Connection lost during Dreadnought battle stage

Rage is going into rage mode…


we started up fighting with our Dreadnought in Terramorphing station against Star Storm. Our battle had a duration of around… 5 minutes…? Then we got the message “Connection lost. Network error”. We tried to reconnect but we couldn’t. After some minutes we got message “Can’t reconnect to game”. So we had to wait 20 minutes to see, both corporations have been throughn out of battle, couldn’t reconnect and lost the battle. Evil Space Bears got no enemy in first round because the enemy didn’t appear. In second round they got no enemy because a network error disqualified both teams from the tournament so they are in final stage without game even one round.


We have hard raged about because we got a nice and fair battle and have to break it up after 5 minutes and couldn’t play on… Please fix it as soon as possible. Its impossible to play with this conditions and players don’t like it when they can’t fight or didn’t get something for it to start a fight and then lost connection.

Please create a full bug report.

It was temporarily troubles