Conquest + math = ??

Look, I am not very good at math, but I’m sure that 1423 is bigger than 60(+49). 

Even if you divide it in half or whatever…

It’s just wrong, or I don’t understand how influence works



I think the owner of the sector won’t lose it until defense forces reaches 0, then whoever has the highest number from Challengers will win the sector.

never understood devs calculs, and never found help from them about that. Also, i profite to tell  here : never understood why is it possible to meet  R15 ships in enemie team when we go with r9… maybe to make them laugh.

nice MM, as always.

Okay, thanks.

But how do the defence points get lower?  And Challinger’s influence?

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Okay, thanks.

But how do the defence points get lower?  And Challinger’s influence?

  1. When location opens up for battles, Owners lose 50% of all defense influence; All Attackers lose 10% of accumulated influence

  2. At the end of a cycle, Owners lose some more point (I can’t remember the formula and too lazy to look it up), but this time it depends on percentages of how much influence attackers have.


So basically if there is nobody attacking a sector, owners will be losing 50% at the start of the cycle. If there are attackers, and their influence value is more (from a top of my head) 30% of defenders value, there is some relatively big loss in points for defenders at the end of a cycle.


Which leads to a mindset - the game mode is not about holding sectors, it is about acquiring new ones because the more effort you invest into defense, you will be losing that much more of those efforts for nothing. So the best practice is to cap the sector and move on attacking another one, since it will usually take 2 days to take down a sector if there are a lot of attackers, and if there are none sector can be self-sustained on initial points for some more time, but in that case you can do some “maintenance” and do some influence farming for the sector once in awhile. 

Optionally you can do (granted if you have “sizable” force doing Dreads) cap -> defense on 1st day -> move on to a new location.


Side note, if the sector is owned for more than 7 days, attackers influence points do not get 10% reduction at the beginning of the cycle anymore. 

Another thing to keep in mind, is that even if you face some “top” wings, where you get stomped hard, be it in the same tier or not, as long as you are conquesting different locations, it does not matter too much - all you have to try to squeeze couple more points from the battle, delay the game, try to get couple of kills and even if you lose, your team still gains points towards your location and you don’t care that those that won against you gain more point in their location.


So the battle is all about gaining point, not even about winning or losing, while the sectors are about conquering rather than holding them.

If you see you are going against very strong team and you have to run “getasmanypointsaspossible” tactic - just EM torp + range implant, the hell out of enemy dreadnought, it will give you some points from destroying structures

Okay thanks,

It all makes sence now.

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Okay thanks,

It all makes sence now.

Any time

thank you for these explanations and tips xKostyan, but it’s still not funny to do a unfair battle, even if loss, even if we get points, it’s good to make a nice one, not a massacre one.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania is math related to science katy

I didn.t understand what’s happen