Confusing initial hanger top-menu

Hi all,

So I have recently joined the CBT and my first impressions are good, but one factor got me to post this topic.

At the beginning, when you log in the game and you’re in the hanger, the Menu and Hanger are both highlighted. This lead me to believe that only these two are available to me at this moment in time, and the other menus will become “enabled” as and when I level up (especially hovering over these “highlights” them.

It was to my surprise when I clicked on these that they are active, and ships can be customised and such. My suggestion is the Menu shouldn’t be highlighted when you log into the game - having only one highlighted will make it look more of a menu rather than a other appearing disabled.

That may be a minor suggestion, but I know if I didn’t post this now then I would forget when I get experienced with this game.

Thanks for your report, perhaps it would be good idea to use another colour for the Menu button.