and upgrade it AGAIN.

Not only that, I had also upgraded my power level from 17 to 19 and now it is back to 17. That’s over 2 million additional credits lost.

This is NOT my definition of a fun game. It seems like every week the devs roll out an update that changes -or right out throws out the window- a fundamental game mechanic that one as a player has already learned and gotten used to. This is NOT FUN.

I already sent a support ticket and I’m waiting for what you guys have to say, but I can already guess what it will be: “Sorry for the inconvenience, nothing we can do, here’s a free 2-day license”. Well, a free 2-day license doesn’t make up for all the hard work it took to get that module. It will certainly not make up for all the hard-earned iridium spent.

Last time was the stupid re-purposing of ship roles, that ended up stripping all ships up to rank 7 of already upgraded -and now useless- modules, and all the re-purchasing and re-upgrading that entailed, and now this.

What’s up for next week?


“Oh, so sorry you just manufactured and fully upgraded that rank 15 frigate. See, WE messed up big time over here, and we’re sorry, no, really, we are. But in order to fix it, we need to roll back to the time before you got that precious ship, so YOU will get royally screwed over once again. Here, have a free 2-day license [*pat, pat*]. Go on now, off you go…”

Seriously, guys, get your act together.






Unfortunately as I described in another thread the server outage and then the following maintenance resulted in what seemed to be a minor rollback which I personally noticed right away as my loadout that was equipped was from a previous day. You can try hit up support to see if you can get the required components back or just the outright module. 


I’m not sure to what extent support can help but since it was caused by a technical fault they should be able to help.

The support should be able to help you out, i once had my entire achievement page reset, wasnt fun either.