connection to pve matches and hanger related issues

i have recently started playing again after a long time away. i have noticed that i load into a lot of PVE matches already having been destroyed and am expected to use a duplicator in order to actually join the match. i have noticed that i am not the only one who has suffered from this as there have been PVE matches where one player only has successfully loaded into the mission. these matches seem plagued by bad packet loss sometimes as high as the late 90’s percentile. anther issue is that this packet loss is also affecting the hanger at times as well. i can not make the NY18 because the packet loss was affecting the the hanger at the time i was to receive one of the sector parts needed to make the Guard ship and as a result i did not get the part. on a whole the game has improved a lot and the new mods are changing the balance of the game quite nicely along with giving us veteran players something new to do so it is a a shame that that experience is being marred by server issues.  Is there someway those of us who have been affected in such ways can get the parts we missed out on? is it possible for you to upgrade your servers? they are obviously wearing out and need replacing with newer or better ones.